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Creating A Natural Hairline in Hair Transplantation

Hair line creation one of the most important job in hair transplantation. After the hair transplant operation your hair line must seems natural. Your hair line show people how you look. Nowadays technology and experience raised and we can create really natural hair lines.

The Creation Of Natural Hairlines

As we told you a natural hair line must be one of your first expectation. If your transplanted hair doesn’t seem natural it’s a bad operation. Nowadays everything in the operation is true hair line looks natural.

Hair follicles included 1, 2, 3 or more hair in it. In natural hair lines we use only one hair. Using one grafts help us to make a smooth translation. In first line we use single grafts, after single grafts there is double grafts and after them 3 or more grafts.

You lost your hair we can understand you and we want you to give you a natural hair. We want give you your old hairs back. A natural hair line is one of the success in hair transplant.

Using one grafts for hair line is not the only solution for natural hair line. Another solution of a natural hair line is a wavy array hair on hair line. There is no straight line on people’s hair line. A straight line is seeming so unnatural and people who looked at you can understand you had a hair transplant before.

Istanbul Care Clinic

You miss your hairs back and we want you to you will have a amazing hair transplant operation in Turkey. Hair lines is very important for us and we want to give you the bests of everything. This reason you can find best price and best service in Istanbul Care Clinic. Our experienced doctors and our team may help your for everything.

If you are interested with hair transplant please contact us and send us your photos. We will give you best hair transplant price in Turkey and best package.


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