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Is DHI Hair Transplantation Good?

Is DHI Hair Transplantation Good?

Hair Transplant methods is changing and we will see new technics in years. DHI hair transplant is the newest method of hair transplant. DHI is a well know technique we also call it Direct Hair Implant. DHI hair transplant has very important advantages. You can have strong and healthy hair with DHI hair Transplant. You may wonder about DHI method? Is DHI really is a good hair transplant method. In this article we will tell you all things about DHI hair transplantation.

In the older times of hair transplantation we have only FUT, FUE and Sapphire FUE techniques. FUT is the first hair transplant method and it left big scar on your skin. FUE is the most preferred method of hair transplantation. Less bleeding, more easy and more successful with FUE method. DHI method is a part of FUE method.

Lets a Closer Look for DHI Hair Transplantation

Steps of DHI Hair Transplant

First stage; consultation.

Your doctor examines your hair and your doctor draws your hair transplant plan and decide your hair line. In this stage your doctor decides how much graft you need.

Second stage; Health examination is the second step and your doctor do a blood test.

Third step; collecting. Your doctor collect healthy graft from your donor area.

Fourth stage; Transplanting. In FUE method your doctor must open channels for transplantation but in DHI method opening channels and implantation done in the same time. Your doctor use choi pen in that stage. You don’t feel any pain because of local anesthesia. DHI gives you more dense hair then FUE. This is it’s one of the biggest advantage. Also it’s recovery time is less than FUE method.

What is the Difference Between DHI Hair Transplant and FUE Hair Transplant Techniques?

Main difference is DHI method don’t use channels but in FUE method your doctor must open channels. Because DHI hair transplant method hair transplant surgery takes less time. It’s very important advantage.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

  • DHI Hair Transplant has less recovery time.
  • Your collected grafts wait less time on outside of your skin. This guarantee more healthy hairs will transplant.
  • There will be no scabs.
  • More quick hair grow.
  • More dense hair after the operation.

In Fue Hair Transplant your doctor must open channels. There are two main methods on channel opening. First method is steel blade and second one is the sapphire blade. Sapphire blade gives more beautiful results. In DHI method your doctor uses special choi pen. There is no need to open channels. Also, your doctor has control of angle, depth and density on your transplanting hair. This give you more natural hairs.

Who Can Do DHI Hair Transplant?

Man and woman can have DHI hair transplant. After 18 age anyone can get DHI hair transplant if he or she have enough hair follicles in their donor area. In the consultation stage your doctor says you how much graft can he collect and transplant. If you have enough hair in your donor area you can easily have DHI hair transplantation. Then you will have amazing and so natural result.

DHI hair transplant is the latest method of hair transplantation and many people choose DHI method for hair transplant. It’s popularity is growing everyday and more people choose it. DHI method help patients more dense and more natural hair. With the help of DHI hair transplant, hair transplantation is more easy and more successful.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Istanbul Care Clinic is specialized with DHI and FUE method and more than 30.000 patients get hairs back with our help. We offer our patients best DHI hair transplant Turkey price and best service. Contact us now. Regain your hairs back and become a part of our big happy family.

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