Hollywood Smile

Perfect white, shiny teeth are not a dream anymore, they can be achieved. If you want to have a better looking smile, we can easily accomplish your dream. All this thanks to the latest word of technology. At the end of this dental treatment, you will have what is known as the Hollywood smile. Said otherwise, Hollywood Smile is the dentist`s ability of improving the teeth of anyone, giving all the opportunity having symmetrical teeth. You can easily get a very natural smile with this dental treatment. Hollywood Smile has become very popular all around the world.

It is very easy to get it done and you do not need to take a long break from your work or daily life activities. You can easily do you smile design in Turkey at very economic prices with the best doctors. Rather than spend a fortune in some countries, you can easily come to Turkey, have a holiday for your inner joy and a Hollywood Smile for your outer look. We promise you great experience and a beautiful smile when saying Goodbye!


What is Hollywood Smile?

As with all other aesthetic or cosmetic treatments, Hollywood Smile aims to improve something in beauty, in this case the teeth in articular and mouth in general. This treatment itself includes several oral and dental procedures.  These procedures aim at improving tooth color (whiteness), removing stones, improving gum health, repairing broken teeth etc. These processes are:

  • Improving the shape of the lips and gums as to fit the design of the smile
  • Any damaged teeth get repaired.
  • Oral health gets improved to optimum.
  • Any missing teeth is fixed.
  • Implants are placed instead.
  • Teeth flesh healed and stones are cleaned.
  • Lastly, the teeth get whitened on a similar tone of white.

How to prepare for a Hollywood Smile?

First, we arrange a consultation with the dentists at our dental clinic in Istanbul. Istanbul is the perfect place for a Hollywood Smile if you are looking to change your look. In Istanbul you will receive the best treatment at a very good price. During the consultation our dentist will check your general oral and dental health while you are sited on the chair. This way the doctors will get a general idea of what is you oral health condition and what is the best aesthetical solution for you. All the information is conveyed in details to the patient. After the surgery is done, you will see a new you smiling, rather than the old embarrassing look.

The doctors will tell you about all the procedure done and what you need to be aware of in the future in order to prolong the results of the Hollywood Smile.
As a procedure, Hollywood Smile can differ from one person to another person. The reason is that the processes carried during a Hollywood Smile can be different. If the patient has any dental health issues, we first treat them. It is important to take care of any preconditions first. Then the other types of treatments very much depend on the condition of the teeth of the patients. In case they are in good shape, they will require less treatments.

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How is it done?

Hollywood smile is a dental treatment that drastically changes the appearance and the look of your mouth. It improves not only your oral health, but brings out your smile too. The Hollywood Smile is carried in 4 steps. The first one is the consultation with a specialist dentist to decide on the medical and aesthetic needs of the patient. The dentist helps you make the right decision about the tone of white that is best for you, the best smile design and the right materials.

After that, the first adjustments over your teeth are done. Temporary veneers are given to the patients for the next few days until the new ones are ready in 4-5 days. Third step is putting the new veneers in place and giving you the desired smile. You are practically done, but the last step is important too. You will have the last consultation with the dentist who will advise you on how to take care after your new teeth and Hollywood Smile.


Do you want to improve your look? Then veneers are a right solution. Veneers are nothing else than a simple cover of the frontal area of the teeth with a light layer of porcelain. Veneers can improve your look and smile within a few hours. All the veneers are individually made for every patient and for every tooth. The look of the veneers does not change from the natural look of the teeth. The tone of white and their form is exactly as natural as it can be. Nobody can notice them.


Hollywood Smile teeth whitening is one of the best ways to make your teeth white and shiny again. So you can say goodbye to change of color or marks on your teeth for a good time. Most of those products advertised on TVs offer just a layer of white over your teeth, a layer that is not permanent and goes away within hours. These products cannot in any way be as good as the professional teeth whitening equipment and methods that doctors use. We advise the patients not to fall for these advertisements and choose the right method and the right place. Hollywood smile teeth whitening uses special lasers and gels that offer long-term teeth whitening. Products advertised on TVs that can be used at home can never have a long effect or last longer than a few hours.


Crowns are a cap or a cover around an existing tooth or around an implant. If it is around an existing tooth it provides a better look for a tooth that is broken or has other aesthetic issues. This way it strengthens and protects the tooth, extending its life. Different materials or metals such as porcelain, ceramic or emax etc. are used to make the crowns. In cases when a tooth cannot be repaired then a crown is used to protect the tooth and improve the look. Crowns are often used to protect the teeth when they are weak from breaking or causing other health problems.


Hollywood Smile in Istanbul

The price of a Hollywood Smile may change from country to country. But in Istanbul, in Turkey you will find the best results at very good price compared to your own country. Be it teeth whitening or veneer placement the prices are definitely worth it, without lacking anything in quality of the treatment. You can choose to treat all of your teeth or a few of them, we are patient-satisfaction oriented. As a result, Hollywood smile and teeth whitening offer excellent results for very economic prices. To get your quotation for the Hollywood Smile treatment you have to simply get in touch with us. Our expert assistants will help you with personalized plans and quotation for the best results to bring out the best of you.