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Tummy Tuck Recovery Period

Tummy Tuck Recovery Period

Nowadays plastic surgery is very popular and Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is one of them. When you have to have a Tummy Tuck surgery firstly you have to choose your surgeon well. Secondly, you have to choose your hospital well. Pay attention to learn your doctor experience, how many tummy tuck operations your surgeon done before, and you should ask for tummy tuck’s before and after photos. We all know tummy tuck procedure is important but recovery is important. Tummy Tuck procedure and healing period or post-care instruction is very important to have good and natural results. We will tell you post-operative instructions of tummy tuck.


When you wake up from anaesthesia your incision will be bandaged and dressed, your core is secured with a compression garment. Which Tummy tuck method you choose there will be small drainage tubes. After the tummy tuck surgery, you only have to rest.


First 3 days after tummy tuck surgery you may feel uncomfortable. You may have very little mobility and you need assistance. In first days, you will be in the hospital and our experienced nurses will help you anytime you want. In 72 hours, every day may be hard for you and you need someone to help you. You may see nearly everything is hard for you. You may have some restrictions on how much you can lift and your surgeon gave you instruction. Please obey the instructions, don’t try to be a hero.

You may feel pain, tenderness and bruising for two weeks. Your plastic surgeon must have to give you pain killer, antibiotics and some other medicines. Always follow up instructions of your pills. Also, you have a abdominal compression garment. Abdominal garment can help you reduce swelling and relieve some discomfort. Drains normally removed after 1-2 weeks. Don’t miss any follow up appointment.

Many activities are banned for first week after the tummy tuck surgery like driving, exercise, work, lifting small children, smoking and drinking alcohol.


  • You have to rest in first days but don’t be in the bed always. We suggest you to walk small and slowly.
  • Stay on your waist.
  • Hava a low sodium diet
  • Drink much water
  • Use foods high in fibre to prevent discomfort in your abdominal area.
  • Wear compression garments as possible
  • Don’t take a shower in 3 days.


After 7 to 10 days there is your second appointment. Your surgeon may remove your bandages. Also, your surgeon may advise you how long you have wear compression garment. After the week you can understand the changes on your body

After 2 weeks you can return your work. You can do some little walks after 3 to 4 week you can return your daily activities. You can move more but you have to be careful for 2 weeks. In two weeks just and do some little walking. Swelling may continue to 2 weeks after the surgery. Don’t forget to tell any problem to your plastic surgeon.


  • Return your regular diet and don’t wat so much sodium
  • Making small massage on your incision sites is very helpful
  • Although you can return to your regular diet, continue to limit your sodium intake and increase your water intake.
  • Wear your compression garment.
  • You can make small walk in a few times in a day.


Between 1 to 3 month you may have little swelling. Your degree of swelling may increase by your activities. After 6 month all swelling may gone. Also, you may feel residual numbness, pulling sensation and bruising in your abdominal area. Your incision is healed in that time period. All color changes will be fine in that timeline. After 1 to 2 months you can turn back your daily activities. You still have to be careful about your activities.


  • Healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Don’t do any heavy exercises and don’t work on your abdominal muscle.
  • Keep your ideal weight.


After 1 year you will be fully healed and you can do whatever you want to do. Also, you can see your final results. You can turn back your normal life. You have an amazing body now and it seems no natural.


  • Continue to your healthy diet
  • Keep your ideal weight
  • Now you can buy new clothes freely.
  • You can go to gym or heavy sports
  • You have an amazing body and it seems no natural.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

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