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Which One is Better? Zirconium Teeth or E-max

What E.MAX and Zirconia Crowns Are?

There is a lot of method of having a beautiful smile. Zirconia crowns and E-max crowns are one of these methods. Zirconia and E-man crowns are one of the best methods. Both of these methods provide excellent aesthetic, best quality and strength. Bot of these methods imitate your natural tooth and gives them very good seems. Both of these methods guarantee you a wonderful Turkey. Istanbul Care can do all dental operation include Zirconium or E-max.

What are Zirconium crowns?

Zirconium is made of Zirconium Dioxide. Zirconium dioxide is very strong and abrasion-free. Zit is resistant to crack. A zirconium is very similar your natural tooth and it has a better seems. Zirconium tooth is biocompatible and it will be same as your natural tooth.

Zirconium crowns are suitable for all regions of your teeth. Ceramic crown is covered with zirconium. It is the same as your natural teeth. It also guarantees a very beautiful smile.

What are E.MAX crowns?

Emax crowns are made of Lithium Disilicate glass and it gives you the most natural looking. If you want the best natural dent you should choose e-max crowns. It seems like your natural teeth and nobody can understand the difference. Your natural teeth are thinning up to 1.5 mm and your natural tooth does not harm.

You can get zirconium crowns and e-max crowns in 2 session and each session last nearly 45 minutes.

When you contact us, our dentist tell you which method is suitable for you. In your health travel our professional team will company you and ask your every questions.

What is the difference between E.MAX and zirconia crowns?

Zirconia and E-max crowns have a lot of similarities. Both of them can be used for broken or damaged teeth, decayed teeth, missing teeth, discolored teeth or crocked teeth. Each method is used to replace your old dents. Both materials are biocompatible. One of the biggest differences is E-max veneers can be used so many different aims; manufacture veneers, interior veneers, laminate veneers, Lumineers and crowns and bridges. Zirconium teeth is most used for crown only.

Also, there is another difference. Yes, it is the price. E-max crowns is more expensive than zirconium crowns. E-max crown is used for short bridges and zirconium crowns is used for longer bridges. E-max crowns are weaker than zirconium crowns.

Is E.MAX better than Zirconium?

It’s difficult to choose between E.MAX and zirconium. Both offer top-grade results for long-lasting dental crowns. As mentioned before, E.MAX is more translucent than zirconium, and that’s the only noticeable difference between the two materials. If you ask which one is better, we can say both of them are good. It depends of your current dental problems, your teeth structure and your budget. Your dentist offers the best method for you. Whichever you choose, you will have a wonderful smile.

Zirconium Crowns and E-max Crowns in Turkey

Turkey is the best place for all aesthetic, hair transplant and dental operations. Turkey has amazing dentist and amazing dental hospitals. We always use the latest technology and latest improvement in all dental treatments. Istanbul Care is a hair transplant, aesthetic and dental clinic in Istanbul Turkey. We offer our patients best zirconium and E-max crown price in Turkey and we offer them best dentists and best dental hospitals in Turkey.

For understand your problem please send us your dental X-ray and our dentists examine your X-ray. After that we plan your operations and we offer you best dental treatment price in Turkey. We will help you in every step of your travel to Istanbul. Come to Istanbul and recreate yourself with hands of professionals.



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