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How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size?

How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size?

When You Want Breast Implant Your Surgeon May Ask;

In order to prevent complications, a breast revision procedure and poor cosmetic results, your surgeon needs to consider the following factors when deciding on the size of your breast implant:

  • Your Body Anatomy

A surgeon must learn your breast anatomy to decide which breast implant is right for you. Also your body anatomy is an important factor in breast lift surgery.

  • Your Age

Your age is another factor when planning your breast lift surgery. If you are younger you have more elastic skin and your surgeon may choose breast implant size easily. If you are more old you may need breast lift and breast augmentation at same time.

  • Your Life Style

If you have an active life smaller implants are the right choice for you because bigger breast may limit your activities.

  • What you Want

Breast operations has one main aim; satisfy yourself and all procedure will done to satisfy you. What you want is very important and operation may be designed for what you want.

  • Your Health

Your health situation is another factor of when you can have the surgery. Also if you have silicone sensitivity, autoimmune disease, psychological problems or some other medical problems it may be a risks for the surgery.

How do you and your surgeon choose your Breast Implant Size?

Every patient is unique and every patient has different surgery, different sizes of implant. Also every patients desires is different, their expectations of different and your surgeon should use this information to choose which breast implants will best suits you.

Methods of Choosing Right Breast Implant

  • Wearing Different Breast Implant Sizers: You can wear different breast implant sizers and you can choose which one do you like more. It will be good for you to see your new implant before the surgery.
  • 3D Modelling: Technology is improved and now we can model your breast and we can simulate them on you. This modelling helps you to find the right breast implant for you.
  • Your expectation: Think what you want from the breast implant surgery. What is the ideal bra size? Your expectations are very important factor in surgery

Popular Breast Implant Sizes

Most of patients choose their breast implants between 100ml to 800 ml. Some patient choose bigger than 800mm. Most popular sizes is 300mm to 400mm. Don’t forget your implant size is limited with your body. Implant size about your expectation and your limitations. If you want bigger breast you may choose more than 800mm. 450mm is a big breast and if you want bigger breast you can choose bigger number.

Istanbul Care Clinic is very specialized in breast implants or breast augmentation surgery. If you are interested with breast implants you can contact us via email, form or WhatsApp and we will contact you directly. We will offer you the best breast implant doctor, best hospitals and best breast implant cost in Turkey.

Do Hair Transplant Last a Lifetime?

Most of the man are losing their hair and try some remedies. Most of these remedies can return their hair back. We want to say hair transplant is the only way to baldness. Nowadays a lot of people comes to Turkey for hair transplant. Lets look from another view to hair transplantation.

Before Hair Transplant What You Have to Think

First of all search hair transplant well and learn it. It helps you be ready for hair transplant surgery. Also learning help you to arrange your expectation. After you learn everything about hair transplant you should have to find yourself a surgeon and a doctor. There is very experienced doctors and clinics. Send them your photos and learn your hair transplant plan and hair transplant cost. Then you have to come Turkey and return back.

Sometimes Two Session Hair Transplant is Necessary

Its all about the how many graft you need and how big your bald area. Also hair density you want is another factor. Two session is necessary sometimes because Istanbul Clinic uses max graft method and if there is one session max graft 4000 graft but there is some more hair is donor area. If we collect 2000 graft in second session 4000 and 2000 is the total number of graft we transplant. Some hidden hair follicles may grow after the first operation and help to grow your donor area.

Hair Transplant Can Improve Your Looks

After hair transplant you will get a great look. Your look is also related with your confidence. Also add this your transplant hair will not fall anymore. What an amazing thing for you will not be bald anymore.

FAQs Patients Mostly Ask

  • We Do Hair Transplant Twice?
  • Yes, it is possible. You can do hair transplant while your donor area is allow.
  • How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?
  • A hair transplant operation normally takes 6 hour or 8 hour depend on how much graft used.Do Hair Transplants Work Permanently?
  • Is Hair Transplant Result Natural?
  • If your surgeon did a good work your hair seem natural. Nobody can understand you had hair transplant before.

Now its tine to answer the most important question `Will transplant hair not Fall?` Yes transplanted hair will not fall. Because we use lifetime hairs from your hairs back. You see people who they are totally bald but they still have some hair on their back. We use these hairs and they will not fall during your life time.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care Clinic do the hair transplant operation for years and we have talented doctors and great team. We give our patients best hair transplant price in Turkey, best operation and best hotels. If you are interested with hair transplant please contact us.

How to Take Care Your Breast After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

How to Take Care Your Boobs After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

After breast enlargement surgery you have to take care of yourself. You have an aesthetic you desired before and its time to keep it. First month is so important and we want to tell you what will you do after breast enlargement.

After the surgery it effects the healing period and you have to take care your breast very well. Also, after care is also may change the result.

Obey your surgeon’s advices first than be careful about list we write to protect your boobs.

What to Do to Protect Your Boobs?

  1. Following your surgeons after care plan is so important. Secondly you have taken care your breast. Also listen yourself and learn what your body tells you. Also check any changes on you.
  2. Use your painkillers at least for 6 weeks. Your surgeon should give you 6 weeks plan and if not ask them for it.
  3. Take care your activities. In recovery time you have to live slower than before. Heavy lifting or heavy sports is not available in 6 months.
  4. Rest at least for 10 days. If you not rest well your wounds can be opened and it affects the result.
  5. In 10 days want extra help for homework, personal hygiene etc. . If you do to much work you may feel pain.
  6. Don’t do chest exercises for 6 months.
  7. Protect from the sun or use sun cream.
  8. Don’t drive for 1 week. Your movements may be restricted and it affect your awareness.
  9. Choose your bra careful. For 6 weeks or first two months don’t wear any sport bra.
  10. After the breast enlargement or breast augmentation sleep on your back. This help you damage your surgery zone.

Don’t forget obeying your surgeon rules it is the first priority. Always obey them and try to obey them how much you can. After few days you get used to live with rules and your life will become easier. Don’t reject the rules and obey them its easier to live and its easier to get better results.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

If you are interested with breast enlargement in Turkey is very professional in it. Istanbul Care Clinic is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Turkey and we work with best doctor in Turkey. Contact us and we will give you the best breast enlargement price and best services.

Are you Ready For Rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Are you Ready For Rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Rhinoplasty is very popular in these days. People want to have better looking. They want to reshape their nose and they want easy operation, natural looking and easy recovery. In Turkey we are very experienced in Rhinoplasty and we have really experienced doctors.

People who dislike their nose, their noses shape is choosing rhinoplasty. After Rhinoplasty surgery improve their reasons of why. It’s a important operation and you have to choose right doctor for it who have high experience.


Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Small changes in nose can affect people’s life in a good way and it give patients dramatic results. Also, it fixes seeming, beauty and face balance. You have to believe your surgeon doctor because he knows what to do well.

When You Can Make Rhinoplasty?

Choosing Rhinoplasty needs some emotional and financial situations. You have to ready for yourself for the operation. When you are ready be careful on timing.

Here there is some key point you should consider;

  • Teenagers must have to finish their facial grow. At 16th they can consider Rhinoplasty and after 18th they can have rhinoplasty. Please talk with your doctor for more information.
  • Its your decision and you have to give decision by yourself.
  • You must investigate rhinoplasty well and you must have realistic expectations.
  • Its better if you choose a right doctor. Read their C. Vs and look before and after photos. They will help you decide which doctor you should work.

What Do You Need Rhinoplasty?

People may choose rhinoplasty for several reason, Here are a list of this reasons;

  • They don’t like their noses shape
  • Change the bridge size
  • Change the nostril size
  • Change the nose size
  • Create themselves a beautiful view
  • Fix the broken nose

Rhinoplasty is an important surgery which must be on under anesthesia. You can choose between two operation method, open and close method. Your doctor may help you with this choice and give you an idea of it. Listen to your doctor.

In 10 days, there must some side effects like bruising and swelling. Come color changes may be happens. All of them are so normal. Take your painkiller medication and make ice compress help you after the rhinoplasty.  After the surgery your doctor want to see changes and your medical condition is well. After the operation you should be very careful, don’t make hard sports and don’t do tiring activities.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job in Turkey

In Turkey there is a lot of good surgeon for rhinoplasty or other plastic operation. In Istanbul Care Clinic we only work with the best doctors and best teams. We will give you best rhinoplasty or nose job price in Turkey and give you best service. If you are thinking rhinoplasty please contact us via email or WhatsApp and we will try to give your beauty back.


What to Take Care After Bread Transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant Recovery Time Line

Hair transplant can help you to fulfil your bald area but it can be used in other treatment like bread transplant and eyebrow transplant. Most of man want a thick and masculine bread. Bread is important for men. We will tell you more details about bread hair transplant.

First of all, you should know best bread transplant results need good post operation care. After your bread transplant you should obey some rules.

After Bread Transplant When You Can Go to Work?

Some days of rest is good for hair transplant and bread transplant. After the operation first 4 day is dangerous. You should have to save the transplanted area. Don’t crush anywhere or don’t scratch the transplanted area. After 4 day your transplanted hairs will not fall anymore. You can rest for 4 day and after 4 day you can go to work. Estimated time will change to 5 day in order your health situation.

Keep Transplanted Area and Donor Area Clean

Keeping your transplanted area and donor area is important because it helps you to avoid infection and another possible side effects. Your doctor or your surgeon tell you washing procedure and obey the rules while washing.

After your bread transplant sleep on your back and use some extra pillows.

Side Effects of Bread Transplant

There is some side effects but you can easily avoid them.

  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Swelling around transplanted areas
  • Soreness of the transplanted areas and face
  • Redness of the transplanted areas and face
  • Tightness of the transplanted areas and face
  • Numbness of the transplanted areas and face
  • Temporary scabbing and crusts

All of these side effects is normal and it will decrease day by day. Swelling and redness mostly continue for 4 or 5 days after 5 day it will slowly gone.

After Beard Transplant Avoid These Activities

Obey your doctors rules it’s the first rule, Do what he or she said to you. Here is a list of activities you must not do.

  • Touching, rubbing, and scratching your transplanted area
  • Don’t take too much direct sunlight
  • Take care of physical activity
  • Don’t smoke for 5 days
  • Don’t drink alcohol for 3 days
  • Don’t swim
  • Don’t use hut tubes, sauna or etc
  • Don’t shave your bread for 10 days

Temporary Loss of Transplanted Hair

After 14 days of bread transplant you may notice some of new hair will fall. Trats so normal they fall and grow again. Don’t be worry everything is normal. These kinds of hair loss is same as hair transplant. Your lost will grow again and you will have a better bread.

Time Line of Hair Regrow

In first 3 month your transplanted hairs fall slowly. After 3 or 4 month they will start to grow again. After 8 month you will have thick, full and so natural bread.

Bread Transplant in Turkey

In Turkey there is a lot of amazing hair transplant clinic and we are one of them who can done bread transplant too. You can contact us anytime and send us your photos our expert doctor will tell you what can be done, he creates your bread transplant plan and tell you bread transplant cost in Turkey and our other service. You can contact us with the forms on our website, WhatsApp or Email.


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