Facelift in Turkey

What is Facelift??

Facelift, scientifically known as rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to improve the image of the face and neck by shrinking and fixing sagging or wrinkled skin. Men and women who want to look more youthful find facelift very helpful.

The elasticity of the skin is lost eventually by aging, exposure to sunlight, smoking, environmental conditions, gravity, stress and alcohol consumption. Loss of elasticity of skin causes unwanted wrinkles and lines which are usually connected with aging and tiredness, despite being young and lively.

This difference in how we look and how we feel may make us uncomfortable and unhappy with the look, decreasing self-confidence, and causing stress. Facelift surgery in Turkey provides a great chance for people wanting to look as young as they feel. For a more complete rejuvenation of your look, you can combine facelift surgery with other surgeries like eyelid surgery, neck lift surgery and nose surgery.

Continues requests by women and men make facelift be among the most popular plastic surgeries. Facelift abroad is highly chosen due to high-quality services and affordable costs of the treatment. Facelift in Turkey is very popular among people from Americas, Europe and Middle East who want to have facelift abroad with high-quality services provided.

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    Types of Facelift Surgery

    As the level of facial sagging changes from one person to another, so changes the facelift procedure applied on the patients. Facelift surgeries in Turkey are:

    • Mini facelift (on the lower part of the face)
    • Mid facelift
    • Full facelift
    • Brow lift ( or forehead lift)
    • Temple lift
    • Neck lift


    Mini facelift surgery

    This is a surgical procedure that lasts more or less 2 hours and is carried under general anesthesia. The incision starts on the front of the ear and extends behind the ear lobe. It targets the saggy skin on the jawline and cheeks. For this reason this intervention is also known as a lower facelift.

    Mid-facelift surgery

    It is called cheek lift too. This surgery is performed to lift cheeks back, thus creating an enhanced appearance and youthful look.

    Full facelift surgery

    This surgical procedure lasts 3 to 4 hours performed under general anesthesia. In this type of surgery in Turkey, the incision stars from the temples, extends along the hairline towards the back of ear lobes. Different from the mini facelift, this surgery also targets the upper part of the face, the temples.

    The best suitable type of facelift for you is decided after consultation with the surgeon. The surgeon’s expertise and your face needs are considered. Two facelift surgery techniques are generally mostly preferred. The first one being classical facelift. For classical face lift, incisions are made on various places of the face depending on the needs of the patient for best results. The second method is endoscopic facelift. This technique uses tiny surgical cameras to view the skin structure and tighten the muscles. The technique to be used depends on the desired results, type of face lift and your face condition.

    Brow lift surgery

    Also called forehead lift. This surgery is performed to enhance frown lines, minimize wrinkles and raise saggy eyebrows, putting them in a more natural position. The incisions are made above the forehead, within the hairline.

    Temple lift surgery

    This procedure is performed to correct the wrinkles on the forehead area, the lines between two eyebrows and to fully lift saggy eyebrows and forehead.

    Neck lift surgery

    It is also called lower rhytidectomy. This procedure is performed to improve the aging signs on jaw line and neck. Incisions start within the hairline at sideburn level, go down around the ear and end in the posterior hair.

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    Facelift in Turkey

    Facelift in Turkey is a very popular aesthetic operation in Turkey. You can find very successful clinics. We offer you the best facelift surgery price in Turkey and best service.

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