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Tips for Hair Care After Transplant

After your hair transplant there is a care routine. This care routine is very important to have healthy hair. In 10th days all the scalps must be fall. Some of people may afraid of this routine and they don’t decide for hair transplant. You don’t have to afraid everything very easy and you can do it very easy way. In this article we will tell you ways care routine after hair transplant.

Tips for Hair Care After Transplant

  • Keep your scalp clean: After your hair transplant your doctor must give you shampoo and lotion. Use them in the way your doctor told you. Your doctor should give you a daily plan for cleaning your hair. Use shampoo and lotion in every day. Don’t forget shampoo and lotion are need to make your scalps fall.
  • Gentle hand washing – Use your hair transplant doctors instructions one day or days after hair wash in the clinic you must start hair wash in your home. Reduce the water pressure, use water not too hot or too cold. First use the lotion and wash your hairs then use the shampoo and wash again. Don’t do any hard movements on your hair just use just tapping and after 4th day small massages. After you start massaging everyday you have to improve massaging power.
  • Take care sleeping position: First don’t sleep on your face. It may hurt your newly transplanted hairs. Best sleeping position is semi-upright position. Use extra pillow to make angle 45 degrees.
  • Limit Physical activity: Limit your physical activities for 10 days. It’s the healing time and you have to be very careful. Sweating or crushing your head to somewhere is dangerous.
  • Don’t Swim: You have to not swim for 10 days. Pool, lake, sea, ocean or river is banned for 10 days. After 10 days you can swim freely.

You have to be very careful after your hair transplant. For 10 days you should make extra attention to your sleeping position, your hair wash, hair massage with lotion, physical activities. After 10 days you can start your normal days. In 10th day all scalps must be fall. If don’t wash your hair harder your hair will not fall anymore.

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