Many women want a curvy posterior. Using implant is an another option but most women don’t want to busy with implants. Brazilian but lift is a cosmetic procedure that use your own fat. Aesthetic operation is so common nowadays. Women want to improve the proportion of their body and they want very natural result after the operation.

In the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) operation fat are removed via liposuction and taken fat transfers to buttocks. After the BBl operation there will be another liposuction operation for enchanted results. If you choose the right doctor for BBL surgery result will be natural and satisfying. Also after care is an another important factor to getting the result.

After the BBL final results are seen after 6 months. In that time, you have to take care of your skin and body. Transferred fat will survive longer if you take care about after care.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips:

  • Side Effects of BBL: After the surgery patients may have swelling and bruising and these side effects will pass after few days. You may feel some pain and your surgeon may give you some you painkiller.
  • Sitting position after BBL Surgery: Sitting position is very important. After the operation you can not sit or lay on your buttock. Sitting has a direct relation of fat survival rate. Sitting has a risk of it can apply pressure transplanted fat cells. Using pillows help you to sit and it increase fats survival rate.
  • Compression garment: Your surgeon will advise you wear a compression garment for up to 4-6 weeks after surgery. It helps reduce swelling and boost the healing process.
  • Strenuous activity: After the surgery patients must be careful about tiring activities. In this time you can walk freely. Walking is a good exercise for you. Walking helps you to faster healing and to have a better result.
  • Lymphatic massage: Lymphatic massage is very good for after care. It has a healing affect and it improves the appearance your skin. Swimming and hot bats is prohibited for 4 weeks. For one-year patients must to avoid direct sunlight. Also stop smoking, have healthy diets.

If you have an unusual symptom contact your surgeon immediately. There will be infection and you must take care of yourself. Obey your surgeons advice always.

Recovery Time Line of BBL

Immediately Afterward

After the operation sleep on your sides or face down. Don’t sit on your buttock. Want help from your family, friends or nurses in the hospital. You may feel side effects like soreness, bruising and swelling. These are so normal and don’t be afraid of them. Tell them to your doctor immediately. Small walking is also important. Obey your surgeons advices.

First Week

Don’t forget to wear compression garment for the areas of liposuction. It also helps you for the side effects. First week just rest, your body need rest.

Second and Third Weeks

You don’t feel any pain. You may have swelling in that time. Be careful about sitting. Consult with your surgeon about driving. Avoid heavy lifting and continue to short walks.

Fourth and Fifth Weeks

You can make longer walks in this time period. You can start light exercise. Do not lift heavy weights. You can continue regular household jobs. You may feel little pain and tenderness. If any other side affects you have call your surgeon immediately.

Sixth Week

Most of patients they don’t feel discomfort or soreness anymore. Belongs to your recovery your surgeon may advise lower body exercise. You can start seeing the results of liposuction and fat grafting. You can see the result of BBL after the 6 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey

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