Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey


Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey

Can HIV patients undergo hair transplantation

Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey, will perform corresponding preoperative examinations in accordance with the requirements of relevant health departments, including: blood routine, four blood coagulation, infectious diseases, etc. Patients with blood-related infectious diseases such as AIDS and sepsis, as well as syphilis, heart disease, etc. are not suitable for hair transplant surgery. HIV is what we often call AIDS. It is a virus that causes human immune system defects. In 1981 , the human immunodeficiency virus was first discovered in the United States because it is a slow virus that infects cells of the human immune system. It is a type of retrovirus. HIV is usually transmitted through blood, sex and motherhood. So the question is, can people with HIV undergo hair transplantation?

Will HIV patients experience hair loss?

Simple infection with AIDS will not cause hair loss. If AIDS itself is combined with seborrheic alopecia, that is to say, hyperlipidemia, diet control and genetic problems, it is easy to cause this kind of hair loss. Including taking If the diet is not controlled, it will easily lead to hyperlipidemia and lipid metabolism disorder. And seborrheic alopecia may occur. Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey are safe and up to date. Of course, there are genetic factors for hair loss. Other environmental factors and fungal infections of the scalp are possible. Therefore, it is said that hair loss cannot be caused by AIDS alone, so this concept is wrong. When you are sick, you must go to a regular clinic or hospital for treatment, pay attention to the safety of blood transfusion.

Pay attention to contact with AIDS patients

When collecting blood and injecting AIDS patients, the syringe should be disposable, and the patient’s blood. Excrement, and contaminated items should be completely incinerated. The patient’s utensils and medical equipment should be dedicated to a dedicated person. For example, the patient’s razor, toothbrush, towel, teacup, etc. should be dedicated to a dedicated person. Wash hands with soap after urination and defecation to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Be careful when you choose the clinic. They must choose a formal and qualified plastic surgery hospital and find an experienced and responsible doctor. Pre-operative preparation and post-operative care must be done so that the best results of the operation can be achieved. If you have any questions, you can directly consult our plastic surgery consultants here at Istanbul Care online, they will bring you professional and detailed answers.

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