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Hair care Turkey

Hair care market

The annual trade volume of hair care products, which make up 20 percent of the personal care market in Turkey, has reached a figure of over 1.4 billion liras. Looking at the shampoo market, Hair care Turkey, expect a 15 percent growth in the market this year as well. Personal care sector accounts for nearly 8 percent of the total trade volume in the FMCG category in Turkey. 20 percent of this is hair care products. It is stated that the hair care market in Turkey is over 1.4 billion TL per year.

1Why is Hair Care Important?

When the necessary hair care is not provided for the hair, it starts to wear out and break and fall out. Thus, it loses its old structure and health. We do some applications to restore the old health of the hair. However, as a result of some wrong hair care practices and the products we use, we can achieve undesirable results. In order to avoid such problems, you should use the right hair care product for your hair. Hair care Turkey is the leading market, for hair care transplant.

Istanbul Care

Herbal hair care products

Herbal hair products provide cellular renewal by providing hair care from root to tip, while also helping to achieve lively hair that can be easily shaped.
Products that contain herbal repair, nourish and regenerate the hair. It has content that prevents hair breakage, increases hair thickness, makes hair grow faster and gives vitality to the hair. With hair care, you can restore your hair to its old appearance.

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