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What is Solution of Thin Eyebrow?

What is Solution of Thin Eyebrow?

Eyebrow Transplantation

Bot men and women can have an eyebrow thinning problem. Eyebrow thinning can affect their self-conscious. Most of them start to search a solution for this problem. Also an accident, a surgery or burns can create an empty space in eyebrow. Health sector is growing so fast and we have an amazing solution for eyebrow loss. It’s eyebrow transplantation.

Eyebrow transplant is nearly similar to hair transplantation. Hair taken from the donor area (back of your head) and it transplanted to eyebrow. Procedure is the same and it’s very easy. When you go to a hair transplant clinic or hair transplant doctor for eyebrow transplant firstly, they want to learn your medical history to understand reasons of your eyebrow lose.

How Does Eyebrow Transplant Work?

Most important factor in eyebrow transplant is the planning your eyebrow design. You will tell your doctor your desires and he create the best eyebrow design for you.

We take eyebrow hair from the hair regions will be similar to eyebrow like body, arms, legs. You don’t feel any pain during the procedure because your doctor use local anaesthetic. Eyebrow hairs will be taken with a machine that named punch machine. Punch machine opens a millimetric holes and collected hair transferred the eyebrow.

Eyebrow transplant would take 2 to 3 hours but time is belonging to how much follicle used in the operation. If you need more hair operation may take more than 3 hour.

Recovery period for eyebrow transplant is fast. After 2 week all side effects of transplant will gone. After 4 to 6 months you will see final result. We don’t advise to pick your eyebrow for 5 days after the operation. First 3 weeks don’t do any heavy sports only walking. If you have bleeding or swelling that continue after 10 days please contact your surgeon as soon as possible. After eyebrow transplant you have to trim weekly because they will grow to their original size. You can use eyebrow scissor for it.

Eyebrow transplant has very rare side effects. It is very trustworthy operation.

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is a great country foe aesthetic operation. We have great doctors and great hospitals. We are very experienced in all aesthetic operations like hair transplant, eyebrow transplant etc. Istanbul Care Clinic is a aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and we offer great service, affordable eyebrow transplant cost in Istanbul, Turkey. If you are interested in eyebrow transplant please contact us to learn our special price.

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