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Most Chosen Facelift Surgery Methods

Facelift Techniques

Aging is a very common problem for older people. They want to regain their youth luckily these days there is facelift operations. If you chose your surgeon well you can have a more youthful appearance. If you have following problems; sagging, loose skin, wrinkles facelift is an amazing surgery for you. We know you are afraid of looking the mirror.

Istanbul Care Clinic helped a lot of man and woman for their younger appearance. We are offering our patients a lot of plastic surgery operation. Facelift, mini facelift, nonsurgical facelift, surgical facelift and other treatments you may need. Let’s look a closer look to facelift.

Why You Should Know About Facelift Surgery?

1) Repairing that sagging skin

You can get a lot of benefit from facelift surgery and one of them repairing the sagging skin. Facelift tight you skin. Facelift also removes sagging jowls, dreaded appearance of wrinkles can be removed. Aging affects is very problem. When you are older you look tired and your body seems older than you feel. Both man and woman can get facelift surgery and they both seems younger.

2) Is Facelift Right for me?

When people are over 40s, they start to search for a younger look. After they try some pills, oils, masks they find lift. Any patients who are healthy enough can get facelift surgery. Please tell your health condition to your surgeon and your surgeon decide you are available patient for Facelift. We advise you after 50s you can get facelift operation. After 50s you will have amazing result of facelift. Don’t forget facelift is the best solution of aging. Do you want a 10 years younger look or more? It is possible with facelift.

3) Facelift facts

Facelift (rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgery that removes the signs of aging on face and neck. Facelift surgery we remove a skin layer from your face. Then we will remove the sagging skin or aging affects. Facelift surgery has a lot of improvements nowadays. Istanbul Care Clinic always use latest methods and latest technology in it’s operations. With the help of Facelift surgery, you can get a natural and desired result.

4) Facelift Operation Types

Nowadays we have more than 1 facelift surgery types. With the help of this, we have the opportunity to choose the surgery according to the needs of each patient. We will tell you each operation types and you will have more information about facelift surgery.

  • Mini Facelift: If your age is between 40s and 50s mini facelift is very good option for you. Because of early operation your aging signs is not that bad. In this way we use small incisions in small area. You can get an amazing result with mini facelift.

  • Lower facelift: Lower facelift is another facelift operation type. Lower Facelift is used in the lowe facial area. Your jawline, neck or under your chin is the targeted areas of lower facelift.

  • Mid-face lift: Mid-face lift is another facelift operation method. Facelift operation is done middle portion of your face. After 40s you may notice sagging skin or wrinkles on your face. Operation is done with small incisions. You get amazing results with mid-facelift surgery.

  • Full facelift: Full facelift is one of the most preferred method of facelift operations. After 50s or 60s you have more aging affect on your face and for a younger look you may need full facelift operations. Full facelift is aims to your whole face – starts with your hair lie. Full facelift has an amazing results also it has very high success rate. You can combine some other operation with full facelift like eyelid lift and neck lift. Combined operations is very beneficial for patients because it earns you money and time.

Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant and aesthetic clinic in Turkey. We offer our patients a lot of hair transplant and plastic surgery options. Facelift is one of our most chosen operation and we have very successful facelift surgeons in Turkey and very experienced teams. Also, we offer our patients best facelift price in Turkey and we offer our patients best facelift services and best results. We always promise our patients best facelift results.

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