Dental prosthesis in Turkey


Dental prosthesis in Turkey

What do doctors say?

There are many people around us who wear dental prosthesis in Turkey such as gold or resin to treat cavities. But few people manage it properly. Because the treatment is over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No matter how good the performance of a prosthesis, if maintenance is neglected, it is bound to wear out. Diseases of the teeth and gums can develop, and it can lead to a new condition after the end of life. Dental prosthesis in Turkey cost way less and have a better quality.

Neglect of prosthetic care, what will happen?

A typical symptom of an abnormality caused by negligence in prosthesis management is pain or bleeding at the prosthesis site. Also, if the lower gums are swollen, the prosthesis may fall out or float and food may get stuck. In addition, it may cause toothache, bad breath, and discoloration of teeth. If these symptoms appear, it can be assumed that there is a problem with the prosthesis.

So, when something goes wrong with the prosthesis, what happens to the abnormal symptoms? If the inside of the prosthesis rots again, if the gum bone under the prosthesis is melted, there are cases where the life of the prosthesis is worn out. When the prosthesis rots again, it is mainly caused by foreign substances entering the gap between the natural tooth and the prosthesis.

Consistent management and periodic inspection are essential

Careful management is required to use the prosthesis for a long time without any problems. Proper brushing of teeth is essential. Wipe 3 times a day for at least 3 minutes and within 3 minutes after eating. Also pay attention to how you eat.

Especially, when you drink soup that goes into the prosthesis, avoid things that are too hot or too cold. The size of the prosthesis is deformed, which can lead to gaps between the teeth. It is better to chew slowly when eating candy, caramel, or gum that sticks to the prosthesis. These foods may cause the prosthesis to come off.

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