Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022


Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022

What is hair transplant?

Before the non- marking hair transplant operation, the doctor first uses a special instrument to measure the hair density in the donor area of the back occipital, the beard and body hair. And other donor areas and the hair (hair follicle) status in the implanted area, so as to accurately grasp the patient’s hair density and other indicators. In order to determine the number of hair follicles required for transplantation. Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022 Within 3 days after the operation, the wound in the hair removal area will heal completely without leaving any scars, and patients can still choose to shave their heads.

Major international hair transplantation techniques

Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022 will be even better!
FUT- Monomer hair follicle cultivation and regeneration technology, which concentrates on extracting hair follicles from the back of the occiput. And uses patented fine equipment to transplant the individual hair follicles. Suitable: For people with large or severe hair loss, up to 3000 units can be taken at a time, and the postoperative effect will leave scars.
FUE- non-surgery hair transplant technology, using Turkish FUE micro-electric equipment to extract hair follicles. From the back occiput in a dispersive manner. And transplant them to the hair loss site according to the direction of hair growth. Suitable for people with large areas of hair loss or who are pursuing perfection. Individual hair follicles can be extracted without sutures and stitches. The healing is faster without leaving traces. You can take about 2500-4000 units at a time.

Advantages of hair transplant surgery

1 There is no scar after the operation, only some small blood scabs, and these small blood scabs will automatically fall off within 5 to 7 days.
2 Short operation time. Because this technology does not need to separate the hair follicles individually after the skin flap is cut, it can save operation time
3 The operation is painless. The operation is performed in the scalp tissue with very small surgical instruments, so the trauma is very small, and there is no pain after using a small amount of anesthetic
4 The operation is risk-free.
The non-marking hair transplant completely avoids all the surgical risks of traditional hair transplant technology. And there is no need to cut a large area of the scalp. Which will damage the back cranial nerves and cause the danger of postoperative sequelae.

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