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What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery?

What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In every culture of the world there is different beauty standards. Everyone is so beautiful and unique but some person may have problems with their face or body. And they want to change their shape of their face or body. Plastic Surgery is here for make these changes. Nowadays plastic surgery is very popular and a lot of people come Turkey for plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. People want to change their noses shape, structure, size and appearance. We write this article for you “What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty?” If you are thinking about rhinoplasty you should read this article.

1 – Rhinoplasty is a very difficult plastic surgery

Nowadays there is a lot of plastic surgery options for you. Thanks to technology, experienced surgeons we can do a lot of successful plastic surgery operation. In that time, we have to say rhinoplasty is very hard operation. You have to choose your plastic surgeon well. Read comment about your doctor, look before and after photos. Also ask how many rhinoplasty operations your surgeon do?

2 – You have to keep natural looking

You can change your facial posture with rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty can give you amazing results with natural looking but you have to be realistic before the operation. Don’t have too much and unrealistic expectation. Rhinoplasty results are related to your facial features and your face, your nasal structure. Rhinoplasty can give you an amazing nose that suit your face well.

3 – Rhinoplasty is a personal operation.

You may see a celebrity nose and you may want that nose. If you ask your surgeon “I want that nose” he will probably say no to you because every person face is special and unique. Celebrities nose may be so beautiful but it may not fit on your face. You have to choose your new nose with your doctor. Your surgeon will offer you the best nose shape that fit your face best. Don’t forget you have a special face and your rhinoplasty is unique too.

4 – Rhinoplasty can give you natural results.

Rhinoplasty give you very natural results. If rhinoplasty result is not natural that means operation is false. Rhinoplasty results must be so natural and it must keep the balance of your face.

5 – Your Rhinoplasty results depends on a lot of factors

Even if you choose the best surgeon it is not enough for the result to be good. Rhinoplasty result is related with your nasal structure, condition of your skin, facial tissues, healing ability of your body. Also, your face structure is so important. A good rhinoplasty surgeon must have to think all of this. Your surgeon must have to learn everything about you. Your surgeon must have to care all of this information to reach amazing result.

6 – The younger you get rhinoplasty, the better.

When you are younger you are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty. Your overall health is in better condition, your skin is better condition and you have strong cartilage. If you are in 20s it is an ideal age range for rhinoplasty. If you do rhinoplasty surgery early, you will heal sooner. Of course, you can have rhinoplasty in every age. Younger candidates of rhinoplasty have a little advantage of healing.

7 – Great bone structure is a big bonus in Rhinoplasty surgery.

Skeletal structure and support play a crucial role in successful Rhinoplasty outcomes. Removing large amounts of cartilage to reshape a nose can compromise and weaken the skeletal support of the nose and even cause deformity. Your plastic surgeon will strive to preserve as much of the nasal skeleton as possible to ensure the longevity of aesthetic results and the function of your nose. This is achieved by reshaping, repositioning, repurposing, and reinforcing as much of the tip cartilage as they can-not removing it.

8 – Swelling after Rhinoplasty can last longer than other surgeries.

After rhinoplasty surgery you may have longer swelling affect than other plastic surgeries. After rhinoplasty surgery you have to wait several months to see final results. After the surgery you may not like your nose but don’t forget this is normal situation and all blue, black and red colour will go. You have to wait a bit more than other plastic surgeries but you will be surprised when you see the final result.

9 – Revision surgery is more common than you think (but not for the reasons you may think).

After rhinoplasty surgeries you may need a revision surgery. Revision surgery does not mean your first operation is not successful. Some there may be little problems and that is no normal. With little touches minor imperfection will gone you will have a more natural and beautiful nose. If you choose unskilful and non reputable surgeon, not accredited hospital etc, you may need a revision surgery.

10 – Rhinoplasty surgery has come a long way.

Today rhinoplasty surgery is very improved. Thanks to new technologies, experienced doctors and amazing hospitals you can have a wonderful rhinoplasty surgery. At Istanbul Care we only work with best doctors and best hospital in Istanbul Turkey. We use 3-D Imaging system to predict your result. When you contact us send us your photos and our doctor will send show you your noses 3-D model.

If you are interested with rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Turkey please contact us. Istanbul Care is one of the best plastic surgery and hair transplant clinic in Turkey. We work with best plastic surgeons in Turkey, Best hospitals in Turkey and best hotels in Turkey. Also we aim to offer our patients reachable plastic surgery operations. For that aim we offer best rhinoplasty (nose job) prices in Turkey. If you are interested with this amazing health journey please contact us.

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