Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

What is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

Many women should have already heard the BBL abbreviation. But what is it? BBL whose long form is Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a surgical procedure carried to increase the volume and lift the butts through the injection of sucked fat that is taken from other parts of the body. By performing BBL in Turkey our patients regain their youthful look. BBL procedure improves the image of sagging buttocks while giving them a rounder shape too.

When doing a Brazilian Bum Lift in Turkey, the extra fat is removed from different parts of the body and then injected to the butt. This procedure is completely safe when done by a highly qualified BBL surgeon in Istanbul. BBL through fat injection technique provides the most natural results. BBL surgery in Turkey is carried out under general anaesthesia lasting more or less 2 hours.

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    BBL with Vaser Liposuction

    Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure that consists of removing the fat from the body via liposuction and then injecting it to the butt. Liposuction in Turkey is performed with traditional technique or Vaser Liposuction. Vaser Liposuction in Turkey is advanced and new technology that improves the natural BBL results. Vaser Liposuction is less traumatic on the tissue and results on a smoother surface on the buttocks after the fat injection. The liposuction areas get firmer as the Vaser device spreads ultrasound waves that trigger skin renewal. Using Vaser BBL in Turkey, makes possible to achieve more natural results in a shorter time and recovery period is easier and faster.

    Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

    More and more people opt for BBL surgery abroad, the same as for other cosmetic surgery operations too. When searching for the best place for BBL they consider the finances, good results and safety. BBL in Turkey is on top because Turkey has the best BBL surgeons, the results achieved are very natural and the cost pretty affordable.

    Due to the high-technology equipment and techniques used, Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is completely safe and at the same time an effective solution for women who want a figure with obvious curves. After BBL surgery in Turkey women will have naturally fuller and lifted butt, significantly increasing their self-confidence and femininity.

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    Techniques of BBL in Turkey

    To perform Brazilian Bum Lift surgery in Turkey, it is possible that the BBL surgeon will use different techniques. Of course, considering the needs of the patient the surgeon chooses the most suitable technique. As of now there are two main techniques used for BBL in Turkey:

    • Fat grafting

    This is a surgical intervention allowing the surgeon to remove the patient’s body fat from parts of the body through small incisions. Then the surgeon separates the fat from its chemical components. Last step is injecting it into the buttocks. Compared to butt implants, the Brazilian Butt Lift with fat grafting is safer and provides more natural BBL results in Turkey.

    • Traditional Butt Lift

    If the buttocks are too saggy, fat grafting may not help much. When performing a traditional butt lift surgery the surgeon makes an incision along the lower back and removes the excess skin on the butt, giving it a firmer and more youthful look. Once recovered, the results can be enhanced through the BBL surgery using fat grafting technique.

    BBL Results

    Women who choose to have a surgery for a fuller bum, of course expect to get very satisfying BBL results. How successful the Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey will be, depends on various conditions such as the amount of fat the patient has, using the right BBL technique and the expertise of the BBL surgeon. It is important that the candidates have enough amount of fat that will be subsequently injected in the buttocks. When the buttocks are sagging, the surgeon will have to remove the excess skin before fat grating. If performed by highly-experienced surgeons in well-equipped clinics, fascinating butt lift results can be achieved. Right after the Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, our patients are able to notice the increased size and rounder shape of their buttocks.

    People think Brazilian Butt Lift is dangerous they may right and they may be wrong. In the right hand BBL is a very secure operation but its dangerous in the hands of wrong people. Choosing your doctor is so important for that reason. Want cv of doctors and want them before after photos.

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