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Essential Things to Know Before Opting for a Hair Transplant

Essential Things to Know Before Opting for a Hair Transplant

Nowadays most of the person are affected by hair loss. Men and women can have hair loss but in different types; male type hair loss and woman type hair loss. When people have hair loss they start to find a solution to turn back their old hair. They try some solutions, lotions, shampoos and medicines but they understand there are temporary solutions. Hair transplant is the only one certain cure of hair loss.

We want to tell some secrets about hair transplant. You may think to have a hair transplant surgery. In this article, we will tell you what you have to know before the surgery.

Six Essential Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplant before Opting for It

  1. Hair Transplant is a Relatively Risk-Free Procedure

Hair transplant contains collecting grafts from your donor area and transplanting them to your bald area. In the collecting stage, your surgeon only takes healthy hairs. Collected hair is permanent hairs and it will not fall anymore. A hair transplant operation takes 4 to 8 hour depends on your how much graft you need. Also, we can use hair transplant operations for beard transplant, eyebrow transplant or woman hair transplant. Hair transplant is a non-invasive surgical procedure and if you choose the right clinic, right surgeon and right team there will be no risk in hair transplant.

  1. Your Age Is a Determining Factor in the Hair Transplant Procedure

Your age is very important in hair transplant. If you want to have your 18-year hair back that may not be possible because you may lost some of your donor hairs but we can give your 25-year hair back. Also in ages your face changed and we have to plan your hair transplant operation for your age. After 18 you can have a hair transplant surgery but we believe 25 is the ideal age for hair transplant. If you get hair transplant before 25 your hair loss may continue and you may need a second operation in the future.

  1. The Transplant Results May Depend on Your Hair Quality

In hair transplant surgery we use your own hair. If your donor’s hair is weak we use the same hair and your new hairs will be weak. Hair quality is very important, healthy and thick hair give better and more natural results. In the collecting stage of hair transplant we choose the healthy hair only which gives the best result.

  1. The Original Hair and the Transplanted Hair Grow Similarly

Your transplanted hair and your old hair grows in the same way. You don’t need any special treatment for your new hair. Over time hair adjust it’s length and texture will get adjusted. When your hairs grow you can style in any way you want. They are now your own hair and you can style them.

  1. Your Hair Transplant Lasts a Lifetime

One of the biggest advantages of hair transplant surgery is your transplanted hair is permanent. Your transplanted hair will not fall anymore. Some patients may need a second hair transplant surgery because of their normal hair continue to fall off after the operation. Also, some illness or some treatment may cause hair loss. Anyway, your transplanted hairs will not fall in your lifetime.

    6. Hair Transplant is the Cheapest Treatment

There is a lot of treatment of hair loss but they all have temporary solutions. If you use that treatment for your whole lifetime it’s far more expensive than hair transplant. Also, in Turkey, it is cheaper than the U.S.A, England and Europe. Hair transplant price in Turkey is more than one-fifth cheaper than in any other country.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the most successful hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We work only with the best doctors and the best surgeons in the best hospitals. We want to make the world beautier and we want happy people. For that aim, we give our patients the best hair transplant prices in Turkey with the best services. If you are interested in a hair transplant please contact us for free consultation and we will plan bests for you.

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