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How Can I Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

How Can I Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

How Can I Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Nowadays hair transplant more popular than ever. A lot of people choose hair transplant to regain their hair. When you search for hair transplant you can see hundreds of hair transplant page but how can you be sure of them? There is amazing hair transplant centre in the world but not all of them is good. In real some of them who say we are best is not good. Most of the patients don’t like the results of hair transplant.

We created this article to help you while choosing the best hair transplant centre for you.

Learn Your Doctor?

When you are talking with a hair transplant clinic ask them your doctors name, medical school and his C.V. Also ask the doctors role in the operation. Is he a observer or he will do the planning or opening canals stage? If they can not give you answers don’t trust that clinic.

Hair transplant is very important surgery because it affects your entire life.

You have the right to know who will deal with you during the transplantation that will affect rest of your life. Also, make a research about what stages the doctor who will perform your procedure will complete the it and how many patients he admits in a day.

We saw a lot of patients with bad hair transplantation surgery and decide to write this article.

If you are interested with hair transplant in Turkey you have to learn surgery’s place. A hospital, a clinic may good for you but if they give you an address of a villa, residence or apartment address that will be bad experience for you. Don’t trust them.

Also you can ask team and learn how they experience. You have to choose good doctor and good team one of them is bad your surgery may not ended with a good result.

Ask Your Operation Details and Plan

Correct planning is the most important point of hair transplantation. How many grafts will be transplanted, how your hair line is designed, crown area and back side of your hair. What their plans? Also, you should want before and after pictures. You may want to ask about the result?

Be careful about what they ask you. If they will not ask any questions about your health condition, your hair loss and your medication this place is not a good choice for you.

Social Media, Website, Before and After Photos

Social media is everywhere now. A survey shows most of patients looks social media photos first. When you look the photos be careful about where this photos taken, before and after photos, quality of photos.

Comments and Number of Social Media Followers

Social media or other site comments is really important but you have to very careful because all comments can be real. Some places make fake comments on social media or other websites. It’s better to ask them a patient’s name and phone number so you can ask them directly.

Methods of Hair Transplant

Some clinics create new names on old methods. Nowadays there is 2 hair removal methods FUE and FUT, 2 hair transplant methods DHI and Manual. Other names they say to you is not real and you have to be very careful. In real don’t trust that place.

For example painless hair transplantation, it is not possible. You fell certainly pain some less some more but you feel pain. Also Ice FUE, Golden FUE etc they are no hair transplant methods in that names. This words is just a marketing trick.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

After you ask all these questions to your clinic you will have a good result. Istanbul Care is an hair transplant and aesthetic clinic in Istanbul and Turkey. It provides you a natural hair, really good experience with the good hair transplant doctor in Turkey and best hair transplant price in Istanbul, Turkey. If you are searching a good clinic and good doctor please contact us and we will give you our affordable hair transplant price in Turkey.

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