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Why You Don’t Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic?

Why You Don’t Choose a Cheap Hair Transplant Clinic?

There is a lot of hair transplant clinic which offers you very cheap hair transplant price. It’s very templating with that price of course but cheap price is not always the best. You have to search very well ask them a lot of question and want their before and after pictures. Also look the clinic’s reviews.

When you are thinking hair transplant you have to think a lot of subject. Of course price is important but when you give less cost your final result will be bad.

And this brings us to today’s topic – why you should not take a cheap hair transplant treatment. In this understand we will tell you why cheap hair transplant price is not good for you?

What Happen If You Choose Cheap Clinic for Hair Transplant?

  • Poor Final Outcome

If you choose poor clinic you may see a very bad result. Your donor area may be hurt, your transplanted hairs may not grow well. You may get infection or worse. You have to learn clinics experience, doctors experience, role of doctor in the hair transplant operation. If you choose a cheap clinic you your hair transplant will be a failure.

  • Unfilled Promises

Cheap clinics mostly don’t fulfil their promise. First of all if you say 4000 graft they may not transplant 4000 graft. They transplant 3000 and you can’t count how many grafts was transplanted. Also they may say a lifetime support. When there is a problem or when you want to ask a question you can not find anybody speak with.

Such clinics promise, say 4000 grafts, but in real, they only put in, say 3000 grafts. During the procedure, how likely is it that you are keeping a track of how many grafts they are actually transplanting? You will probably just sleep through the surgery. So, you will never know how many grafts they are planting and hence, they can do the surgery for a lower cost. Sounds like fraudulence? Well, it is.

  • Extra Extraction

When you need 4000 graft they may extract 5000 graft and they transplant 4000. They don’t use extra 1000 graft. You lose your graft hair, you may want second hair transplant operation but when you want you don’t have enough hair in your donor area. Also you may lose the density of your donor area.

  • Low Graft Survival Rate

With the hand od experienced hand graft survival rate is more than %95 but in cheap clinics is nearly %50. This means your transplanted hairs will not survive and they will not grow. Your grafts was wasted and the grafts became unusable. In this way, there is not enough graft to be used in the second hair transplant. Your hair transplant operation is a failure again.

  • Wrong Hair Direction

Every hair on your head has some different direction. For example your back hairs grow downwards. Your frontal hair is grow in different direction. If you transplant hair will wrong direction this will be a disaster. Your hair transplant doctor knows the direction of hairs and your hair transplant doctor copy the original direction. If you choose a cheap clinic they will add your back hair to the frontal line. Result will not be a natural at all.

When you call the clinic and you want to correct your hair, they want extra money because there is no real guarantee. We know cheap clinics want double money for hair transplant correction surgery. Also reaching cheap clinic is kind hard because there is no legal clinic with that name. Some nurses or some uneducated person do the hair transplant surgery and after the operation they run.

We know a lot of cheaper hair transplant clinic is bad for your hair, bad for your health, bad for your future and bad for your money. To understand this you must want clinic’s certifications, doctor name and diploma, before after photo and you must read reviews. As Istanbul Care we offer our patients best and affordable hair transplant price. Also, we offer our patients a real guarantee certificate.

As we must say cheap clinic is not always good. Also some expensive clinic is not good too. Don’t trust what they show to you and you should search for more. Beginning of this search contact us first and we will plan everything for you.

Istanbul Care Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Istanbul Care is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We have had more then 10.000 hair transplant patients since we founded. We aim to make our patients happy. We offer our patients best hair transplant price in Turkey, best hair transplant service and we promise our patients a very natural hair transplant result.

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