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What is Hollywood Smile?

What is Hollywood Smile?

Nowadays most of the world population want a beautiful smile. Hollywood Smile is the most chosen smile design method in dentistry. It is also called celebrity smile. In this article we will tell you everything about Hollywood smile.

What Dental Operations is Hollywood Smile Includes?

Hollywood smile is a combination of dental operation. A Hollywood smile operation may include following dental operations;
• Teeth Whitening
• Dental Restoration
• Laminate Veneers
• Orthodontic Treatments
• Dental Implants

Hollywood smile may change about your oral health. Operation types and number is depends you and your oral health. If you have a right bite you may not need orthodontic treatment. If you don’t have missing teeth, you may not need dental implants.
Let’s learn the methods of Hollywood smile.

1) Dental Restoration

If your current teeth have following problems you need dental restoration like; destructed dental tissue, crack teeth, cavities in your teeth, aesthetic problems. Dental restoration is the most accessible method of Hollywood smile. If you don’t have any other dental problems you are very lucky and you get very fast result and very beautiful smile.

2) Orthodontic Treatment

If you want to have a Hollywood smile you need to have teeth in correct position. If you have crooked teeth you have to solve that problem. Luckily orthodontic treatment is very popular and well developed now. First aim of orthodontic treatment is correct the position of your teeth and second aim is correct your bite.
Your orthodontic may choose following method; braces and Invisalign braces. Your dentist choose method by your dental health and your current situation. Braces can give more definite solution and Invisalign braces for the patients who doesn’t want to show their braces.

3) Dental Veneers

If your teeth have problems with sizing and your teeth has coloring problems Dental Veneers may be a very good option for you. Dental veneers help you have straight teeth and it solve the coloring problem. Dental veneers attack the to the front of your teeth and size, shape and color problem is hidden. It very easy and affective solution.

4)Dental Implants

Losing a teeth is a very serious problem in your daily life. It is also very big problem when you want Hollywood smile. First you have to have a new teeth. You can have a new teeth with dental implants. A new teeth is very important because when you have missing teeth or teeth you may have a tight bone. Dental implant increase your chewing function and it serve its holder for a lifetime. Also dental implant increases the beauty of your smile. After you solve the missing teeth problem you can have Hollywood smile.

5) Dental Crowns

If you have heavily damaged teeth that is not lost you can you dental crowns. Dental crown may be more experienced than other treatments but with dental crowns you can have a beautiful smile. Dental crown can solve the shape of your teeth, color of your teeth easily.

After Hollywood Smile

When you want to have a Hollywood smile you need a special care. You have to follow main rules of hygiene and brush at least two times in a day. Also you have to change your tooth brush in maximum 3 months. Also we recommend stop smoking, reduce amount of sweets. Also you can eat more food that includes calcium and other vitamins. After the Hollywood Smile you can turn back your life easily.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey
As Istanbul Care we only work with best dentists and best dentistry in Turkey. We aim to rise your life quality and we want you to have a beautiful smile. For this aim we give out patients best Hollywood smile price in Turkey and best service. If you are interested with Hollywood Smile please contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

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