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How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

Did you know that most of man may suffer from hair loss? Also nearly half of woman have hais loss.

Hair loss can affect their self esteem, confidence and their beauty and handsomeness Hair loss not only affect your hair it will cause some other problems.

Istanbul Care Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey we do hair transplant for year. Our expert doctor and good team help you to regain your hair back/

What causes hair loss?

There is a lot of reason of hair loss, One of them is a disease or medical conditions. Second of is nutrition. Third and most important factor is genetic factors and aging. People nay notice their hair loss after 30s or 40s but some people may notice their hair loss before 30s.

Lifestyle factor also affect the hair loss. Hormone changes may trigger female hair loss. Also stress affect the hair loss.

Family genetic history is important too. If you have a hair loss history in your family you have high chance of hair loss. If you don’t you are lucky and your hair loss may start later.

How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

On the other hand hair loss is a big affect on self esteem. Depression, anxiety and other emotional problems may occur. In men hair loss affect depression and depression may affect strength and sexual problems.

If you have hair loss in early age it may cause bigger problems. These people looks older and it is also another reason of depression.

Is there a way to restore my hair?

Medical science is changing and every day we have new treatments. If you have hair loss you still have some solutions.

Hair transplant method is most proven hair loss treatment. Also there is other treatment but hair transplant is a proven and most successful hair loss treatment, Beside hair transplant there is some vitamins or blood therapy too. Also some medicine may help your hair loss for a limited time.

If you want to regain your self esteem regaining your hairs back is one of the good way. Istanbul Care Clinic is really successful clinic in Istanbul. We take more then 120 hair transplant patients in a month. Our experienced doctors and team may help you in hair transplant progress. We made a very natural hair transplant, nobody can understand you had a hair transplant before.

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