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After Care Tips of Hair Transplant

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After Care Tips of Hair Transplant

You forget what to do after hair transplantation. Don’t worry we created this article for you. Here are important point of after care of hair transplant.

What’s a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is surgery that moves hair donor area to transplanted area with no or this hairs. There is 3 main types of hair transplantation; FUE, FUT and DHI. You can find a lot of article about hair transplant types.

After Hair Transplant

After hair transplant you have to be very careful for 10 days. After 10 days you can back to your normal routine. Your newly transplant hair or scalps is very sensitive after the operation. Also, you should have use your pain killer and antibiotic drug.

After the hair transplantation surgery, you may see your transplanted hairs fall in 2 – 4 weeks. Don’t worry it’s very normal stage and all hair will grow back. You can see your new hair will grow after the 3 months slowly. After 8 month you will see you have more hair. After 10 to 12 months you can see the final result.

Post Operative Instructions After Hair Transplant

Istanbul Care is very famous for hair transplant surgery. Every year thousands of people choose us for hair transplantation in Turkey, Istanbul.

1-Driving After Hair Transplant

You can drive a car after the hair transplant operation but not in the first day. Because hair transplant surgery performed under anaesthesia. Driving a car may be dangerous and it’s better for you to take a taxi or call a friend to take you home.

2- Sleeping Position After Hair Transplant

Your sleeping position is very important because your transplanted hair may fall off while you sleep. Sleep on your back and use extra pillows or travel pillow to elevate your head. First 5 days you have to sleep in that position. Also elevating your head may prevent swelling.

3- Hair Washing After Hair Transplant

Hair wash is also very important after hair transplant procedure. Your first hair wash can be done in the clinic and they teach you how to wash your hair. Takes notes about hair wash and want the clinic to give you a paper about it.

You have to use your lotion first and wait at least 20 minutes to wash your hair again than use your shampoo and wash your hair again. In 5th day you have to use small circular massages while you wash your hairs. Don’t forget to improve the massaging power everyday.

4- Pain Killer Usage

Some patients may feel pain after the hair transplant surgery for some days. You can use the pain killers that given you in the clinic. When you feel pain take one pain killer and you don’t feel pain anymore. After some days you don’t feel pain anymore.

5-Swelling After Hair Transplant

After hair transplant surgery swelling may occur because of injections of local anesthesia. If your transplanted area is bigger you may have more swelling. Swelling may pass in 5 or 6 days if it not please asks your surgeon for medication.

6-Itchy Feeling After Hair Transplant

You may feel itchy after the operation. When you are in recovery period it takes near 10 days to pass itchy feeling. Itchy feeling is a sign of recovering. Use your pills and it help you to reduce itchining.

7- Healing and Recovery Process

Healing period normally take 10 to 14 days after the operation. After 3rd day you feel better and after 10 days you find redness gone. After 14 days your normal hair will grow and nobody can understand you had hair transplant.

After 2 weeks most of patients gain their normal appearance. There may be some redness but it will gone in some days. Darker hair recovers faster. Also recovery period depends on patients age, their diets, climate and how you care your hairs.

8- Shaving After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant surgery care is important. Also shaving is important for patients. In 10 days you have to not shave your hair. After 10 days you can shave your hair with scissor no shaving machine. You have to not use shaving machine on transplanted area for 8 month.

9- Shock Loss

After hair transplant your transplanted hair started to fall in 2 to 5 weeks period. Don’t worry it’s a very normal process and all your hair start to grow again. In 6th month regrow rate is near %50 and after 9th month regrow rate is near %70. After one year regrow rate is %100.

10- Physical Activity After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant you can do short walk and physical exercises slowly. Don’t sweat much. After 2 week you can start you can start your normal activities or exercises.

How Long After Hair Transplant are Grafts Secure?

Your transplanted hair in secure after 5 days but you have to be still very careful. After 10 days your transplanted hair in secure. Don’t forget you may lose your transplanted hairs in these 10 days if you hit your head somewhere or something else.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

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