DHI Transplant in Turkey

What is DHI Transplant in Turkey?

DHI is a Hair Transplant method, same as FUE and FUE Sapphire and it is used to implant the extracted follicles to the recipient area through a Choi Pen. İt is generally referred to as the technique which does not require a full shave (only partial areas on the donor side are necessary to be shaved).

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    Stages of the DHI Transplant:


    Each patient characteristics are examined by the trichologist during the consultation by determining the cause of hair loss, type of hair loss, the likelihood of hair loss progression over future years, hair type (thick or thin), the patient’s expectation, age, gender, and medical history.

    During the consultation, the hairline is drawn based on the natural hairline and patient wishes, and the recipient parts are determined with how many grafts are needed at each area and how many grafts can be collected from the donor site.

    Extraction of the Grafts

    The same as on a FUE hair transplant transplant in a  DHI treatment we start with the extraction of the grafts first. The extraction is performed on the donor area with a micro motor device and the grafts are collected and prepared from implantation.


    1. The doctor or specialist technician puts the harvested hair grafts into the Choi pen implanter.
    2. The hair is gently inserted into the empty needle, which is positioned at the end of the implanting pen, then returned to the specialist.
    3. Next, the needle is inserted carefully at an angle of 40-45 degrees to the scalp by the doctor. The graft is implanted by pressing the pen plunger.
    4. During the procedure, a number of 2 – 6 Choi pen implanters and some 15 – 16 needles are normally used simultaneously. They move between the doctor and assistants.

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    Advantages of the DHI method

    The best advantages of DHI hair transplant are:

    • Grafts stay outside the body for less time, thus ensuring stronger and healthier graft transplant.
    • Hair follicles have the best survival rates.
    • There is less bleeding during the implantation stage, compared to normal FUE.
    • Less trauma during the procedure. Due to this the blood supply to the implanted area is less affected, hence improving the quality of the transplant.
    • After the operation the recovery is faster on both areas, donor and recipient.
    • There is no need to shave the implant area. Due to this, if you don’t want to change your look and keep the hair long DHI is a more convenient procedure. However, the donor area should be shaved, and this is done in place, before transplanting the follicular units.

    Disadvantages of DHI technique

    If we compare it to FUE technique, DHI has a slight disadvantage. As it requires careful attention and accuracy during the procedure it costs a little more. The doctor and staff members have had long-term training in order to expertise on the DHI technique, and thus the costs are more than an FUE transplant. Yet, compared to other countries, DHI hair transplants in Turkey are still affordable when it comes to price and provide among highest quality worldwide.
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