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What is Hollywood Smile?

What is Hollywood Smile?

People on the world wants better smiles. They want a shiny smile and Hollywood smile can give patients their desired smile. Most people choose Hollywood Smile because it can change teeth appearance dramatically. Turkey is very famous about dentisry operation. When a patient come to Turkey, they can do hair transplant or aesthetic operation and they add hollywood smile on their operation list.

If you are not satisfied with your smile, if your teeth has lost their color, if you dont like the apprearance of your teeth, if you have broken teeths hollywood smile can solve your problem in very short time. You can re gain your amazing smile easily. There is amazing hospitals and dentists can do amazing jobs. Istanbul Care is only works with best dentists.

What is Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile is a part of cosmetic dentisry. You can have a more interesting, charming, clean and healthy smile with it. In hollywood smile more than cosmetic dentistry operation is done also more than aesthetic dentistry techique used. Hollywood smile is very popular and that total dental operation start to called Hollywood Smile.

Why do we need cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Cosmetic industry is very popular nowadays. People come for us to have beautier smiles.Most of the nutrietns damage your teeth. Cigarette, too mush coffee or tea usage can change the color of your teeth. Also sometimes your teeth structure can be change. Hollywood smile can correct all these mistakes. Also holloywood smile can heal your oral health. Most of our patient are not happy with their teeth and after the hollywood smile they have a better life.

What are the factors that determine dental aesthetics?

In hollywood smile we use many methods and we aim to give you a wonderful smile. In operation we have to think some factors like your teeth sizes, there should be no gaps between the teeth, we should arange gingicas symmetrical and we have to think your oral health. We have to think all factors that affect your smile.

How to apply hollywood smile?

Two main material used in hollywood smile operation one of them is porcelain laminate and other is composite laminate. Patients can choose which material used.

Progress of Hollywood Smile

  • Patient choose the material
  • Structure of tooth and jaw is determined and measurament taken.
  • Ideal tooth is modelled on computer
  • First morel is prepared
  • After you saw and accept the model in one session procedure is complated.

Is Hollywood smile a personal procedure?

Hollywood smile is a personal procedure. It designed for person specially. Your veneers is designed only for you, for your face, your smile, your face ratio, your lip color etc. When we do hollywood smile we have think all of them and this made operation is special for one person.

What problems does Hollywood smile solve?

Hollywood smile operation can solve a lot of some oral health problems. Here are a list of this oral health problems.

  • Deformated teeth

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Shape and structure disorder

  • Tooth color problems

  • Broken or cracked teeth

  • Oral health problems

  • Missing teeth

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Istanbul Care is a hair transplant and aesthetic clinic and we provide a lot of aesthetic operation for you. We care dental treatments because we want change our patients lifes. We only work with best doctors and we offer you best hollywood smile operation in Istanbul, Turkey. Also we offer our patients very affordable Hollywood smile prices in Istanbul, Turkey. If you want to learn our Hollywood smile price in Istanbul, Turkey please contact us our team will contact you shortly.

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