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Important Factors of Hair Transplantation

Important Factors of Hair Transplantation

Every patient chooses us want a fuller hair with natural looking. For a good result hair transplantation surgery stage is so important but healing period is also important. A har transplant patient should know the key factors of hair transplantation. We want to create a list of factors that affects the hair transplant. Hair transplant your doctor’s success rate is so important also you have to trust your doctor. Also you have to find a reputable hair transplant clinic.

As Istanbul Care we have more than 30.000 hair transplant patients and we all see their hair grow after hair transplant. We care our patient’s happiness, health and needs. All of our patients told us after 1 year of hair transplantation their hair grow back and nobody can understand they had hair transplant surgery before.

We see hair line is one of the most important things in hair transplant. Covering all bald area is another important thing in this reason we use max graft method in our operations. We also can use FUE technique, FUE sapphire technique and DHI technique for hair transplant. We use latest technology and techniques.

Hair transplant is the best and effective solution of baldness. Hair transplant is evaluating everyday and it has more natural and dense results now. Nowadays people choose Istanbul Care Clinic for hair transplant and all have amazing and very natural hair. Nobody can understand they had hair transplant surgery before.

Important Factors of Hair Transplant

  • Choosing a Good Hair Transplant Doctor: Hair transplant is a medical procedure and result depend on doctor’s experience. Doctor’s skill and experience has a vital role of hair transplant operations success. Doctor experience, hair transplant plan, doctor’s ability of adapting various causes, how many hair transplant operations your doctor have done is very important questions and you have find the all answers.
  • Choosing the Right Technique on Hair Transplantation: You know there is a lot of hair transplant techniques like FUE, Sapphire FUE, DHI or FUT. We know it may be confusing these methods but your doctor will help you to find the best hair transplant technique for you. Your doctor advises you hair transplant method due to your baldness level for example if you have big open area on your head Sapphire FUE may be good for you or if you have small open area or long hair DHI is better for you.
  • Understanding Your Hair Loss and Planning: First step of hair transplant journey is understanding the reason of your hair loss. After learning the hair loss reasons next step is planning your hair transplant. Your doctor will draw your hair transplant plan on your head after that he decide the graft number for each area. This stage is very important because if planning is good your hair will be more natural.
  • Balance of Hair Transplantation: Balance of your donor area hair and transplanted hair must be in a balance. If there is no balance there will be some bald spots in your donor area. This reason all stages of hair transplantation must be planned very well.
  • Graft Extraction on Hair Transplantation: When it comes to extraction it is very important too. Extracted grafts must be in good conditions and not harmed. This help us transplant healthy grafts and healthy grafts grow better. Also, in a bad extraction stage bald spots may be shown on your donor area and it is an unwanted situation. You have to choose your doctor well because experienced doctors has better success rate.
  • Channel Opening on Hair Transplantation: Channel opening is another important stage of hair transplant. In channel opening stage depth, angle, size, rarity are important factors. Hair transplant doctor must think every possible circumstance and must hair transplant plant with this informations.
  • Graft Placement on Hair Transplantation: Graft placement in hair transplantation is another important stage of hair transplant. Final hair transplant result depends on the graft placement. Your hair transplant team must obey the direction, angle and orientation of your natural hairs. This stage is very important for natural looking hair.
  • Diagnosis of Your Health: Before the hair transplant we do some blood tests to understand your medical history and your illness. Also, your medical health can decide you are a suitable candidate or not for hair transplant.
  • Post-operative Instructions of Hair Transplant: After the hair transplant your doctor give you post-op information’s. You have to obey the instructions for 1 year especially in 10 days you must obey them well. Post-op instructions are very important for recovery period and hair transplant result. You also stop smoking and drinking alcohol 1 week before and after the hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care Clinic is a well-known hair transplantation and aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We work only best hair transplant doctors and best hair transplant hospitals in Istanbul. We offer you all inclusive packages that includes all transfers, all medicine, surgery and what you want. Our package prices don’t change to how much graft used in the hair transplant operation. We off our patients the best hair transplant price in Turkey and we offer our patients natural hair. If you are interested please contact us and take advantage of our promotional price.

How Many Graft Do I Need for Full Hair Coverage?

How Many Graft Do I Need for Full Hair Coverage?

You may want to learn about hair transplantation but you don’t know how graft you need for full coverage. You talked so many clinics and they give you different grafts numbers. Of course, you can contact us and our expert doctor may give you best graft number for you. Also, we give you all the information about hair grafts and hair transplant operation.

There is an important factor that affect number of grafts. First quality of your donor area is important. Luckily if your donor area is not enough to cover your bald area, we can use your body hairs. Understand your donor area is so important. Your hair transplant plan is designed with estimation graft number on your donor area. We can use your donor area hair for transplant and also, we can use your body hairs.

Hair Transplant: Grafts Are Important

A good hair transplant plan is one of the most important things in hair transplant. Your donor area graft must calculate the well and they have draw your operation plan. Also, your hair transplant doctor must evaluate your health and they must use your healthy hair for hair transplantation.

How Can I Calculate the Number of Grafts I Need for Full Coverage?

You can’t calculate your donor area hairs but you may have some suggestions for how much graft I need for hair transplantation.

What Are Hair Grafts?

Hair follicle has two part; follicle or hair root and hair shaft. Hair root is responsible for generation of hair. Hair shaft means hair-bearing piece of skin. It may have a single or group hair follicles (1 to 5.)

A collected graft then transplants to bald area. Graft is very important for hair transplant and your doctor may restore your appearance of your hair. If your doctor and your doctor’s team make some right decisions you will have a very natural hair. We use single grafts for hair line and multiple grafts for other sides on your head.

What Is the Ideal Density for a Hair Transplantation?

Average ideal density of hair is 120 – 140 hair per centimeter. This mean 60 or 70 hair graft in per centimeter. We call this natural hair density. If your have less than 40 in per square centimeter we can easily say your hair loss started and it can be seen by everyone.

We normally transplant 40 hair grafts in per square centimeter. Of course, this number depends on your hair situation. If you have more fuller hair we transplant less.

Which Factors Affect Density of Grafts?

Density of hair follicles is very important but we have to say number of density is not same for everyone. There are some factors that affect the density of hair follicles.

  • Genetics and Individual Characteristics:

Each person has unique characteristics in hair and skin. No one is the same and we are all different because our genetic factors, our nutrition’s or our hormone levels.

  • Hair Color:

Hair color may affect the density. For example blond or brown hair has the maximum density 1400.00. If you have black hair average number is 108.000. If you have red hair maximum density is 90.000.

  • Ethnicity:

Your ethnicity may affect the density. Your ethnic race is another factor that effect the density.

  • Age:

When we were young, we had higher density but while we are getting older we lose some of our hairs and density.

How Many Grafts per Square Centimeter Are Necessary for a Natural Hair Transplant?

Density of hair transplant is very important and it can change person to person. There are a lot of factor that affect the density; health of the donor area, donor hair quality, age, ethnicity, hair color and genetics. When hair transplant is planning your doctor must calculate them all.

Hair transplant operation have to aim 80 hair per square centimeter. To reach 80 follicle your donor area must be in a very good condition. If it not health enough density must be lower like 40. Luckily, we can use your body hair as a donor hair.

How Many Grafts Can Give Me a Full Cover?

Your baldness level is very important for hair transplant. To learn how much graft you need? You should look Norwood scale. You can see baldness levels and estimated graft number on our image. You can understand estimation of graft number you need and you can talk with hair transplant clinics.

How Many Grafts Can Be Extracted from the Donor Area?

Normally ideal graft number in one operation is 3000 – 3500. Thanks to new hair transplantation methods, we can reach 5000-6000 grafts in one day. Normally we use maximum graft method and this method can help us to cover the bald area. Harvest 8000 graft is possible we don’t want to do such big operation. It will affect the healing progress. We don’t want to waste your grafts.

Hair Transplant Procedure at Istanbul Care

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. If you are wondering how much graft you need for hair transplantation please send us your hair photos and our expert doctor will answer your question. We care about your hairline; your hair and hair density and we offer you the best hair transplant treatment for you. We offer you the best hair transplant price in Turkey and best hair transplant treatment in Turkey. We use DHI hair Transplant, FUE hair transplant and Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant which are best hair transplant methods in the World. If you have any question please contact us and our expert team will contact you shortly.


Everything You Need to Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift

Everything You Need to Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift is a very popular aesthetic surgery nowadays. People want to have a beautiful shapes and beautiful butt. Brazilian Butt Lift your own fat and after we collect fat from your body, we add this fat to your buttocks. Sound amazing right? After the Brazilian butt lift surgery, you will have a very beautiful buttock. Let’s learn more about Brazilian butt lift.

How Brazilian Butt Lifts Work?

Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer operation. We take the fat from your abdomen, hips or thighs and we transfer this fat to your buttock. Your surgeon use liposuction to remove the fat and than he transplant them to your buttocks. You may gain 2 advantages from Brazilian butt lift; 1) You lose your extra fat. 2) You will have an amazing butt.

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • Double Benefits: Brazilian butt lift is a procedure about your butt. We use your extra fat and transplant fat to your buttock. Brazilian butt lift has two main advantages; a) You lose the extra fat with liposuction b) You will have an amazing buttock.
  • Customized to your needs: Brazilian butt lift is a very specific procedure. You can set ehere the fat taken and shape of your buttock. Everyone is different, their needs, goals and their ideal shape is different and we do Brazilian butt lift as you want.
  • Minimally invasive: Brazilian butt lift I done under the anesthesia and after the surgery it needs time to recover. Sedation and local anesthesia can be used before the surgery. Brazilian butt lift opens small incisions and this help you with a fast recovery period. After the surgery you have wear compression garment and you have not sit or lay on your butt. There are very important for a successful operation. After a few weeks you can continue your regular activities.
  • Lasting results: 6 months after your Brazilian but lift surgery you can see the final result. Brazilian butt lift result is very persistent. You will be able to enjoy its result for a long time.

Some benefits of Brazilian Buttlift:

  • A more toned, youthful appearance
  • A curvier or better-proportioned figure
  • Better body symmetry, so your clothes fit better
  • More fullness or tightness
  • Greater body confidence, with or without clothes
  • Increase in self-confidence

Safety of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lift is a safe aesthetic operation but it has some risks and side effects. If you work with a talented surgery in a quality hospital you will see no risks. Also you have to follow your surgeons instruction of Brazilian butt lift. If you follow the instruction of your surgeon you will minimize the risks.

Good Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts

If you have a problem with your back you are a perfect candidate for Brazilian butt lift.  Also if you have a self-conscious about your butt you a good candidate too. If are thinking about brazilian butt lift you have to have realistic expectations and you must have a good health. Of course, if you don’t have enough fat in your body you are not a good candidate. You must tell your doctor if you have any chronic illness. Chronic illness may maximize the risk of complications.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

After your procedure, you may experience a fair amount of swelling. Some of the fat injected dissolves, so don’t worry if your butt looks larger than you’d anticipated at first. As your body heals and 15-35% of the fat dissolves, your end results become more apparent. Brazilian butt lift results tend to look very natural, making most recipients grateful they opted for the procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift Side Effects

Brazilian butt lift has some little side effects.  Brazilian butt lift carries fewer potential risks than any other aesthetic surgeries. For that reason Brazilian butt lift is a very safe operation. All side effects will gone in some time.

  • Pain and Discomfort.
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Bumps or Lumps.
  • Very Minor Scarring from Liposuction.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant, aesthetic and dental clinic in Turkey. If you are interested with BBL please contact us. We offer you best brazilian butt lift price in Turkey, best hospitals and best hotels. Please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Hair Transplant Recovery and Timeline

Hair Transplant Recovery and Timeline

After hair transplant surgery you have a recovery period. Hair transplant is a very secure operation if you did it with talented hands and experienced doctors. After the hair transplant Istanbul Care always give out patient’s post-op or recovery time line support. We are always help our patients to heal faster and better hair transplant results.

If you are thinking about hair transplant surgery it’s better you to know hair transplant procedure. This procedure includes pre-op instructions, post-op instructions, healing stage information and what you need to know. We always give out patients in this timeline.

Let’s learn more about hair transplant recovery period. If you have any question please contact us, our expert team are waiting you to help.

How Do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair Transplant must be done in a hospital or clinic. We use local anesthesia in whole operation so patients don’t feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. After your hair wash you can go to your home and we will give all post-op information.

In the hair transplant procedure we collect your hairs from your donor area and transplant them to your areas that have hair transplant. We normally use back of your head and sides of your head and if it necessary we can use your body hair. All of implant hair will grow like your normal hair.

There is 3 hair transplant method; FUT, FUE and DHI. FUT is an old method and FUE and DHI has better result. In that way we use FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI method. They have more than %95 success rate. If you are wondering these method please clink to links to learn more about them. FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, Sapphire FUE hair transplant. Our doctors will tell you which method is best for you.

Is the Hair Transplant Recovery Process Painful?

Most of our patient has no serial pain after the hair transplant. We give them a pain killer medicine and it stop all the pains. Also you may have tenderness, itchiness, redness, numbness (because of local anesthesia) and very minor pain. Also we give out patients anti-inflammatory medicines. If you obey your surgeons post-op instructions you may see no problem and you will have a great hair transplant result.

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

If you are wondering hair transplant recovery timeline, we made this list for you. We tell you basics of recovery timeline.

One day after surgery

One day after your surgery talk with your surgeons for questions you might have and simply rest. Keep your head elevated, don’t forget to use your hair transplant surgeon give you, limit you’re your physical activity, be careful about direct sunlight. As we say one day after the operation just rest and be careful.

Two days after surgery

After 2 days of swelling you may have minor swelling and swelling will pass after few days. Use your medicine, drink water and keep your head elevated. Also on second day after your hair transplant we will wash your hair and give you instructions of hair wash after hair transplant.

Two weeks after surgery

After 2 week you may notice you have a hair loss. Don’t worry this is normal progress and your hair will grow again. Your hair follicles are still healthy. After 4-5 months your all transplanted hairs starts to grow.

You may notice that the short hair shafts that were transplanted are shedding. This is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. The follicle grafts are still healthy. After a dormancy period, the hairs will begin to regrow from the transplanted follicles in 4 to 5 months,.

One month after surgery

After 1 month of your hair transplant you may notice it is undetectable of your hair transplant. All your scalps is gone and you cant understand where your native hair starts and stops.

You can continue the post op instructions. You can turn back normal life and you can do whatever you want.

Your hairs may continue to shed up and we want to remind you this is a normal progress and your hair will grow soon.

Three months after surgery

Your hair shred is stopped and you new hair is start to grow. You may do warm compress to speed up new hair grow.

Four to nine months after surgery

You may notice your transplanted hairs grows. Your new hairs is small but in time they like your normal hairs. You may see some pimples because your new hair is growing. Don’t worry they will be no problem. Just wait their grow.

12 months after surgery

After a year of your hair transplant you will have a very natural hair and you can see the final result of hair transplant. All of your new hair is grow and you have an amazing hair. If you have any questions ask them to doctor. If you obey your doctor instructions you have amazing hair. Your doctors instructions is very important, obey them.

Your new hair will not fall anymore. Have a happy life with your new hairs.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best Hair Transplant, Aesthetic and Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey. We only work with best doctors and best hospitals. We aims to give our patients 5 star service with less money. If you want to have hair transplant please contact us. We will offer best hair transplant price in Istanbul, Turkey and after your travel you will have best hair transplant results with our guarantee certificate. If you interest with hair transplant please contact us.



Is One Hair Transplant Treatment Enough?

Is One Hair Transplant Treatment Enough?

When you lost a lot of hair in one day, you start to find a way to stop your hair loss. You also want your old hair back but you may try so many methods but none of them is useless. Your hair is still continuing to fall and you can not stop it. You should know hair transplant is the only way to regain your old hair back.

Knowing Your Hair Transplant Needs

When you start thinking to get hair transplant Surgery you have to know a lot of information about hair transplant. Knowing is always good for you. Also, you have to have realistic expectations. Depends on your hair loss level you may need another hair transplant operation if you have so big open area. You should talk with so many hair transplant clinics and you have chosen the best one.

In this article we will tell you reasons of second hair transplantation surgery.

Reasons for Needing More than One Hair Transplant Procedure

If your hair loss continues after hair transplant surgery you may need a second operation. First reason is your own hair continue to fall and after hair transplant there will be some empty gaps in your hair. Then you need second operation to fulfil that areas.

Second reason is very rare but some patients have very poor hair grow after the operation. If you had your hair transplant surgery in a cheap place or unskilled hands a bad result may happen. If you choose your hospital, your doctor and your team well your hair will grow good. Also some medical, dermatologic conditions may help your hair loss.

Your expectation is third reason to have a second hair transplant operation. If you have a unrealistic expectation you may don’t like your final result. You have to talk with your doctor and learn your donor area is enough for your ideal result.

The last one is number of hairs you need. For example, if you need 9.000 transplanted grafts it is bigger than our maximum number of one day. We normally make hair transplantation 6000 – 7000 grafts in one day.

Hair Transplant Improves Your Looks and Confidence

Hair transplant can change your life forever. It has an effects on your look, your psychology and your confidence. Hair transplant is very popular now and more than 1.000 patients make hair transplant surgery and they start a new life.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you are searching experienced hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey you should contact us. We can offer you FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplant methods to you with best hair transplant price in Istanbul, Turkey. Also, we can offer you all aesthetic operations and dental treatments in our clinic. When you contact us our expert doctors will help you.

Frequently Asked Question About Hair Transplant

  • Can We Do Hair Transplant Twice?

Yes, you can do multiple hair transplant operation if you have enough donor hair.

  • How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

After hair transplant you will have hair sheds in 2 to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks you hair start to grow normally and in 8 to 10 months you can see the final result. Don’t forget transplant hair will not fall anymore.

Do Hair Transplants Have to Be Repeated?

  • Yes, you can have repeated hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant operation is a complex and to achive your desired result. There must be 7 or 8 months between the operations.

Do Hair Transplants Work Permanently?

  • Yes, your transplant hair will not fall anymore. We provide more than 95% success in hair transplantation. Recovery period is very important if you use the rules of hair care you will have transplanted hair forever.

If you are interested with best hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey please contact us via WhatsApp, Contact form or E-mail.


Why You Don’t Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic?

Why You Don’t Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic?

There is a lot of hair transplant clinic which offers you very cheap hair transplant price. It’s very templating with that price of course but cheap price is not always the best. You have to search very well ask them a lot of question and want their before and after pictures. Also look the clinic’s reviews.

When you are thinking hair transplant you have to think a lot of subject. Of course price is important but when you give less cost your final result will be bad.

And this brings us to today’s topic – why you should not take a cheap hair transplant treatment. In this understand we will tell you why cheap hair transplant price is not good for you?

What Happen If You Choose Cheap Clinic for Hair Transplant?

  • Poor Final Outcome

If you choose poor clinic you may see a very bad result. Your donor area may be hurt, your transplanted hairs may not grow well. You may get infection or worse. You have to learn clinics experience, doctors experience, role of doctor in the hair transplant operation. If you choose a cheap clinic you your hair transplant will be a failure.

  • Unfilled Promises

Cheap clinics mostly don’t fulfil their promise. First of all if you say 4000 graft they may not transplant 4000 graft. They transplant 3000 and you can’t count how many grafts was transplanted. Also they may say a lifetime support. When there is a problem or when you want to ask a question you can not find anybody speak with.

Such clinics promise, say 4000 grafts, but in real, they only put in, say 3000 grafts. During the procedure, how likely is it that you are keeping a track of how many grafts they are actually transplanting? You will probably just sleep through the surgery. So, you will never know how many grafts they are planting and hence, they can do the surgery for a lower cost. Sounds like fraudulence? Well, it is.

  • Extra Extraction

When you need 4000 graft they may extract 5000 graft and they transplant 4000. They don’t use extra 1000 graft. You lose your graft hair, you may want second hair transplant operation but when you want you don’t have enough hair in your donor area. Also you may lose the density of your donor area.

  • Low Graft Survival Rate

With the hand od experienced hand graft survival rate is more than %95 but in cheap clinics is nearly %50. This means your transplanted hairs will not survive and they will not grow. Your grafts was wasted and the grafts became unusable. In this way, there is not enough graft to be used in the second hair transplant. Your hair transplant operation is a failure again.

  • Wrong Hair Direction

Every hair on your head has some different direction. For example your back hairs grow downwards. Your frontal hair is grow in different direction. If you transplant hair will wrong direction this will be a disaster. Your hair transplant doctor knows the direction of hairs and your hair transplant doctor copy the original direction. If you choose a cheap clinic they will add your back hair to the frontal line. Result will not be a natural at all.

When you call the clinic and you want to correct your hair, they want extra money because there is no real guarantee. We know cheap clinics want double money for hair transplant correction surgery. Also reaching cheap clinic is kind hard because there is no legal clinic with that name. Some nurses or some uneducated person do the hair transplant surgery and after the operation they run.

We know a lot of cheaper hair transplant clinic is bad for your hair, bad for your health, bad for your future and bad for your money. To understand this you must want clinic’s certifications, doctor name and diploma, before after photo and you must read reviews. As Istanbul Care we offer our patients best and affordable hair transplant price. Also, we offer our patients a real guarantee certificate.

As we must say cheap clinic is not always good. Also some expensive clinic is not good too. Don’t trust what they show to you and you should search for more. Beginning of this search contact us first and we will plan everything for you.

Istanbul Care Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We have had more then 10.000 hair transplant patients since we founded. We aim to make our patients happy. We offer our patients best hair transplant price in Turkey, best hair transplant service and we promise our patients a very natural hair transplant result.

Top Reasons for Hair Loss

Top Reasons for Hair Loss

Most of the world population has hair loss. Researches shows us more than %70 of the world population has hair loss. When they have hair loss, they start to find a solution and they use some drugs, lotions or medicines. If you have a hair loss you have to find why you are losing hair.

We prepared a hair loss reasons list and this list will help you to understand your hair loss reasons and it will help you to find a cure. Let’s start reading our article.

  1. Genetics Reasons of Hair Loss

Main hair loss reason is genetics. Hair follicles have a sensitivity to DHT (hormone dihydrotestosterone) and this hormone cause hair loss. This type of hair loss called male or female pattern baldness or we call it alopecia. Genetic hair loss is permanent and there is only one solution of it; Hair transplant. In hair transplant we use your donor hair and they will not fall anymore. Hair transplant is only permanent solution of genetic hair loss.

  1. Stress Related Reasons of Hair Loss

If you are in stress you may notice you have hair loss. When you stressful time is finished your hair will grow again. You have to change your lifestyle; you have to get away from stress source. If stress course is job you should left that job. We know it is hard.

  1. Medical Reasons of Hair Loss

We know some medicines help hair loss like cancer medicines, chemotherapy. Mostly your hair will grow again when you stop using that drugs. In every case you have to go to an expert to understand your situation.

  1. Chemical Products Related with Hair Loss

Using chemicals may damage your hair. In most case this damage can be reversable but in some case there is very big damage and in this situation hair transplant is the only cure. We advise stop using chemical solutions, hair dyes and bleaches. You can keep your hair safe if you stop using chemicals.

  1. Hormonal Related with Hair Loss

We know hormones have an important effect on hair. If there is some changes in your hormones you may have a negative effect and hair loss. You should go to a doctor to measure your hormones and hormonal balance. If your hormones go to normal your hair will grow again.

  1. Hair Styling Related with Hair Loss

If you give too much time to hair styling it may harm your hair. Blow-drying, using hair dryer too hot may hurt your hair. This hair loss is not permanent.

  1. Diet Related with Hair Loss

Your hair needs a healthy diet. Your hair needs vitamin A and B, proteins, iron. You have to have a healthy diet, full of nutrition.

  1. Steroid Related with Hair Loss

Yes, too much steroids may cause hair loss. Steroid can cause to increase DHT level and high DTH level cause hair loss. For this reason, all body builders are bald.

  1. Autoimmune Diseases Related with Hair Loss

If you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system may attack your hair follicles and this cause hair loss. You have to go to a doctor and solve autoimmune problem or will lose a lot of hair.

Best Hair Loss Treatment is Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is well known cure of hair loss. Nowadays hair transplant is very popular with experienced doctors, teams and great hospitals. Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We aim to help people and make them happy. For that aim we offer them best hair transplant price in Turkey and best hair transplant service. More than %95 of our patients are happy with their new hairs. Why don’t you join our big and happy family? Write us on WhatsApp or form on our website we will contact you shortly and take advantage of the free consolidation opportunity.



How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need?

How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need?

When you plant to have a hair transplant surgery in Turkey there is very big question that wait you. “How many graft do I need?” Yes, we know you asked that question many times and we want to give that questions answer. Also we will give you some more information. Let’s start reading our article now.

What is a Hair Graft?

Hair Graft is a very small tissue of hair tat contains 1 to 4 hairs, hair bulbs or follicles. In hair transplant operation we remove healthy hair follicles from your donor area and we transplant them to your bald areas. This is the main procedure of hair transplant. We transfer hair grafts from your donor area (back of your head) to your bald or weak area. Sound so easy we know but hair transplant is very serious surgery which must be done with talented hands.

How Are Hair Grafts Transplanted?

There is 3 main hair transplant method:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): FUT hair transplant method a strip of your donor tissue is removed and all hair will transplant. FUT is the oldest hair transplant method and it leaves a big scar.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): FUE is the most popular hair transplant method of all. All graft is collected with micro motor device and all grafts is transplant one by one. FUE gives a very natural result.

  • Direct Hair Implant (DHI): In DHI method hair is collected with micro motor machine like FUE method. After collecting stage hair grafts puts is in pen named choi pen. Canal opening and transplantation is done with pen. DHI also gives very natural results with high density.

We use donor area and sides of your head because these hair is not affect by hair loss. After hair transplant all new hair is permanent and they will not fall anymore. Hair transplant has very high success rate (More then %95.) We use very small micro motor and very small blades (under 1mm.) Hair transplant surgery does not damage hair follicles. FUE and DHI method does not leave any visible scar.

How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need?

Now it is time to answer the biggest question about hair transplant surgery. Your grafts need depends on your size of bald area. Number is starts with nearly 600 grafts (for minimal hair loss to 5.000 or 6.000 hair grafts (Norwood 5 or 6. As Istanbul Care we transplant maximum graft in one session. Maximum graft number is depends on the number of your collectable grafts in your donor area (back of your head, sides of your head and if necessary body hair can be used.) If you are wondering how much graft you need check Norwood hair loss scale or send us your hair photos our expert doctors will plan you’re your hair transplant. If you have a big bald area you need more graft. Talking with us help you to understand how much graft you need for hair transplantation. You can check our Norwood scale here.

How much graft do i need for hair transplantation

How Much Do Hair Transplant Cost?

Istanbul Care is gives the best price of hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant cost depends of operation method. We offer our patients fixed hair transplant price with all inclusive hair transplant package in Turkey so the graft number does not have any affect on hair transplant price. We also offer our patients best hair transplant operation with best hotels and best hospitals in Turkey.


What You Have to Know About DHI Hair Transplant?

What You Have to Know About DHI Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant growing and developing a lot. Recent year we say a lot of improvement in hair transplant. First hair transplant started with FUT or strip method and it leaves a big scar. Then FUE hair transplant started and sapphire FUE. DHI is the latest method of hair transplant. It has so natural results.

In DHI method all collected hair follicles transplant with a special pen (Choi pen) to your bald area. Also, there is no need of canal opening in DHI method. Because of it is faster than normal FUE hair transplant method.

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. We are specialized with FUE hair transplant, Sapphire FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant. If you are considering to have a DHI hair transplant in Turkey please contact us.

If you are wondering about DHI hair transplant you may curious about “What you have to know about DHI hair transplant?”

  • Success Rate of DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplant has highest success rate of all hair transplant methods. DHI’s success rate is nearly %100 and it is amazing rate. In DHI hair follicles don’t have wait in outside of your skin. We will directly implant hairs and they are healthier. Also, DHI has shorter recovery time.

  • Does the DHI Hair Transplant Have Risks?

Hair transplant has some risks like infection, swelling or bruising, itching and some pain. DHI hair transplant don’t have any other risks. Also, all side effect will gone in a few days. If you choose right hair transplant clinic in Turkey you will have less risks.

  • What is the Duration of the DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplant normally takes 6 to 8 hours. Time depends of number of hair follicles used in the hair transplant operation. Normally it takes less time than any other operation methods.

  • How Long Does it Take to Recover from DHI Hair Transplant?

After hair transplant you can go your work after two or five days. We advise you to wait at least five days. After 6 to 9 months results can be seem and you will have amazing hairs.

  • Who is the Ideal Candidate for DHI?

Nearly every man is a good candidate for DHI hair transplant. You have to have enough hair on your donor area also you have to want high density. If you want high density DHI is the best method but if you have a big open area on your head FUE can be more suitable for you. Please talk with your doctor which method is best for you.

  • What Shall I Expect After a DHI Hair Transplant?

After DHI hair transplant you will have swelling and little discomfort but this situation will pass after a few days. In these days just rest. Also, you may see some redness in donor area and implant area this is so normal and it disappears soon.

After 2 or 3 weeks you may notice a hair loss. Also, this is normal, some of your transplanted hair fall and they will grow again.

After 3 to 4 months your transplanted hair starts to grow slowly. After 9 to 12 months you can see the final result.

  • Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful?

During the procedure you are under the local anesthesia and you don’t feel any pain. After the following days of surgery, you may feel little pain but your doctor give you a pain killer and if you use pain killer you don’t feel any pain. Most of our patients don’t feel any pain after the hair transplant operation.

  • Does DHI Hair Transplant Leave a Scar?

Modern hair transplant techniques don’t leave any scar and DHI never leave any scar. No body can understand you had a DHI hair transplant before.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. We only work with best hair transplant doctors in Turkey and we work with best teams. We offer our patients all included packages with best hair transplant Turkey prices, best hospitals and best hotels. If you are interested contact us now and we offer you best hair transplant prices with best services.

Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

We know hair loss is a natural part of aging. When you loss your hair you feel, frustration, depression and loss self esteem or you create new image for you. Baldness is a nightmare for every man and they are searching a way to re-gain their hair back. In this article we will tell you top reason of hair transplant.

Top Reasons of Hair Transplant

  • Hair Transplant is a Safe Procedure

Hair transplant is very popular these days. Because of these popularity hair transplant has no risk of health if you choose experienced doctor. An experienced doctor knows everything about the hair transplant operation, pre-op and post-op care and of course hair transplant procedure. FUE and DHI methods don’t leave any visible scar.

  • Hair Transplant has No Side Effects

After hair transplant surgery you will see no big side effects. Only you may see swelling but swelling will be gone in several days. All side effects of hair transplant is temporary and all side effect will be gone after few days like pain or swelling.

  • Hair Transplant Improves Self-Esteem

A lot of people think if they have no hair or they are bald they will have self-esteem problems. Depression, isolation and other physical problem may occur. Also, they may have some problems in their social or work life. Hair transplant can give you your confidence back and you can live with amazing hair.

  • Hair Transplant Give You Very Natural Results

After hair transplant nobody can understand you had a hair transplant surgery before even with your barber. Hair transplant give you very natural results. You can style your hair, you can wash it. Nobody can understand.

  • Hair Transplant is Permanent

You know hairs in back of your head (donor area) is not fall. If you are getting older there still hairs. In hair transplant operation we use these hair and they will not fall. You will have a permanent hair that will be with you in your whole life.

  • Hair Transplant is Cheaper

There is a lot of remedy for hair loss but they are not permanent. When you think to use them in your whole life it will be more expensive than hair transplant. If you stop using these remedies your hair turn to normal and there will be no progress. Hair transplant is the only cure of hair loss.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

As Istanbul Care we are one of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. We have an amazing hair transplant experience, we have talented hair transplant doctors and we have an amazing team. Also we only work with best hospitals in Turkey. We want to make everyone happy and we give our patients best hair transplant price in Istanbul, Turkey. If you are interested with hair transplant please contact us and we re-create you.

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