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How Many Graft Do I Need for Full Hair Coverage?

How Many Graft Do I Need for Full Hair Coverage?

You may want to learn about hair transplantation but you don’t know how graft you need for full coverage. You talked so many clinics and they give you different grafts numbers. Of course, you can contact us and our expert doctor may give you best graft number for you. Also, we give you all the information about hair grafts and hair transplant operation.

There is an important factor that affect number of grafts. First quality of your donor area is important. Luckily if your donor area is not enough to cover your bald area, we can use your body hairs. Understand your donor area is so important. Your hair transplant plan is designed with estimation graft number on your donor area. We can use your donor area hair for transplant and also, we can use your body hairs.

Hair Transplant: Grafts Are Important

A good hair transplant plan is one of the most important things in hair transplant. Your donor area graft must calculate the well and they have draw your operation plan. Also, your hair transplant doctor must evaluate your health and they must use your healthy hair for hair transplantation.

How Can I Calculate the Number of Grafts I Need for Full Coverage?

You can’t calculate your donor area hairs but you may have some suggestions for how much graft I need for hair transplantation.

What Are Hair Grafts?

Hair follicle has two part; follicle or hair root and hair shaft. Hair root is responsible for generation of hair. Hair shaft means hair-bearing piece of skin. It may have a single or group hair follicles (1 to 5.)

A collected graft then transplants to bald area. Graft is very important for hair transplant and your doctor may restore your appearance of your hair. If your doctor and your doctor’s team make some right decisions you will have a very natural hair. We use single grafts for hair line and multiple grafts for other sides on your head.

What Is the Ideal Density for a Hair Transplantation?

Average ideal density of hair is 120 – 140 hair per centimeter. This mean 60 or 70 hair graft in per centimeter. We call this natural hair density. If your have less than 40 in per square centimeter we can easily say your hair loss started and it can be seen by everyone.

We normally transplant 40 hair grafts in per square centimeter. Of course, this number depends on your hair situation. If you have more fuller hair we transplant less.

Which Factors Affect Density of Grafts?

Density of hair follicles is very important but we have to say number of density is not same for everyone. There are some factors that affect the density of hair follicles.

  • Genetics and Individual Characteristics:

Each person has unique characteristics in hair and skin. No one is the same and we are all different because our genetic factors, our nutrition’s or our hormone levels.

  • Hair Color:

Hair color may affect the density. For example blond or brown hair has the maximum density 1400.00. If you have black hair average number is 108.000. If you have red hair maximum density is 90.000.

  • Ethnicity:

Your ethnicity may affect the density. Your ethnic race is another factor that effect the density.

  • Age:

When we were young, we had higher density but while we are getting older we lose some of our hairs and density.

How Many Grafts per Square Centimeter Are Necessary for a Natural Hair Transplant?

Density of hair transplant is very important and it can change person to person. There are a lot of factor that affect the density; health of the donor area, donor hair quality, age, ethnicity, hair color and genetics. When hair transplant is planning your doctor must calculate them all.

Hair transplant operation have to aim 80 hair per square centimeter. To reach 80 follicle your donor area must be in a very good condition. If it not health enough density must be lower like 40. Luckily, we can use your body hair as a donor hair.

How Many Grafts Can Give Me a Full Cover?

Your baldness level is very important for hair transplant. To learn how much graft you need? You should look Norwood scale. You can see baldness levels and estimated graft number on our image. You can understand estimation of graft number you need and you can talk with hair transplant clinics.

How Many Grafts Can Be Extracted from the Donor Area?

Normally ideal graft number in one operation is 3000 – 3500. Thanks to new hair transplantation methods, we can reach 5000-6000 grafts in one day. Normally we use maximum graft method and this method can help us to cover the bald area. Harvest 8000 graft is possible we don’t want to do such big operation. It will affect the healing progress. We don’t want to waste your grafts.

Hair Transplant Procedure at Istanbul Care

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. If you are wondering how much graft you need for hair transplantation please send us your hair photos and our expert doctor will answer your question. We care about your hairline; your hair and hair density and we offer you the best hair transplant treatment for you. We offer you the best hair transplant price in Turkey and best hair transplant treatment in Turkey. We use DHI hair Transplant, FUE hair transplant and Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant which are best hair transplant methods in the World. If you have any question please contact us and our expert team will contact you shortly.


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