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Do Hair Transplant Last a Lifetime?

Most of the man are losing their hair and try some remedies. Most of these remedies can return their hair back. We want to say hair transplant is the only way to baldness. Nowadays a lot of people comes to Turkey for hair transplant. Lets look from another view to hair transplantation.

Before Hair Transplant What You Have to Think

First of all search hair transplant well and learn it. It helps you be ready for hair transplant surgery. Also learning help you to arrange your expectation. After you learn everything about hair transplant you should have to find yourself a surgeon and a doctor. There is very experienced doctors and clinics. Send them your photos and learn your hair transplant plan and hair transplant cost. Then you have to come Turkey and return back.

Sometimes Two Session Hair Transplant is Necessary

Its all about the how many graft you need and how big your bald area. Also hair density you want is another factor. Two session is necessary sometimes because Istanbul Clinic uses max graft method and if there is one session max graft 4000 graft but there is some more hair is donor area. If we collect 2000 graft in second session 4000 and 2000 is the total number of graft we transplant. Some hidden hair follicles may grow after the first operation and help to grow your donor area.

Hair Transplant Can Improve Your Looks

After hair transplant you will get a great look. Your look is also related with your confidence. Also add this your transplant hair will not fall anymore. What an amazing thing for you will not be bald anymore.

FAQs Patients Mostly Ask

  • We Do Hair Transplant Twice?
  • Yes, it is possible. You can do hair transplant while your donor area is allow.
  • How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?
  • A hair transplant operation normally takes 6 hour or 8 hour depend on how much graft used.Do Hair Transplants Work Permanently?
  • Is Hair Transplant Result Natural?
  • If your surgeon did a good work your hair seem natural. Nobody can understand you had hair transplant before.

Now its tine to answer the most important question `Will transplant hair not Fall?` Yes transplanted hair will not fall. Because we use lifetime hairs from your hairs back. You see people who they are totally bald but they still have some hair on their back. We use these hairs and they will not fall during your life time.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care Clinic do the hair transplant operation for years and we have talented doctors and great team. We give our patients best hair transplant price in Turkey, best operation and best hotels. If you are interested with hair transplant please contact us.

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