Implant Treatment

There can be many reasons for losing a tooth. After losing a tooth or several of them, your mouth may feel uncomfortable. Not only about your mouth, but you may feel uncomfortable with your smile too. Adult people who lose a tooth or several teeth due to incidents or injuries, implants are the best choice due to their durability. With implants you get permanent natural teeth, just like your own natural teeth.

What is an implant?

An implant or a dental implant is a medical procedure that consists in replacing a lost tooth with another one. This dental procedure is carried under highly hygienic procedure and provides a solution that lasts tens of years, usually a lifetime. Dental implants can be done to fill a missing tooth, several tooth, or a whole jaw. What kind of implant is the best for the patient is decided by the doctor based on the oral health, number of missing teeth, jaw and bone structure. Of course, the final decision is left to the patient after our doctors inform them in details about their needs and what is best for them. We always make sure there is a close cooperation in decision-making between the patient and the doctor.

Types of Implants

Implants are made of different materials such as chrome, stainless steel or titanium, with titanium being the most widely used material. Depending on the condition of the jawbone and area they are placed, implants can be of different types with Endosteal (screw implants) and Subperiostal (horseshoe-like structure) implants being most widely used.

  • Endosteal Implant

This type of implant is like a screw. Usually it is preferred when the patient loses one or more teeth and the jawbone is good. The screw is implanted on the bone on the missing tooth-area of the jaw. Endosteal implants are most widely used type of implants and easiest.

  • Subperiosteal Implant

These kind of implants are usually preferred when all jaw is implanted. For patients who do not have a strong jawbone or big enough bone this is the most practical solution. These type of implants are made by placing all the teeth on a metallic structure which is then put on the jawbone. As endosteal implant, this type of implant is very comfortable and lasts for long. This treatment ensures that the patients get the aesthetic appearance they have always wanted, while keeping the functionality of the teeth.

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    Advised for who?

    Any grownup that has lost a tooth or several of them can find the perfect solution with dental implants. No matter if the jawbone is sufficient or not, there is always a solution to get the ideal results from the dental implant. Any disease that might prevent the implant treatment from getting the best results should be taken care beforehand. Chronic health issues usually are not a cause that would prevent dental implants though a prior consultation with the doctors is recommended. If you are a grown male or female and you feel uncomfortable by the lack of a tooth or several of them, no matter the age, dental implants are a perfect solution.

    Recovery after an Implant

    Once the implants are put on place, it may take up to two months for the implant to heal and be fully settled on the jawbone. The period is relative from one person to another and may take a few days more or a few days less. Regular checkups can be required to check the progress of the implant.

    Post-Surgery instructions

    After the surgery, our doctors will make sure that you know all dos and don`ts with you. Keeping a good oral hygiene helps improve the results of your implant. In case after the implant the patients might have a little pain, our doctors will give some painkillers for the first day. To avoid or reduce swelling in maximum, you will be recommended to put on some ice or cold compresses around the implanted area. It is also highly advised to not drink or east cold or hot drinks or food. Alcohol is something to give up too. Food that is hard and strong to chew should be avoided too for the next few days. Washing your mouth with water and salt several times a day will help the treated area heal faster and keep it clean from infections.

    Implant in Turkey

    Low prices attract many people from all over the world to Turkey for their dental treatments. Different from other countries, in Turkey you can get the most economic treatment. At the same time you get a good chance to visit Turkey. From its amazing landscapes to the cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and historical icons, Turkey has a lot to offer to every tourist or visitor.

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