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Top Reasons for Hair Loss

Top Reasons for Hair Loss

Most of the world population has hair loss. Researches shows us more than %70 of the world population has hair loss. When they have hair loss, they start to find a solution and they use some drugs, lotions or medicines. If you have a hair loss you have to find why you are losing hair.

We prepared a hair loss reasons list and this list will help you to understand your hair loss reasons and it will help you to find a cure. Let’s start reading our article.

  1. Genetics Reasons of Hair Loss

Main hair loss reason is genetics. Hair follicles have a sensitivity to DHT (hormone dihydrotestosterone) and this hormone cause hair loss. This type of hair loss called male or female pattern baldness or we call it alopecia. Genetic hair loss is permanent and there is only one solution of it; Hair transplant. In hair transplant we use your donor hair and they will not fall anymore. Hair transplant is only permanent solution of genetic hair loss.

  1. Stress Related Reasons of Hair Loss

If you are in stress you may notice you have hair loss. When you stressful time is finished your hair will grow again. You have to change your lifestyle; you have to get away from stress source. If stress course is job you should left that job. We know it is hard.

  1. Medical Reasons of Hair Loss

We know some medicines help hair loss like cancer medicines, chemotherapy. Mostly your hair will grow again when you stop using that drugs. In every case you have to go to an expert to understand your situation.

  1. Chemical Products Related with Hair Loss

Using chemicals may damage your hair. In most case this damage can be reversable but in some case there is very big damage and in this situation hair transplant is the only cure. We advise stop using chemical solutions, hair dyes and bleaches. You can keep your hair safe if you stop using chemicals.

  1. Hormonal Related with Hair Loss

We know hormones have an important effect on hair. If there is some changes in your hormones you may have a negative effect and hair loss. You should go to a doctor to measure your hormones and hormonal balance. If your hormones go to normal your hair will grow again.

  1. Hair Styling Related with Hair Loss

If you give too much time to hair styling it may harm your hair. Blow-drying, using hair dryer too hot may hurt your hair. This hair loss is not permanent.

  1. Diet Related with Hair Loss

Your hair needs a healthy diet. Your hair needs vitamin A and B, proteins, iron. You have to have a healthy diet, full of nutrition.

  1. Steroid Related with Hair Loss

Yes, too much steroids may cause hair loss. Steroid can cause to increase DHT level and high DTH level cause hair loss. For this reason, all body builders are bald.

  1. Autoimmune Diseases Related with Hair Loss

If you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system may attack your hair follicles and this cause hair loss. You have to go to a doctor and solve autoimmune problem or will lose a lot of hair.

Best Hair Loss Treatment is Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is well known cure of hair loss. Nowadays hair transplant is very popular with experienced doctors, teams and great hospitals. Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We aim to help people and make them happy. For that aim we offer them best hair transplant price in Turkey and best hair transplant service. More than %95 of our patients are happy with their new hairs. Why don’t you join our big and happy family? Write us on WhatsApp or form on our website we will contact you shortly and take advantage of the free consolidation opportunity.



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