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Woman Hair Transplant in Turkey

Woman Hair Transplant in Turkey

Man and women may suffer from hair loss. You know man easily can get hair transplant but woman? Can hair transplant be done for woman? We will answer all these questions.

Hair loss is a stress source for man and woman. While woman’s hair loss is different than man, their treatment is different too. Clinic must investigate you’re your loss first than it must decide your hair loss type. Searching the reasons may give clinic to find the cure as fast as they can.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

First off all we want to say 50 to 100 lose in daily is normal. More of 100 hairs pay day may be caused by hormone changes and hormone level. If you have a hair loss more than 100 hair per day please check your pillow for how much you lost hair in a day. Also after you brush your hair please check your comb and after the shower. You want to note how much hair in everyday. Also your diet may occur hair loss please check your diet.

If there are no other reasons of your hair loss you should visit a hair doctor for more information.

After the age of 30 most of the woman start losing hair. This reason you should stop your hair loss before it’s too late.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Most of the woman have hair loss in their hair line and centre of the crown. Stress, changes in weight, childbirth, thyroid issues, hair loss are the main reasons of hair loss please check it. You may have androgenetic alopecia this types of hair loss may occur when you are getting older.  Its similar with man type hair loss.

Going to a doctor may help you to find the reason of your hair loss. After you go to a doctor you may think hair transplant. You can contact us for more detailed information. Our doctors will offer you the best treatment.

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair loss is a bigger problem then man. It may happen a lot of problems and question. Please check your medical conditions if your hair loss still continue there is hair transplant.

Mostly woman chose there is hair transplant method between FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Your doctor will give you the name of the best method for you. Both method has its own advantages and disadvantages. FUE is most popular hair transplant method in these days. FUT gives a permanent scar on your donor area but FUE doesn’t give any permanent scar after hair transplantation.

Woman Hair Transplantation in Turkey

In Turkey there is a lot of great hair transplant clinic. Istanbul Care is one of them. You can contact us via email or WhatsApp. Our experienced team will contact you shortly and want your hair photos to understand the reasons of your hair loss. After our Doctor investigate your photos we will give you woman hair transplant cost in Turkey and tell you how can you do your travel to Turkey, Istanbul.


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