Dental treatments in Turkey


Dental treatments in Turkey

About treatments that do not sharpen teeth

Dental treatments in Turkey survey says that many people have experience of shaving and filling teeth with cavities, and I think that many people are not good at the sound of that keen drill and the vibration transmitted to the teeth. However, although the sound and vibration are unpleasant, in fact, once the tooth is shaved and stuffed, the risk of tooth decay recurrence from the boundary between the stuffing and the tooth increases, and the life of the tooth may be shortened. It is. For this reason, a treatment method called “MI treatment” has recently come to be used to cure cavities without sharpening the teeth as much as possible, except for large cavities that cannot be cured unless the pain is strong or sharpened.

What is “MI treatment”, a treatment method that does not sharpen teeth?

MI” in “MI treatment” is an abbreviation for “Minimum Intervention”. Which literally means “minimum interference”. In other words, “MI treatment” means “treat without sharpening teeth as much as possible” . Dental treatments in Turkey conventional dental caries treatment is based on early detection and early treatment. And when a small early dental caries is found, it is shaved and filled with silver or plastic. However, it is not always the case that many people have been able to maintain healthy teeth without cavities as a result of such treatment. Rather, many people have shortened the life of their teeth by scraping and filling them with cavities.

Dock Best Cement Treatment (Caries Treatment without Sharpening Teeth)

Dock Best Cement Treatment is a treatment method that sterilizes without removing tooth decay by the bactericidal power. Of the combination of iron (Fe) ions and copper (Cu) ions contained in DCB. This treatment is performed at the time of treatment such as dental caries treatment. And root canal treatment, but especially when the dental caries is completely removed. It reaches the nerve and the nerve is pulled out. The chances of not having to pull out the nerves increase, and as a result, the life of the teeth will be extended. DBC Treatment is similar in treatment to the 3Mix method, but has some advantages over the 3Mix method.

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