Dental implants in Turkey


Dental implants in Turkey

What is a dental implant?

Some people may have the image of “implant = dental treatment”. However, implants refer to “medical devices and materials to be embedded in the body.” By the way, implants are spelled “implant” in English, and translated into Turkish as “implant”, “inject”, “insert”, and “transplant”. The word implant is also used outside of dentistry, and one of the implants is a cardiac pacemaker or silicone used in cosmetic surgery. Dental implants in Turkey are, artificial tooth roots that are embedded in the jawbone are called implants, or “dental implants”. Implants are generally recognized as “implants = dental implants” because they are handled more often in dentistry than in other departments.

Those who can receive implant treatment

Dental implants in Turkey treatment is available to those who have lost their teeth due to an accident, alveolar pyorrhea, tooth decay. Or those who have no teeth congenitally. We can handle from one tooth to all teeth.
However, is it not possible for anyone to receive implant treatment?
Since implant treatment requires surgery, it may not be possible to receive treatment if you are in poor general condition or if the jawbone where the implant is to be placed is not strong.
Also, those who have a history of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. Also respiratory diseases such as asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis should be careful. If you have other underlying disorders such as periodontal disease, consult your doctor.

Implant treatment

The biggest advantage of implants is that they can firmly fix the denture. And restore the function of the root. So that you can chew like your own teeth. Not only does it reduce the risk of it coming off. And you can speak without feeling foreign matter. But by using ceramics or zirconia for the denture, it looks almost the same as a natural tooth. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the cost of treatment is high. The reason why it is expensive is that implant treatment is not covered by insurance in principle, and health insurance is not available and medical treatment is at your own expense. The treatment period for implants is about 4 to 6 months, and regular maintenance is required even after surgery.

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