Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey


Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant

The principle of hair transplantation: take the hair from the back of the body as the source, separate it into single or multiple hair follicle units. Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey to allow them to survive and grow naturally in new parts, so as to achieve the purpose of supplementing the number of hairs and modifying the local hair distribution shape to achieve a beautiful effect.
Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey will make sure everything is perfect and your experience is the best.
1. Hair transplantation is a permanent hair transplant. It depends on the posterior occipital hair on the autologous skin, which will not fall off, and is exactly the same as the original hair supply site

2. The process of seamless hair transplantation is not painful and safe.

3. There will be no scars after hair transplantation, so you can choose with confidence.

Postoperative maintenance

1. Antibiotics: 3 times a day after operation, 2 capsules each time, after meals, for 4 days.
② Analgesics: When your wound is uncomfortable or painful (or as directed by your doctor), you can take 1 tablet orally, with an interval of 6 hours between each dose.

2. Stimulating foods should be avoided within 7 days after surgery, alcohol temporarily, and aspirin and vitamin E should be stopped will help avoid bleeding.

3. A small number of patients will have mild symptoms on the third or fourth day after surgery. Edema is normal. To reduce swelling, you can: raise your head when you sleep for the first three days after surgery; apply ice packs to the forehead and both sides of the head (3-5 minutes/time) to relieve edema. Note: Please do not apply ice packs to the transplant site.

Recovery process after hair transplantation

1. On the first day after hair transplantation, small scabs began to form in the hair transplantation area, and the hair removal area may have some numbness, tightness and pain.

2. Two to three days after the hair transplant operation, the healing scabs in the hair transplantation area are completely formed. After 3 days, the hair is washed with clean water for the first time. The forehead is slightly swollen, and the swelling will naturally disappear after a few days. The pain in the hair removal area is reduced, and there will be some numbness.

3. One week after the hair transplant operation, the small scabs begin to fall off, and the small scabs can be removed at this time. The swelling usually disappears at this time. The pain in the hair removal area disappeared completely, and occasionally there would be numbness

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