HIV positive hair transplant


HIV positive hair transplant

Can patients with HIV have hair transplant?

Having a loss of hair is a very annoying and sad situation for everyone, male or female. It has a very bad effect on people, puts pressure on them and is disturbed by others who are always watching it. It can be a major cause of misery, especially at a young age. HIV positive hair transplant is no longer an issue. Therefore, people with hair loss problems get rid of these sparse areas by replanting their hair in the sparse areas. Of course, it depends on the type and thickness of the roots you take from your hair, but there is no doubt that your hair will be more bushy. HIV positive hair transplant it’s not something that hasn’t been done before. You need to determine if you are suitable for this.

HIV patients

At the beginning before starting the hair transplant process, certain tests are done to check for any illness. If you are infected with the HIV virus or AIDS, you usually have hair loss problems. Carrying the HIV virus and being an AIDS patient are two different things. HIV patients with sparse hair may also want to benefit from flocking. But can HIV patients have hair transplants? We need to divide the patients into two groups. If you are taking medication, you can discuss your condition with the hair transplant doctor and make decisions accordingly. This may be a shock to you if you learn about your illness during a blood test at a Turkish hair transplant clinic. However, in this case, hair transplantation will be decided in consultation with a doctor.

Are HIV patients satisfied with the results of hair transplantation?

At the Hair Transplant Forum, some HIV patients are discussing hair transplants at clinics that have agreed to have surgery. Those who have undergone surgery are satisfied with their hair growth without any problems. This was positively reflected in their health as they removed the problems of trichotillomania and baldness. Of course, if we consider the ethical aspects of our business, if you know your illness, you should definitely share it with your doctor.

For people with the HIV virus, hair transplants are accepted in some clinics only if the RNA test is negative, and all materials used in the surgery are discarded after the surgery.

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