DHI method


DHI method

DHI method

This method was developed by a Korean university professor and uses several types of needle flocking devices of different sizes to make holes and implant at the same time. Normally, before transplanting a graft collected from the back of the head, the work of opening the planting place (hole) is done. For DHI method, set healthy hair roots collected from the back of the head on the needle one by one and push them directly into the part where thinning hair is a problem. If it is 2000 strains, 2000 times of work is required, so the operation time is longer than that of normal hair transplantation.

What is DHI?

DHI method is an abbreviation for “Direct Hair Implantation” and means “direct hair transplantation”. This method uses a medical pen called CHOI, which is used only by specialist doctors. And puts the seeded hair roots in the pen, and the part that is directly bald without drilling (drilling) work. It is stabbed in the scalp and transplanted. In this method, the hole opening and transplantation work. Which are performed as two separate tasks in other hair transplantation methods, are performed simultaneously using a dedicated syringe, reducing the burden on the patient.

The lasts steps of DHI

After the assistant team of specialist doctors put the seeded hair roots in a special syringe suitable for each patient. Hair root size and hand it to the doctor, the correct angle of 45 degrees. Is the angle at which normal human hair grows. The doctor pierces the scalp directly with a syringe and transplants the hair roots inside. All the collected healthy hair roots are collected in one place. And carefully arranged one by one in a row to improve efficiency during planting work. Then, put it in a container containing a special liquid so that the collected hair roots will remain healthy. And not damaged until they are transplanted into the scalp again.

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