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How to Speed Your Recovery Time After Plastic Surgery?

How to Speed Your Recovery Time After Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is very popular in these days. People can easily change the shape of their body. If they don’t like their nose they can have rhinoplasty operation or they don’t like their breast size they can have breast enlargement surgery. Plastic surgery has a lot of different operation types and you can easily choose one of them or more than one.

As we say plastic surgery is very popular there is another question on people’s mind. What can we do after plastic surgery operation? Recovery time of plastic surgery is very important after plastic surgery operation. To shorten your plastic surgery recovery time your surgeon should give you some advices and you must obey them. We write that article to help you to shorten your recovery time.

  1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Aftercare Guidelines

After the plastic surgery most of the people search on Google or another search engine for aftercare guide. Websites don’t know you, don’t know your specific conditions and they don’t know your health situation. Most important thing is following your surgeon’s guidelines. Following up your surgeon’s guidelines help to speed up your healing period after plastic surgery. Also, your surgeon will give you specific medications only use them. Don’t trust what is written on Google searches. Your surgeon will tell you everything about healing period of plastic surgery. If you have any question ask your surgeon.

      2. Make Some Moves

After the plastic surgery you must need to rest but rest is not mean rest all the time. You must make small walks in your home or corridor. Walking help you to reduce swelling, it speed the recovery time and your body needs to move. If you stop, healing stops. After the surgery be careful about you can not do any heavy sport, running or swimming. You have to rest and do only small walkings.

While you will need to give your body plenty of time to rest and recover, that does not mean you will need to sit on the couch 24/7 after having plastic surgery. In fact, getting up and moving throughout the day – even if only for a walk around the house or a light walk outside – can help to promote healthy circulation, reduce swelling and speed up your plastic surgery recovery.

      3. Ask for help

After the plastic surgery it is very helpful to find helpful in your daily activities. In Istanbul Care, we offer our patients stay in Istanbul 5 to 7 days. First days you stay in hospital and professional team of your hospital help you. After the hospital you stay in the 5* hotel and hotels team will help you too. When you go to your home it is really helpful to find someone to help you. During your visit to Istanbul we arrange airport to hotel, hotel to hospital and all transfers for you.

In your recovery time don’t be shy to want some help. In this time little helps help your recovery faster. Don’t smoke in recovery time and don’t use any alcohol.

     4. Eat Healthy Food and Drink a lot of Water

Your surgeon must advice you what to eat. Also be careful about you eat health foods. Healthy food is very important for your recovery and it make it faster than normal. Also drinking water is also very important. Your body needs vitamins, minerals and water. Don’t eat any processed food and don’t drink any sugary drinks, sweet and salty foods.

     5. Talk With Your Surgeon Always

Your Surgeon told you about control meetings. Your surgeon will control you in you are in Istanbul, Turkey. Don’t forget to talk with your surgeon in control times. Also always keep an eye on yourself. Check if everything is okay or you have some problems. Tell your problems your surgeon and you can find a way to stop your problems.

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