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DHI method

DHI method

This method was developed by a Korean university professor and uses several types of needle flocking devices of different sizes to make holes and implant at the same time. Normally, before transplanting a graft collected from the back of the head, the work of opening the planting place (hole) is done. For DHI method, set healthy hair roots collected from the back of the head on the needle one by one and push them directly into the part where thinning hair is a problem. If it is 2000 strains, 2000 times of work is required, so the operation time is longer than that of normal hair transplantation.

What is DHI?

DHI method is an abbreviation for “Direct Hair Implantation” and means “direct hair transplantation”. This method uses a medical pen called CHOI, which is used only by specialist doctors. And puts the seeded hair roots in the pen, and the part that is directly bald without drilling (drilling) work. It is stabbed in the scalp and transplanted. In this method, the hole opening and transplantation work. Which are performed as two separate tasks in other hair transplantation methods, are performed simultaneously using a dedicated syringe, reducing the burden on the patient.

The lasts steps of DHI

After the assistant team of specialist doctors put the seeded hair roots in a special syringe suitable for each patient. Hair root size and hand it to the doctor, the correct angle of 45 degrees. Is the angle at which normal human hair grows. The doctor pierces the scalp directly with a syringe and transplants the hair roots inside. All the collected healthy hair roots are collected in one place. And carefully arranged one by one in a row to improve efficiency during planting work. Then, put it in a container containing a special liquid so that the collected hair roots will remain healthy. And not damaged until they are transplanted into the scalp again.

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    Hair transplant center in Turkey

    Beautiful Days

    Hair transplant center in Turkey is the most looked place for hair transplant all around the world.
    Among young people these days, hair loss is called a ‘death sentence’. This means that the psychological damage caused by hair loss is huge. Hair loss, once progressed, can become a complex that follows you for the rest of your life. When hair thins out, you can no longer style your hair the way it was before, and if hair loss continues, you may become frustrated at how you look older. It is in the same vein that people with thick hair are envied online as ‘rich in hair’. The problem is that once you start hair loss, you get stressed, and that stress leads to a vicious cycle of worsening hair loss again.

    When hair loss starts, it will follow you for the rest of your life.

    Hair loss stress does not discriminate between young people in their 20s and 30s or older people. Hair transplant center in Turkey are one of the best. He said that if he looked in the mirror every day, his forehead line seemed to have gotten deeper and deeper, and he had lost confidence and even suffered from depression due to worries about love, marriage, and employment. Basically, hair transplantation is the best treatment to solve the worries and pain of hair loss if combined with drug treatment to slow hair loss. I hope that many people will receive proper treatment and be freed from the stress of hair loss.

    High safety of hair transplant surgery

    The most frequently asked question from people who come to the clinic for hair loss is “When is the best time to have surgery?” I wonder when is the best time to have hair transplant surgery. There is, of course, no answer. The answer is that it is best to do it whenever you want, whenever you want. But I want to tell you this. Most patients who underwent hair transplantation responded that they would have had surgery sooner. Some people said, “I regret the time I spent living with hair loss because I wasted time.” It is not uncommon to see cases in which hair loss worsens or even harms health due to the fear of surgery, procrastinating each other, wasting money and time searching for the next best option, and wrong folk remedies or pseudo-treatments

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      Dental prosthesis in Turkey

      What do doctors say?

      There are many people around us who wear dental prosthesis in Turkey such as gold or resin to treat cavities. But few people manage it properly. Because the treatment is over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No matter how good the performance of a prosthesis, if maintenance is neglected, it is bound to wear out. Diseases of the teeth and gums can develop, and it can lead to a new condition after the end of life. Dental prosthesis in Turkey cost way less and have a better quality.

      Neglect of prosthetic care, what will happen?

      A typical symptom of an abnormality caused by negligence in prosthesis management is pain or bleeding at the prosthesis site. Also, if the lower gums are swollen, the prosthesis may fall out or float and food may get stuck. In addition, it may cause toothache, bad breath, and discoloration of teeth. If these symptoms appear, it can be assumed that there is a problem with the prosthesis.

      So, when something goes wrong with the prosthesis, what happens to the abnormal symptoms? If the inside of the prosthesis rots again, if the gum bone under the prosthesis is melted, there are cases where the life of the prosthesis is worn out. When the prosthesis rots again, it is mainly caused by foreign substances entering the gap between the natural tooth and the prosthesis.

      Consistent management and periodic inspection are essential

      Careful management is required to use the prosthesis for a long time without any problems. Proper brushing of teeth is essential. Wipe 3 times a day for at least 3 minutes and within 3 minutes after eating. Also pay attention to how you eat.

      Especially, when you drink soup that goes into the prosthesis, avoid things that are too hot or too cold. The size of the prosthesis is deformed, which can lead to gaps between the teeth. It is better to chew slowly when eating candy, caramel, or gum that sticks to the prosthesis. These foods may cause the prosthesis to come off.

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        Best dental treatment in Turkey

        What is the difference between Best dental treatment in Turkey

        Those who come to university hospitals are often afraid, have underlying diseases, have to consider their physical condition, or need high-level procedures. In case of serious systemic disease, university hospitals take a much more cautious approach and decide the procedure itself. He has a lot of experience with advanced implant procedures, so he can minimize side effects. In the case of extensive bone grafting, implant surgery in an esthetically sensitive area. Best dental treatment in Turkey such as an incisor, is relatively difficult. If you have a lot of fear, you may be able to perform the procedure under semi-sleep or general anesthesia

        There are several types of implant materials. What’s the difference?

        In the past, implant materials were mainly made by overseas companies, but recently, domestic companies are also taking the lead in the world. Best dental treatment in Turkey implant technology itself has been leveled up, and it can be said that there is no such thing as a superior product. I think that most of the products sold in the market are those that have been verified and recognized. When it comes to implants, it is much more important how consistently and well you take care of your implants after treatment than where you received them.

        Why is follow-up management important?

        Implants can also cause complications. A typical example is a loose connection screw, a broken implant, or inflammation around it. In rare cases, the connecting screw may even break altogether. Because it is difficult for the patient to recognize that the connection screw is loose. It should be checked through regular dental checkups. Peri-implantitis is also common, in some cases where the bone completely melts and settles down. People who have had periodontitis are particularly prone to peri-implantitis and need attention because it progresses quickly. Even if the gums are red and swollen on the outside, if you check with an X-ray, the bone may already be in a state of subsidence.

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          Dental implants in Turkey

          What is the most commonly used bridge treatment instead of implants?

          A bridge, like an implant, is a procedure performed in the absence of teeth. It is a method of implanting a prosthesis with the help of a slight preparation of the teeth on both sides. Dental implants in Turkey for implantation, sufficient bone in the surrounding area must remain, and the patient’s physical condition must be good. Patients who are unable to get implants due to insufficient circumstances usually use bridges. However, bridges have a disadvantage in that they have a large amount of tooth preparation and can easily cause cavities and microorganisms. Although implants have some commercial aspects, they are a better treatment than bridges if the conditions for implants are met.

          Can I get an implant if I am old or have no remaining bones?

          If you are elderly or have underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, you can have surgery after consulting with your physician and preparing appropriately. However, in the case of a super old person, the operation may be difficult due to a decrease in overall physical strength. If the fasting blood sugar is over 200, even in the case of diabetic patients. The blood sugar should be lowered below 140 before proceeding. If there is no remaining bone, a ‘bone transplant’ may be considered, but the patient’s pain. Or prognosis may vary, so a decision must be made after careful consideration. The remaining bone should be at least half of the required bone. 60-80% should be stable. Dental implants in Turkey, decisions may vary depending on the location of the implantation or the case.

          Why do different hospitals require different implantation times?

          This is because the waiting time for prosthetics after placing an implant is different. Since a tremendous force is applied to the implant, ‘osseointegration’ must occur to withstand the force. Osseointegration refers to a close bond between the titanium component of the implant and the bone tissue. When an implant is placed, the bone gradually hardens over time. It may vary depending on age, placement, and technique. But it takes an average of 8 weeks for osseointegration to occur properly. Doing prosthesis in one day is not waiting for this osseointegration. Not having to wait is a big advantage, but if you follow the precautions when using it, you won’t have any problems. Since the appropriate treatment period differs depending on the patient’s condition. The answer is not to unconditionally finish it in one day.

          Istanbul Care
          Dentistry. Models of human teeth. Manufacture of dental prostheses. Installation of implants with toothbrush.
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            Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey

            Hair Transplant

            The principle of hair transplantation: take the hair from the back of the body as the source, separate it into single or multiple hair follicle units. Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey to allow them to survive and grow naturally in new parts, so as to achieve the purpose of supplementing the number of hairs and modifying the local hair distribution shape to achieve a beautiful effect.
            Best clinic in Hair Transplant Turkey will make sure everything is perfect and your experience is the best.
            1. Hair transplantation is a permanent hair transplant. It depends on the posterior occipital hair on the autologous skin, which will not fall off, and is exactly the same as the original hair supply site

            2. The process of seamless hair transplantation is not painful and safe.

            3. There will be no scars after hair transplantation, so you can choose with confidence.

            Postoperative maintenance

            1. Antibiotics: 3 times a day after operation, 2 capsules each time, after meals, for 4 days.
            ② Analgesics: When your wound is uncomfortable or painful (or as directed by your doctor), you can take 1 tablet orally, with an interval of 6 hours between each dose.

            2. Stimulating foods should be avoided within 7 days after surgery, alcohol temporarily, and aspirin and vitamin E should be stopped will help avoid bleeding.

            3. A small number of patients will have mild symptoms on the third or fourth day after surgery. Edema is normal. To reduce swelling, you can: raise your head when you sleep for the first three days after surgery; apply ice packs to the forehead and both sides of the head (3-5 minutes/time) to relieve edema. Note: Please do not apply ice packs to the transplant site.

            Recovery process after hair transplantation

            1. On the first day after hair transplantation, small scabs began to form in the hair transplantation area, and the hair removal area may have some numbness, tightness and pain.

            2. Two to three days after the hair transplant operation, the healing scabs in the hair transplantation area are completely formed. After 3 days, the hair is washed with clean water for the first time. The forehead is slightly swollen, and the swelling will naturally disappear after a few days. The pain in the hair removal area is reduced, and there will be some numbness.

            3. One week after the hair transplant operation, the small scabs begin to fall off, and the small scabs can be removed at this time. The swelling usually disappears at this time. The pain in the hair removal area disappeared completely, and occasionally there would be numbness

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              Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022

              What is hair transplant?

              Before the non- marking hair transplant operation, the doctor first uses a special instrument to measure the hair density in the donor area of the back occipital, the beard and body hair. And other donor areas and the hair (hair follicle) status in the implanted area, so as to accurately grasp the patient’s hair density and other indicators. In order to determine the number of hair follicles required for transplantation. Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022 Within 3 days after the operation, the wound in the hair removal area will heal completely without leaving any scars, and patients can still choose to shave their heads.

              Major international hair transplantation techniques

              Hair Transplant in Turkey 2022 will be even better!
              FUT- Monomer hair follicle cultivation and regeneration technology, which concentrates on extracting hair follicles from the back of the occiput. And uses patented fine equipment to transplant the individual hair follicles. Suitable: For people with large or severe hair loss, up to 3000 units can be taken at a time, and the postoperative effect will leave scars.
              FUE- non-surgery hair transplant technology, using Turkish FUE micro-electric equipment to extract hair follicles. From the back occiput in a dispersive manner. And transplant them to the hair loss site according to the direction of hair growth. Suitable for people with large areas of hair loss or who are pursuing perfection. Individual hair follicles can be extracted without sutures and stitches. The healing is faster without leaving traces. You can take about 2500-4000 units at a time.

              Advantages of hair transplant surgery

              1 There is no scar after the operation, only some small blood scabs, and these small blood scabs will automatically fall off within 5 to 7 days.
              2 Short operation time. Because this technology does not need to separate the hair follicles individually after the skin flap is cut, it can save operation time
              3 The operation is painless. The operation is performed in the scalp tissue with very small surgical instruments, so the trauma is very small, and there is no pain after using a small amount of anesthetic
              4 The operation is risk-free.
              The non-marking hair transplant completely avoids all the surgical risks of traditional hair transplant technology. And there is no need to cut a large area of the scalp. Which will damage the back cranial nerves and cause the danger of postoperative sequelae.

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                Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey

                Can HIV patients undergo hair transplantation

                Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey, will perform corresponding preoperative examinations in accordance with the requirements of relevant health departments, including: blood routine, four blood coagulation, infectious diseases, etc. Patients with blood-related infectious diseases such as AIDS and sepsis, as well as syphilis, heart disease, etc. are not suitable for hair transplant surgery. HIV is what we often call AIDS. It is a virus that causes human immune system defects. In 1981 , the human immunodeficiency virus was first discovered in the United States because it is a slow virus that infects cells of the human immune system. It is a type of retrovirus. HIV is usually transmitted through blood, sex and motherhood. So the question is, can people with HIV undergo hair transplantation?

                Will HIV patients experience hair loss?

                Simple infection with AIDS will not cause hair loss. If AIDS itself is combined with seborrheic alopecia, that is to say, hyperlipidemia, diet control and genetic problems, it is easy to cause this kind of hair loss. Including taking If the diet is not controlled, it will easily lead to hyperlipidemia and lipid metabolism disorder. And seborrheic alopecia may occur. Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey are safe and up to date. Of course, there are genetic factors for hair loss. Other environmental factors and fungal infections of the scalp are possible. Therefore, it is said that hair loss cannot be caused by AIDS alone, so this concept is wrong. When you are sick, you must go to a regular clinic or hospital for treatment, pay attention to the safety of blood transfusion.

                Pay attention to contact with AIDS patients

                When collecting blood and injecting AIDS patients, the syringe should be disposable, and the patient’s blood. Excrement, and contaminated items should be completely incinerated. The patient’s utensils and medical equipment should be dedicated to a dedicated person. For example, the patient’s razor, toothbrush, towel, teacup, etc. should be dedicated to a dedicated person. Wash hands with soap after urination and defecation to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Be careful when you choose the clinic. They must choose a formal and qualified plastic surgery hospital and find an experienced and responsible doctor. Pre-operative preparation and post-operative care must be done so that the best results of the operation can be achieved. If you have any questions, you can directly consult our plastic surgery consultants here at Istanbul Care online, they will bring you professional and detailed answers.

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                  HIV Hair Transplant Turkey

                  Hair transplant with HIV

                  Thinning hair and the resulting psychological problems do not have to be accepted. Most of the time, a hair transplant helps the affected person regain a full and natural head of hair. However , certain health requirements must be met in order to carry out a HIV hair transplant Turkey . Is it therefore even possible to have a HIV hair transplant Turkey?

                  What are the health requirements for a hair transplant?

                  It is important for the attending physician to be informed about existing chronic illnesses and the use of medication . Cardiovascular problems and increased blood pressure lead to changes in the blood vessels. The blood flow to the skin is reduced. The transplanted hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients and die.
                  Diabetes is a common cause of impaired wound healing. Even if the hair follicles are transplanted into bald areas using the FUE method , micro-injuries occur on the scalp. If the healing of the wounds is disturbed by the high sugar content of the blood, bacteria can settle more easily. The micro-wounds become infected. Visible scars can arise. Since only the body’s own hair is used for the transplant itself, the immune system does not react to the transplanted hair follicles, so that the body accepts them immediately.

                  Can a hair transplant be done with HIV?

                  The immune system is weakened more and more in the course of the HIV disease. The body can no longer react to infectious pathogens. An infection with the HIV virus does not mean that the disease AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) has to break out. With today’s drugs, the replication of the virus can be suppressed well. Nevertheless, a hair transplant is not without risk with HIV. The virus can be transmitted to doctors and instruments through the blood. Absolute sterilization of the instruments is necessary to protect other patients.
                  Fortunately, the hygienic standard in most clinics is very high, even if they are located in Europe at home and abroad. However, caution is advised and the doctors and clinics should be examined in advance on a case-by-case basis.

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                    Hepatitis C hair transplan

                    Can patients with hepatitis C have hair transplant?

                    Hepatitis C hair transplant is not something to worry about because with the right medical team it’s really straightforward. Excessive toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and inflammation can all manifest themselves as deficiencies in hair, skin, and nail tissue. This is because they lack the energy and ingredients needed to repair and regenerate themselves. In extreme cases, patients may even experience jaundice due to too much bilirubin, a by-product of the healthy recycling of old cells backed up by the system. Hair transplantation is performed by a plastic surgeon under local anesthesia. It is done in a surgical theater or in a completely sterile surgical environment, especially prepared for hair transplantation. Basically, hair roots called grafts are taken one by one and transplanted to the part where hair is needed. Flocking is not a complete surgical procedure, but the scalp has so many capillaries that it causes bleeding.

                    Hepatitis C and hair transplant

                    Hepatitis C hair transplant isn’t risky. You won’t get infected by hugging, kissing, eating from the same plate, going to the bathroom, or swimming in the pool. With the recent development of medicines, various treatments have actually succeeded in fighting hepatitis C. Hepatitis C can be transmitted by blood, but people who have been treated for hepatitis C can actually transplant hair. However, before the procedure, some tests need to be done for confirmation. The HCV RNA test can check if the current virus is present in the patient’s body, so it can determine if hair transplantation is possible. If the RNA test is negative in the last 3 months before the surgery date, there is no problem with hair transplantation. But in any case, doctors and medical teams must be informed about the situation.


                    About 3 months after the transplant, you should be able to enjoy a normal or almost normal life. You should be walking within 2 weeks after the transplant. You should be able to participate in moderate exercise 6-12 months after discharge. However, major surgery like transplants is still a shock to the body. It takes a certain amount of time to recover, and the drugs needed to stop the body rejecting new livers also have potential side effects.

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