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Hair Transplant Recovery and Timeline

Hair Transplant Recovery and Timeline

After hair transplant surgery you have a recovery period. Hair transplant is a very secure operation if you did it with talented hands and experienced doctors. After the hair transplant Istanbul Care always give out patient’s post-op or recovery time line support. We are always help our patients to heal faster and better hair transplant results.

If you are thinking about hair transplant surgery it’s better you to know hair transplant procedure. This procedure includes pre-op instructions, post-op instructions, healing stage information and what you need to know. We always give out patients in this timeline.

Let’s learn more about hair transplant recovery period. If you have any question please contact us, our expert team are waiting you to help.

How Do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair Transplant must be done in a hospital or clinic. We use local anesthesia in whole operation so patients don’t feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. After your hair wash you can go to your home and we will give all post-op information.

In the hair transplant procedure we collect your hairs from your donor area and transplant them to your areas that have hair transplant. We normally use back of your head and sides of your head and if it necessary we can use your body hair. All of implant hair will grow like your normal hair.

There is 3 hair transplant method; FUT, FUE and DHI. FUT is an old method and FUE and DHI has better result. In that way we use FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI method. They have more than %95 success rate. If you are wondering these method please clink to links to learn more about them. FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, Sapphire FUE hair transplant. Our doctors will tell you which method is best for you.

Is the Hair Transplant Recovery Process Painful?

Most of our patient has no serial pain after the hair transplant. We give them a pain killer medicine and it stop all the pains. Also you may have tenderness, itchiness, redness, numbness (because of local anesthesia) and very minor pain. Also we give out patients anti-inflammatory medicines. If you obey your surgeons post-op instructions you may see no problem and you will have a great hair transplant result.

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

If you are wondering hair transplant recovery timeline, we made this list for you. We tell you basics of recovery timeline.

One day after surgery

One day after your surgery talk with your surgeons for questions you might have and simply rest. Keep your head elevated, don’t forget to use your hair transplant surgeon give you, limit you’re your physical activity, be careful about direct sunlight. As we say one day after the operation just rest and be careful.

Two days after surgery

After 2 days of swelling you may have minor swelling and swelling will pass after few days. Use your medicine, drink water and keep your head elevated. Also on second day after your hair transplant we will wash your hair and give you instructions of hair wash after hair transplant.

Two weeks after surgery

After 2 week you may notice you have a hair loss. Don’t worry this is normal progress and your hair will grow again. Your hair follicles are still healthy. After 4-5 months your all transplanted hairs starts to grow.

You may notice that the short hair shafts that were transplanted are shedding. This is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. The follicle grafts are still healthy. After a dormancy period, the hairs will begin to regrow from the transplanted follicles in 4 to 5 months,.

One month after surgery

After 1 month of your hair transplant you may notice it is undetectable of your hair transplant. All your scalps is gone and you cant understand where your native hair starts and stops.

You can continue the post op instructions. You can turn back normal life and you can do whatever you want.

Your hairs may continue to shed up and we want to remind you this is a normal progress and your hair will grow soon.

Three months after surgery

Your hair shred is stopped and you new hair is start to grow. You may do warm compress to speed up new hair grow.

Four to nine months after surgery

You may notice your transplanted hairs grows. Your new hairs is small but in time they like your normal hairs. You may see some pimples because your new hair is growing. Don’t worry they will be no problem. Just wait their grow.

12 months after surgery

After a year of your hair transplant you will have a very natural hair and you can see the final result of hair transplant. All of your new hair is grow and you have an amazing hair. If you have any questions ask them to doctor. If you obey your doctor instructions you have amazing hair. Your doctors instructions is very important, obey them.

Your new hair will not fall anymore. Have a happy life with your new hairs.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best Hair Transplant, Aesthetic and Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey. We only work with best doctors and best hospitals. We aims to give our patients 5 star service with less money. If you want to have hair transplant please contact us. We will offer best hair transplant price in Istanbul, Turkey and after your travel you will have best hair transplant results with our guarantee certificate. If you interest with hair transplant please contact us.



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