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How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

You may want to get hair transplant surgery in Turkey but there is a lot place that say we are the best. What can you do? Which one you chose? We know they are all hard questions but don’t worry we will help you. We tell you everything in that article. After reading this article you know ways of how to find best hair transplant clinic for you.

  • What They Have to Offer?

Nowadays all clinics must offer you one of FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant or DHI hair transplant methods. FUT is an old method but nowadays some people may choose it.  Also they have to offer you a free consultation, free medicines, free transportation and free accommodation. You can ask clinic what is your hospital name?, What is your hotels name? etc.

  • Experience

You should ask your surgeon or clinic experience. How much patients do they have until nowadays? Also ask teams experience? Higher experience level is good for you. Also search for doctors and clinics reputation. Higher reputation is not always good search it very careful. Learn everything about their experience. If they say to you just we have very much experience ask them more questions. If they give you short answers don’t choose them.

  • Look Their Social Media and Reviews.

Clinic reputation is very important. Check the Trustpilot, Google and Facebook reviews. Learn what it’s old patient say about them. Don’t forget a good clinic has very good reviews.

Also checking social media is also good. You can see a lot of before and after hair transplant photos there. Also you can see clinic or hospitals photos there. You check the company website for before and after hair transplant photos. You can ask them for before and after photos.

There are so much clinic for hair transplant. You have to choose the clinic wisely. You should do the all the research to make a choice. They have to offer you a good quality hair transplant and great care. Search the truth always.

  • Book a few consultations

When you decide the candidates it’s time to get free consultation. Get a free consultation and learn their experience. How they create your hair transplant plan? What they offer to you? Ask them a guarantee certificate and compare all the information you get. Also compare the prices they want, it helps you to find a suitable clinic for you.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care is a hair transplant and aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We have had more than 30.000 successful hair transplant operation since we founded. This means we have more than 30.000 happy patients. We offer the best hair transplant price in Turkey and best results. Also we guarantee you %95 success rate (it’s more than IHRS’s standards.) If you are interested with hair transplant Turkey please contact us and we will arrange everything for you.



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