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What You Have to Know About BBL?

What You Have to Know About BBL?

There is a lot of information about Brazilian Butt Lift on the internet. If you are interested with BBL operation you may be confused. Before talking with surgeon or planning your BBL operation in Turkey you should read our article. We will tell you all the information of Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian butt lift is an aesthetic operation which must be done with a skilled surgeon. Istanbul Care is only work with best doctors in aesthetic operations. Let’s read our BBL guide this article will give you all the information you want.

  • What do I need to know about the BBL before I book a consultation with my surgeon?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a aesthetic surgery which include removing fat from your body and re-injecting collected fat to your buttocks. This surgery aims to change your buttock shape and give your buttock a more sculpted, enhanced, curvaceous and more beautiful shape.

BBL surgery needs extra fat in your body. If there is not much fat in your body we can implant silicone to your buttock. In this article, we will investigate fat transfer.

Before the surgery we advice our patients don’t lose weight so much because if you lose so much weight there will be no fat cells to transfer. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 – 25. This rates can guarantee a safe operation and minimize surgical risks.

  • What can I expect from my BBL consultation?

When you speak with a surgeon or clinic you should know what you want. Also, you should have realistic expectations about the BBL surgery. You should know information about the surgery. Also you should talk with your BBL surgeon in Turkey and ask before and after pictures. Your surgeon must ask about your medical history and surgeon have to understand you are a good candidate for BBL surgery.

Talking with your clinic and surgeon help you to have more realistic expectation. In this time you can ask all the questions you have. If you trust your surgeon you can go the surgery if it is not you have to find another option. Whenever you have question please contact us our expert surgeons will help you.

  • What happens after I’ve booked my BBL surgery?

You find your surgery and the time come. Do you know what happens after BBL surgery. Your surgeon must have to tell you all information but you may be curious. In our clinic we are always ready to help our patients. If you have a question please ask it.

You stay in the hospital for few days and you should stay at the hotel for few days too. When you are ready you can go to your home. We will never let you go before you are ready.

When you go home it is nice to have a caregiver. Also in your health trip to Turkey it’s good to have a caregiver. We give you all the pre-op and post-op information you need. After the surgery, you have to rest for 1 week. The resting period is so important if you move so much it affects healing period badly and the result will be affected badly.

  • The Day of Your BBL Surgery

When your surgery time is come our car will be there to take you from your hotel and he will led you to hospital. You will meet your surgeon there and you will meet your nurses. After the consultation your you talk with your surgeon about the operation. Your surgeon creates the operation plan when you approve the surgery your operation will start.

Your doctor will give you some pre op medicines to make you relax. Your surgeon gives you some anesthesia to sleep you for some hour.

After the operation you wake up and you feel groggy in that time. Because of the medicines you don’t feel any pain. Your surgeon follows your situation and when you are ready they will take you to hospital room.

What to Expect While Recovering from Your BBL

Day after the operation of BBL you will talk your surgeon again. Your surgeon will check you and your surgeon wants to be sure everything is okey. After your surgeon allow you will go to your hotel again. This is the time for relax. Also your surgeon gives you post-operative information that you must obey in your recovery time.

You have to be in Istanbul for 1 week. If you want you can stay more in Istanbul but 1 week is enough for you. After 1 week you can turn back to your home. Talk with your surgeons when you have questions and when you feel is there a problem. For two weeks sitting on your bum and sleep on your back is banned.

After the BBL surgery in Turkey you may have swelling and bruising for couple of week. Your bom may be bigger than final result. You have to wait at least 4-6 month to see final result.

After the surgery %50 of injected fat will be re-absorbed by your body. This is totally normal and don’t worry about it. You have to wait 4 or 6 week to see the final result.

After the weeks of the surgery you can sit on your bum but don’t sit for a long time. After 6 weeks you can turn back your daily life slowly. You can slowly turn back physical exercise again.

After the surgery you should talk with your surgeon. Tell your BBL surgeon every improvement and ask your surgeons opinion. Istanbul Care is always with you after operation in every step we are there for help.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Istanbul Care is an aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and we offer our patients a lot of plastic surgery options. We work with the best BBL surgeon in Turkey and we work with best hospitals in Turkey. If you are interested Brazilian Butt Lift please contact us anytime you want. We will give you the best Brazilian Butt Lift price in Turkey. If you are interested contact us now and take advantages of our promotional price.


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