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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that is done in order to increase or restore the breast volume by placing implants. It improves the fullness and the projection of the breasts, making them look more attractive.

Being one of the main parts of a woman body, breasts give more meaning to her femininity. If boobs are too small, or too big, or saggy may negatively affect a woman’s image of self and psychology, making her feel uncomfortable in public. In such cases, different operations of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast uplift come to help. Thousands of women resort to breast surgeries each year in order to improve their look. Many of them carry these operations in home countries and many more choose foreign countries due to quality and good prices. Turkey is one of these destinations for all kinds of cosmetic surgeries, especially breast ones.

Zmadhimi i gjoksit - në Turqi

Breast augmentation can easily be considered as the most widespread breast surgery for the last ten years. Turkey has become a number one destination for women with small breasts who want to have implants. The reason they prefer Turkey is that the costs are pretty much affordable, the surgeons very much experienced and the equipment are of the latest word of technology. What is more important, if you choose the right place the results are perfect too.

When boobs are saggy, breast lift with implants (known as Mastopexy) is usually advised in order to get better desired results. Boob job such as breast augmentation or enlargement is considered to be one of the most preferred cosmetic surgeries by women, hence worldwide requests for this type of cosmetic surgery are very high. Boob job is preferred as it increases self-confidence. İt has a very low risk while giving great results.

Istanbul Care Clinic offers Mentor and Motiva silicone brands as breast implants in 2 shapes: teardrop and round. Teardrop implants have more varieties of shapes, making it easier to control the post-operation breast shape. Round breast implants are the most usually used ones that help create soft, proportioned and round shaped breasts. Silicone implants are made up of silicone gel. It looks like human fat and feels like natural breast tissue.

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    Breast Augmentation in Turkey

    Since a long time Turkey is the best place for plastic operations, including breast implants due to many advantages and opportunities it offers. Plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience making it possible for them to achieve natural results in boob jobs. They are specialized in carrying any kind of breast surgery from teardrop shaped boobs to breast uplift. Of course, the number one destination in Turkey is the marvelous Istanbul. It is famously known for its touristic values, yet plastic surgery is one of the gems too. After a boob job you can easily explore the city.

    Breast enlargement is usually carried for 2 main reasons: reconstructive (after having one or both breasts removed because of breast cancer) or cosmetic (not being satisfied with the shape, symmetry or size). Breast augmentation takes from 1 to 2 hours and is carried under general anesthesia. In case you have any pain or issue while in Turkey we offer a 24/7 detailed aftercare service. Even when you return to your home country we offer online consultations to follow up. After a breast augmentation surgery you can usually go back to work in a few days.

    Incisions of Breast Augmentation in Turkey

    During breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon does a 1.5-2 inch incision along the mammary fold or armpits to conceal scarring.  As long as the patient does not have breast uplift with implants, then no need to worry about scarring after the surgery.

    There are a number of methods for breast augmentation. Which one will be used is decided by the  surgeon as for the needs of the patient, body shape and their breast structure. During the consultation, we will tell you about the different types of Mentor and Motivi breast implants and incision techniques that can be used. This is done by your surgeon prior to the operation in order to get the best natural-looking results for you.

    Zmadhimi i gjoksit - në Turqi

    Possible scars after the plastic surgery is the most common worry of patients before deciding to have breast augmentation. Our clinic assures you that our plastic surgeons are highly reputable and experienced and will use the best techniques to minimize any visibility of scars.

    Which incision will be used is decided by the plastic surgeon based on the type of breast enlargement, the degree of enlargement and the type of your own body. 3 types of incision are used for breast enlargement surgery:

    Periareolar incision: incision is made around the nipples.

    Inframammary incision: incision is made in the fold under each breast.

    Transaxillary incision: incision is made under the armpit.

    In the majority of cases the breast implants are put partially beneath the pectoral muscle. Initially this makes the breasts seem to sit high on the chest. No worries as this is normal. The implants will settle into an optimal position after several weeks. The final results will be visible after a couple of months.

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    Placement of Breast Implants Turkey

    Breast enhancement surgery in Turkey is carried using general anesthesia. The tissue capacity, chest shape and patient`s desire are considered in choosing the ideal implant size. After that the implants are put using minimal incisions.

    The plastic surgeon evaluates where to put the breast implants, under or over the chest muscle. The used implants can be of round or teardrop shape. Breast enlargement surgery takes very little time, just 1-2 hours and requires minimal incisions. During the recovery period patients can continue their daily routine

    There are 2 standard ways for placement:

    Zmadhimi i gjoksit - në Turqi

    Under the muscle (Sub-muscular), known otherwise as sub-pectoral placement: Breast implant is placed behind your chest muscle.

    Over the muscles (Sub-glandular) placement: Breast implant is placed between the chest muscle and breast tissue.

    Both ways of placements are usable for every kind of implant. According to your body anatomy (natural tissue, weight etc.), lifestyle, and the degree of the augmentation, the method to be applied may differ.

    Boob Job Recovery

    Recovery time takes 6-8 weeks. Here is more detailed info on the recovery steps right after the surgery:

    AS a standard procedure, almost all breast augmentation surgeries are carried with general anesthesia, meaning you are not awake during the surgery and you will feel no pain.

    Once the surgery is done, you are taken to a room where you rest (also known as recovery room). You wake up slowly and our team of medical professionals check your status. It is normal to feel achy and groggy while you wake up.

    In case the breast implants were positioned under the muscle, you may feel tightness or muscle aches around the area. As you stretch the muscles the pain should start going away. After a few hours you will feel better.

    You should stay at the hospital one night (in case you don’t want to, you need to inform us about this). You will be given a support bra. Before you can leave, our doctor will let you know what to do.

    What you can do when you are relieved of the hospital?

    3-5 days after breast augmentation in Turkey

    You may feel uncomfortable for the first 3-5 days or have pain. The doctor will give you pain killers not to feel much pain.
    A little bleeding coming from the incision sites is normal. If you worry about any bleeding that may seem not normal, talk about it with the doctor.

    1 week after breast augmentation in Turkey

    Pain is relieved and almost you feel none.

    You can start doing easy daily activities with the approval of the doctor.

    2-3 weeks after breast augmentation in Turkey

    Swelling of the area or soreness of muscles is normal. It should start getting better by now.

    You need to take a 3+ weeks off from the job if it requires strong and heavy physical activity. No heavy lifting and no activities like running.

    2 months after breast augmentation in Turkey

    By this time you should be almost fully healed. It depends on your body, how quick it can heal.

    Breast Augmentation Results

    The ideal way to decide if breast augmentation is a right choice for you is by meeting with our best plastic surgeons for an online consultation. You can check out our gallery to see before and after results of breast augmentation surgery.

    Restored most suitable body proportion,

    Firm and large breasts that improve the self-esteem (wearing bikinis and tops confidently),

    Healthy and matured appearance for woman with small boobs

    If you want to have a breast enlargement surgery, of course you want to have the most natural looking results. If such plastic surgery is performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon with high quality standards, then breast enlargement becomes a safe procedure providing satisfying results. A detailed research in choosing the best place for breast augmentation is a must if you look for the best results.

    Being a minimal surgery, you will recover from a breast augmentation surgery in a short time. But it usually takes from 6 months and up to 1 year to see the final results. This is the standard time for every plastic surgery. During this time, post-operative swelling has entirely gone and the scar has turned into a lighter shade.

    If you are interested with breast enlargement please contact us. We will give you the best breast enlargement surgery price in Turkey.

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