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How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size?

How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size?

When You Want Breast Implant Your Surgeon May Ask;

In order to prevent complications, a breast revision procedure and poor cosmetic results, your surgeon needs to consider the following factors when deciding on the size of your breast implant:

  • Your Body Anatomy

A surgeon must learn your breast anatomy to decide which breast implant is right for you. Also your body anatomy is an important factor in breast lift surgery.

  • Your Age

Your age is another factor when planning your breast lift surgery. If you are younger you have more elastic skin and your surgeon may choose breast implant size easily. If you are more old you may need breast lift and breast augmentation at same time.

  • Your Life Style

If you have an active life smaller implants are the right choice for you because bigger breast may limit your activities.

  • What you Want

Breast operations has one main aim; satisfy yourself and all procedure will done to satisfy you. What you want is very important and operation may be designed for what you want.

  • Your Health

Your health situation is another factor of when you can have the surgery. Also if you have silicone sensitivity, autoimmune disease, psychological problems or some other medical problems it may be a risks for the surgery.

How do you and your surgeon choose your Breast Implant Size?

Every patient is unique and every patient has different surgery, different sizes of implant. Also every patients desires is different, their expectations of different and your surgeon should use this information to choose which breast implants will best suits you.

Methods of Choosing Right Breast Implant

  • Wearing Different Breast Implant Sizers: You can wear different breast implant sizers and you can choose which one do you like more. It will be good for you to see your new implant before the surgery.
  • 3D Modelling: Technology is improved and now we can model your breast and we can simulate them on you. This modelling helps you to find the right breast implant for you.
  • Your expectation: Think what you want from the breast implant surgery. What is the ideal bra size? Your expectations are very important factor in surgery

Popular Breast Implant Sizes

Most of patients choose their breast implants between 100ml to 800 ml. Some patient choose bigger than 800mm. Most popular sizes is 300mm to 400mm. Don’t forget your implant size is limited with your body. Implant size about your expectation and your limitations. If you want bigger breast you may choose more than 800mm. 450mm is a big breast and if you want bigger breast you can choose bigger number.

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