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How to Take Care Your Breast After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

How to Take Care Your Boobs After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

After breast enlargement surgery you have to take care of yourself. You have an aesthetic you desired before and its time to keep it. First month is so important and we want to tell you what will you do after breast enlargement.

After the surgery it effects the healing period and you have to take care your breast very well. Also, after care is also may change the result.

Obey your surgeon’s advices first than be careful about list we write to protect your boobs.

What to Do to Protect Your Boobs?

  1. Following your surgeons after care plan is so important. Secondly you have taken care your breast. Also listen yourself and learn what your body tells you. Also check any changes on you.
  2. Use your painkillers at least for 6 weeks. Your surgeon should give you 6 weeks plan and if not ask them for it.
  3. Take care your activities. In recovery time you have to live slower than before. Heavy lifting or heavy sports is not available in 6 months.
  4. Rest at least for 10 days. If you not rest well your wounds can be opened and it affects the result.
  5. In 10 days want extra help for homework, personal hygiene etc. . If you do to much work you may feel pain.
  6. Don’t do chest exercises for 6 months.
  7. Protect from the sun or use sun cream.
  8. Don’t drive for 1 week. Your movements may be restricted and it affect your awareness.
  9. Choose your bra careful. For 6 weeks or first two months don’t wear any sport bra.
  10. After the breast enlargement or breast augmentation sleep on your back. This help you damage your surgery zone.

Don’t forget obeying your surgeon rules it is the first priority. Always obey them and try to obey them how much you can. After few days you get used to live with rules and your life will become easier. Don’t reject the rules and obey them its easier to live and its easier to get better results.

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