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Important Factors of Hair Transplantation

Important Factors of Hair Transplantation

Every patient chooses us want a fuller hair with natural looking. For a good result hair transplantation surgery stage is so important but healing period is also important. A har transplant patient should know the key factors of hair transplantation. We want to create a list of factors that affects the hair transplant. Hair transplant your doctor’s success rate is so important also you have to trust your doctor. Also you have to find a reputable hair transplant clinic.

As Istanbul Care we have more than 30.000 hair transplant patients and we all see their hair grow after hair transplant. We care our patient’s happiness, health and needs. All of our patients told us after 1 year of hair transplantation their hair grow back and nobody can understand they had hair transplant surgery before.

We see hair line is one of the most important things in hair transplant. Covering all bald area is another important thing in this reason we use max graft method in our operations. We also can use FUE technique, FUE sapphire technique and DHI technique for hair transplant. We use latest technology and techniques.

Hair transplant is the best and effective solution of baldness. Hair transplant is evaluating everyday and it has more natural and dense results now. Nowadays people choose Istanbul Care Clinic for hair transplant and all have amazing and very natural hair. Nobody can understand they had hair transplant surgery before.

Important Factors of Hair Transplant

  • Choosing a Good Hair Transplant Doctor: Hair transplant is a medical procedure and result depend on doctor’s experience. Doctor’s skill and experience has a vital role of hair transplant operations success. Doctor experience, hair transplant plan, doctor’s ability of adapting various causes, how many hair transplant operations your doctor have done is very important questions and you have find the all answers.
  • Choosing the Right Technique on Hair Transplantation: You know there is a lot of hair transplant techniques like FUE, Sapphire FUE, DHI or FUT. We know it may be confusing these methods but your doctor will help you to find the best hair transplant technique for you. Your doctor advises you hair transplant method due to your baldness level for example if you have big open area on your head Sapphire FUE may be good for you or if you have small open area or long hair DHI is better for you.
  • Understanding Your Hair Loss and Planning: First step of hair transplant journey is understanding the reason of your hair loss. After learning the hair loss reasons next step is planning your hair transplant. Your doctor will draw your hair transplant plan on your head after that he decide the graft number for each area. This stage is very important because if planning is good your hair will be more natural.
  • Balance of Hair Transplantation: Balance of your donor area hair and transplanted hair must be in a balance. If there is no balance there will be some bald spots in your donor area. This reason all stages of hair transplantation must be planned very well.
  • Graft Extraction on Hair Transplantation: When it comes to extraction it is very important too. Extracted grafts must be in good conditions and not harmed. This help us transplant healthy grafts and healthy grafts grow better. Also, in a bad extraction stage bald spots may be shown on your donor area and it is an unwanted situation. You have to choose your doctor well because experienced doctors has better success rate.
  • Channel Opening on Hair Transplantation: Channel opening is another important stage of hair transplant. In channel opening stage depth, angle, size, rarity are important factors. Hair transplant doctor must think every possible circumstance and must hair transplant plant with this informations.
  • Graft Placement on Hair Transplantation: Graft placement in hair transplantation is another important stage of hair transplant. Final hair transplant result depends on the graft placement. Your hair transplant team must obey the direction, angle and orientation of your natural hairs. This stage is very important for natural looking hair.
  • Diagnosis of Your Health: Before the hair transplant we do some blood tests to understand your medical history and your illness. Also, your medical health can decide you are a suitable candidate or not for hair transplant.
  • Post-operative Instructions of Hair Transplant: After the hair transplant your doctor give you post-op information’s. You have to obey the instructions for 1 year especially in 10 days you must obey them well. Post-op instructions are very important for recovery period and hair transplant result. You also stop smoking and drinking alcohol 1 week before and after the hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care Clinic is a well-known hair transplantation and aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We work only best hair transplant doctors and best hair transplant hospitals in Istanbul. We offer you all inclusive packages that includes all transfers, all medicine, surgery and what you want. Our package prices don’t change to how much graft used in the hair transplant operation. We off our patients the best hair transplant price in Turkey and we offer our patients natural hair. If you are interested please contact us and take advantage of our promotional price.

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