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Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth you know how uncomfortable feeling it is. You try to solve that problem and you may try some dental treatment. We will tell you about dental implants.

Dental implant is made for titanium and it is very strong. Titanium screw is drilled in jawbone and you new teeth inserted on it. Also we can make bridges or all in for or all in 6. It’s belonged to your case. Dental implants is the most secure and most truthful method for replacing the missing teeth.

Let’s learn more about dental implants.

  • Dental Implant’s Appearance

Single missing tooth can be a big problem. It may cause emotional stress for example. We know confidence in a direct relation with appearance. If you have one missing tooth you lose your beautiful smile and you hide your smile to other people.

Also missing teeth can be the reason of depression also it affects your personal and business life. Dental implant can boost patient’s morale and confidence. No one can understand you have dental implant. It seems like your normal tooth.

  • Dental Implant Effects Oral Health

When you have missing tooth your dental structure health is disturbed. Position of your other teeth may change and this affect your oral health. This affect patient’s chewing ability. In long time period bone loss may occur.

When you have a missing teeth you can understand the importance of your teeth when a particularly hard piece of food comes in-between the exposed root of the missing molar and an existing one. Dental implants can help you to overcome that problem.

Dental implant is the best way to replace your missing teeth. When you get a dental implant, it will change your life dramatically. When you want to have dental implant you should be careful about dentist, implant brand. If choose all of them carefully success rate of implant is more than %95.

Istanbul Care works with best dentist in Istanbul, Turkey. We also give you best dental implant cost in Istanbul, Turkey and we offer you best service. If you want to regain your smile please contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

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