HIV Hair Transplant Turkey


HIV Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant with HIV

Thinning hair and the resulting psychological problems do not have to be accepted. Most of the time, a hair transplant helps the affected person regain a full and natural head of hair. However , certain health requirements must be met in order to carry out a HIV hair transplant Turkey . Is it therefore even possible to have a HIV hair transplant Turkey?

What are the health requirements for a hair transplant?

It is important for the attending physician to be informed about existing chronic illnesses and the use of medication . Cardiovascular problems and increased blood pressure lead to changes in the blood vessels. The blood flow to the skin is reduced. The transplanted hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients and die.
Diabetes is a common cause of impaired wound healing. Even if the hair follicles are transplanted into bald areas using the FUE method , micro-injuries occur on the scalp. If the healing of the wounds is disturbed by the high sugar content of the blood, bacteria can settle more easily. The micro-wounds become infected. Visible scars can arise. Since only the body’s own hair is used for the transplant itself, the immune system does not react to the transplanted hair follicles, so that the body accepts them immediately.

Can a hair transplant be done with HIV?

The immune system is weakened more and more in the course of the HIV disease. The body can no longer react to infectious pathogens. An infection with the HIV virus does not mean that the disease AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) has to break out. With today’s drugs, the replication of the virus can be suppressed well. Nevertheless, a hair transplant is not without risk with HIV. The virus can be transmitted to doctors and instruments through the blood. Absolute sterilization of the instruments is necessary to protect other patients.
Fortunately, the hygienic standard in most clinics is very high, even if they are located in Europe at home and abroad. However, caution is advised and the doctors and clinics should be examined in advance on a case-by-case basis.

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