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What You Have to Know About BBL?

What You Have to Know About BBL?

There is a lot of information about Brazilian Butt Lift on the internet. If you are interested with BBL operation you may be confused. Before talking with surgeon or planning your BBL operation in Turkey you should read our article. We will tell you all the information of Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian butt lift is an aesthetic operation which must be done with a skilled surgeon. Istanbul Care is only work with best doctors in aesthetic operations. Let’s read our BBL guide this article will give you all the information you want.

  • What do I need to know about the BBL before I book a consultation with my surgeon?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a aesthetic surgery which include removing fat from your body and re-injecting collected fat to your buttocks. This surgery aims to change your buttock shape and give your buttock a more sculpted, enhanced, curvaceous and more beautiful shape.

BBL surgery needs extra fat in your body. If there is not much fat in your body we can implant silicone to your buttock. In this article, we will investigate fat transfer.

Before the surgery we advice our patients don’t lose weight so much because if you lose so much weight there will be no fat cells to transfer. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 – 25. This rates can guarantee a safe operation and minimize surgical risks.

  • What can I expect from my BBL consultation?

When you speak with a surgeon or clinic you should know what you want. Also, you should have realistic expectations about the BBL surgery. You should know information about the surgery. Also you should talk with your BBL surgeon in Turkey and ask before and after pictures. Your surgeon must ask about your medical history and surgeon have to understand you are a good candidate for BBL surgery.

Talking with your clinic and surgeon help you to have more realistic expectation. In this time you can ask all the questions you have. If you trust your surgeon you can go the surgery if it is not you have to find another option. Whenever you have question please contact us our expert surgeons will help you.

  • What happens after I’ve booked my BBL surgery?

You find your surgery and the time come. Do you know what happens after BBL surgery. Your surgeon must have to tell you all information but you may be curious. In our clinic we are always ready to help our patients. If you have a question please ask it.

You stay in the hospital for few days and you should stay at the hotel for few days too. When you are ready you can go to your home. We will never let you go before you are ready.

When you go home it is nice to have a caregiver. Also in your health trip to Turkey it’s good to have a caregiver. We give you all the pre-op and post-op information you need. After the surgery, you have to rest for 1 week. The resting period is so important if you move so much it affects healing period badly and the result will be affected badly.

  • The Day of Your BBL Surgery

When your surgery time is come our car will be there to take you from your hotel and he will led you to hospital. You will meet your surgeon there and you will meet your nurses. After the consultation your you talk with your surgeon about the operation. Your surgeon creates the operation plan when you approve the surgery your operation will start.

Your doctor will give you some pre op medicines to make you relax. Your surgeon gives you some anesthesia to sleep you for some hour.

After the operation you wake up and you feel groggy in that time. Because of the medicines you don’t feel any pain. Your surgeon follows your situation and when you are ready they will take you to hospital room.

What to Expect While Recovering from Your BBL

Day after the operation of BBL you will talk your surgeon again. Your surgeon will check you and your surgeon wants to be sure everything is okey. After your surgeon allow you will go to your hotel again. This is the time for relax. Also your surgeon gives you post-operative information that you must obey in your recovery time.

You have to be in Istanbul for 1 week. If you want you can stay more in Istanbul but 1 week is enough for you. After 1 week you can turn back to your home. Talk with your surgeons when you have questions and when you feel is there a problem. For two weeks sitting on your bum and sleep on your back is banned.

After the BBL surgery in Turkey you may have swelling and bruising for couple of week. Your bom may be bigger than final result. You have to wait at least 4-6 month to see final result.

After the surgery %50 of injected fat will be re-absorbed by your body. This is totally normal and don’t worry about it. You have to wait 4 or 6 week to see the final result.

After the weeks of the surgery you can sit on your bum but don’t sit for a long time. After 6 weeks you can turn back your daily life slowly. You can slowly turn back physical exercise again.

After the surgery you should talk with your surgeon. Tell your BBL surgeon every improvement and ask your surgeons opinion. Istanbul Care is always with you after operation in every step we are there for help.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Istanbul Care is an aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and we offer our patients a lot of plastic surgery options. We work with the best BBL surgeon in Turkey and we work with best hospitals in Turkey. If you are interested Brazilian Butt Lift please contact us anytime you want. We will give you the best Brazilian Butt Lift price in Turkey. If you are interested contact us now and take advantages of our promotional price.


Important Facts About Hair Transplant

Important Facts About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is very popular nowadays. Turkey is the best place for hair transplant. We are very experienced and we give very affordable prices to our patients. Losing hair is a big problem for man and woman. Hair loss affects self esteem and it affects the appearance. Luckily, we have hair transplant and you can regain your hairs and you will have a fuller hair. Nowadays many people come Turkey for hair transplant surgery and we want to explain facts about hair transplant.

A hair transplant doctor and experimented hair transplant team is very important. We only work with best doctors and best teams. This is Istanbul Care’s difference than other hair transplant clinics in Turkey. We always use latest technology and we guarantee you the best results. We want to clarify everything about hair transplant and we will tell you detailed information’s about hair transplant.

  1. You Will Get Natural Results With Hair Transplant

At Istanbul Care, we always give our patients one promise, your hairs will be natural and nobody can understand you had hair transplant before. We will use the latest techniques and pay attention to harvesting stage, location of your hair follicles, angle of your hair, dept of your hair and placement of you hairs. This give you the most natural results. We think hair transplant must be done in very carefully.

We always talk our patients honestly about their situation and we always tell them realistic expectation. We always give guarantee about what we offer and the result. You can use transplanted hairs as your normal hair; you can wash, you can style.

  1. You Should Know Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

One of the most important thinks is the recovery time line. We always tell recovery timeline to our patients and tell them what to do in hair transplant recovery timeline. You have to wait 10 to 12 months to have results. We will tell our patients step by step. Firstly your hairs start to fall in 3 weeks after your hair transplant operation. Falling stop in 3 to 4 months and after 4 months all fallen hair start to grow. After 10 to 12 months you will have final result. We always support our patients in that timeline.

  1. Hair transplant for men and woman

Hair loss is a common problem between man and woman. Most of the people know hair transplant is a men’s problem but more than %50 of woman has hair loss. There is a difference of the reason of hair loss. We call them as man type hair loss and woman type hair loss. In that reason we can use hair transplant for men and women. FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant is very efficient for bot of the hair loss type.

We look the donor area if hair follicles in donor area is enough, we can use hair transplant for man and woman. You can calculate how much hair follicles in your donor area can be transplanted you can contact us and you can have a free consultation.

  1. Hair Transplant Leaves Invisible Scars

In the early stage of hair transplant FUT method used and it leave large scar. Large strip of you skin from your donor area removed and it leaves scar. Nowadays we use FUE hair transplant , Sapphire FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant methods and all of these methods leave no invisible scar. Istanbul Care is specialized all of these methods and we guarantee you a natural result.

  1. Transplanted Hair is Permanent

When you had hair transplant your transplanted hair will not fall anymore. Transplanted hair is permanent. Surveys shows us more than %96 of transplant hair will not fall anymore. If you are searching a permanent method to regain your hairs hair transplant is most effective and cheapest method. Also, it is the most permanent method.

After 1 year you can get a fuller hair and best thing is nobody can understand you had a hair transplant operation before. You just have to wait 10 to 12 months and you can get your new hairs. After 10 days you can turn back to your normal life. After 3 days you can turn back work. In 10 days you have be careful about caring your hairs.

One of the best things about modern hair transplants is that your results are almost permanent. In fact, hair transplants are the most permanent hair restoration solution available.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you are searching hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey is the best place for hair transplant. Turkey has amazing experience, very successful doctors and very experienced teams. More than 45.000 hair transplant operation is done in a month. Istanbul Care is the one of the most experienced clinics in Turkey. We take 350 to 500 hair transplant patients in a month.

Istanbul Care also believe all people can have their desired look. In that belief we give our patients best hair transplant in Turkey price and we offer them best service. If you are interested in these benefits please contact us and our staff will contact you shorty.


Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth you know how uncomfortable feeling it is. You try to solve that problem and you may try some dental treatment. We will tell you about dental implants.

Dental implant is made for titanium and it is very strong. Titanium screw is drilled in jawbone and you new teeth inserted on it. Also we can make bridges or all in for or all in 6. It’s belonged to your case. Dental implants is the most secure and most truthful method for replacing the missing teeth.

Let’s learn more about dental implants.

  • Dental Implant’s Appearance

Single missing tooth can be a big problem. It may cause emotional stress for example. We know confidence in a direct relation with appearance. If you have one missing tooth you lose your beautiful smile and you hide your smile to other people.

Also missing teeth can be the reason of depression also it affects your personal and business life. Dental implant can boost patient’s morale and confidence. No one can understand you have dental implant. It seems like your normal tooth.

  • Dental Implant Effects Oral Health

When you have missing tooth your dental structure health is disturbed. Position of your other teeth may change and this affect your oral health. This affect patient’s chewing ability. In long time period bone loss may occur.

When you have a missing teeth you can understand the importance of your teeth when a particularly hard piece of food comes in-between the exposed root of the missing molar and an existing one. Dental implants can help you to overcome that problem.

Dental implant is the best way to replace your missing teeth. When you get a dental implant, it will change your life dramatically. When you want to have dental implant you should be careful about dentist, implant brand. If choose all of them carefully success rate of implant is more than %95.

Istanbul Care works with best dentist in Istanbul, Turkey. We also give you best dental implant cost in Istanbul, Turkey and we offer you best service. If you want to regain your smile please contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT?

What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT?

When you decide to make hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey it may be a little confusing because there is 3 methods of hair transplant: FUE, DHI and FUT. We will tell you difference between all of them.

FUT is an old hair transplant method which is not be used much nowadays. Lets investigate FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant. Main difference between is seems in patients hair loss classification. Also size of the donor area is another and size if thinning area and size of the bald area is important while choosing the hair transplant method.

FUE and DHI are similar and different hair transplant operation methods. Your doctor may offer the best hair transplant method for you. Your ideas and expectation may differ and you may want to learn much about these methods. You probably want the best solution for you lets continue reading.

Differences Between FUE and DHI

  • Fue method is ideal for converting the large bald areas. DHI method is the best method for higher density. If patient has a big bald area, he may choose FUE. If a patient has less bald area and he wants more dens hair transplant he can choose DHI. Fue technic give you to harvest more grafts then DHI method.
  • Second difference is in harvested grafts waiting time. In FUE operation doctor must wait until harvesting hair finished. After harvesting is finish, he starts to opening canals then he start transplanting the grafts. All collected grafts have to wait outside for hours. In DHI method one graft is harvested and it implant at the same time with choi implanter.
  • In FUE method patient have to shave their whole hair but in DHI method only donor area must shave. It’s a very big advantage for long hair mans and woman. They can easily close the bald area with their hairs.
  • DHI method requires more skill and experience then FUE hair transplant method.
  • DHI method has a faster recovery period. It has less bleeding than FUE hair transplant method.
  • With FUE method it is possible to cover large area. DHI method can reach higher density.

FUE and DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul

After you decide the hair transplant method you have choose your hair transplant doctor and clinic. We are one of the best clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer you the whole hair transplant operations and other aesthetic operations. We offer you the best FUE and DHI hair transplant operation price in Turkey. Also we offer you best service and best doctors in Turkey. If you are interested please contact us.

Hair transplant affect self esteem

How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

Did you know that most of man may suffer from hair loss? Also nearly half of woman have hais loss.

Hair loss can affect their self esteem, confidence and their beauty and handsomeness Hair loss not only affect your hair it will cause some other problems.

Istanbul Care Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey we do hair transplant for year. Our expert doctor and good team help you to regain your hair back/

What causes hair loss?

There is a lot of reason of hair loss, One of them is a disease or medical conditions. Second of is nutrition. Third and most important factor is genetic factors and aging. People nay notice their hair loss after 30s or 40s but some people may notice their hair loss before 30s.

Lifestyle factor also affect the hair loss. Hormone changes may trigger female hair loss. Also stress affect the hair loss.

Family genetic history is important too. If you have a hair loss history in your family you have high chance of hair loss. If you don’t you are lucky and your hair loss may start later.

How does hair loss affect self-esteem?

On the other hand hair loss is a big affect on self esteem. Depression, anxiety and other emotional problems may occur. In men hair loss affect depression and depression may affect strength and sexual problems.

If you have hair loss in early age it may cause bigger problems. These people looks older and it is also another reason of depression.

Is there a way to restore my hair?

Medical science is changing and every day we have new treatments. If you have hair loss you still have some solutions.

Hair transplant method is most proven hair loss treatment. Also there is other treatment but hair transplant is a proven and most successful hair loss treatment, Beside hair transplant there is some vitamins or blood therapy too. Also some medicine may help your hair loss for a limited time.

If you want to regain your self esteem regaining your hairs back is one of the good way. Istanbul Care Clinic is really successful clinic in Istanbul. We take more then 120 hair transplant patients in a month. Our experienced doctors and team may help you in hair transplant progress. We made a very natural hair transplant, nobody can understand you had a hair transplant before.

If you are interested with hair transplant please contact us now and get your hairs back.


Hair transplant center in Turkey

Beautiful Days

Hair transplant center in Turkey is the most looked place for hair transplant all around the world.
Among young people these days, hair loss is called a ‘death sentence’. This means that the psychological damage caused by hair loss is huge. Hair loss, once progressed, can become a complex that follows you for the rest of your life. When hair thins out, you can no longer style your hair the way it was before, and if hair loss continues, you may become frustrated at how you look older. It is in the same vein that people with thick hair are envied online as ‘rich in hair’. The problem is that once you start hair loss, you get stressed, and that stress leads to a vicious cycle of worsening hair loss again.

When hair loss starts, it will follow you for the rest of your life.

Hair loss stress does not discriminate between young people in their 20s and 30s or older people. Hair transplant center in Turkey are one of the best. He said that if he looked in the mirror every day, his forehead line seemed to have gotten deeper and deeper, and he had lost confidence and even suffered from depression due to worries about love, marriage, and employment. Basically, hair transplantation is the best treatment to solve the worries and pain of hair loss if combined with drug treatment to slow hair loss. I hope that many people will receive proper treatment and be freed from the stress of hair loss.

High safety of hair transplant surgery

The most frequently asked question from people who come to the clinic for hair loss is “When is the best time to have surgery?” I wonder when is the best time to have hair transplant surgery. There is, of course, no answer. The answer is that it is best to do it whenever you want, whenever you want. But I want to tell you this. Most patients who underwent hair transplantation responded that they would have had surgery sooner. Some people said, “I regret the time I spent living with hair loss because I wasted time.” It is not uncommon to see cases in which hair loss worsens or even harms health due to the fear of surgery, procrastinating each other, wasting money and time searching for the next best option, and wrong folk remedies or pseudo-treatments

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    Dental prosthesis in Turkey

    What do doctors say?

    There are many people around us who wear dental prosthesis in Turkey such as gold or resin to treat cavities. But few people manage it properly. Because the treatment is over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No matter how good the performance of a prosthesis, if maintenance is neglected, it is bound to wear out. Diseases of the teeth and gums can develop, and it can lead to a new condition after the end of life. Dental prosthesis in Turkey cost way less and have a better quality.

    Neglect of prosthetic care, what will happen?

    A typical symptom of an abnormality caused by negligence in prosthesis management is pain or bleeding at the prosthesis site. Also, if the lower gums are swollen, the prosthesis may fall out or float and food may get stuck. In addition, it may cause toothache, bad breath, and discoloration of teeth. If these symptoms appear, it can be assumed that there is a problem with the prosthesis.

    So, when something goes wrong with the prosthesis, what happens to the abnormal symptoms? If the inside of the prosthesis rots again, if the gum bone under the prosthesis is melted, there are cases where the life of the prosthesis is worn out. When the prosthesis rots again, it is mainly caused by foreign substances entering the gap between the natural tooth and the prosthesis.

    Consistent management and periodic inspection are essential

    Careful management is required to use the prosthesis for a long time without any problems. Proper brushing of teeth is essential. Wipe 3 times a day for at least 3 minutes and within 3 minutes after eating. Also pay attention to how you eat.

    Especially, when you drink soup that goes into the prosthesis, avoid things that are too hot or too cold. The size of the prosthesis is deformed, which can lead to gaps between the teeth. It is better to chew slowly when eating candy, caramel, or gum that sticks to the prosthesis. These foods may cause the prosthesis to come off.

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      Best dental treatment in Turkey

      What is the difference between Best dental treatment in Turkey

      Those who come to university hospitals are often afraid, have underlying diseases, have to consider their physical condition, or need high-level procedures. In case of serious systemic disease, university hospitals take a much more cautious approach and decide the procedure itself. He has a lot of experience with advanced implant procedures, so he can minimize side effects. In the case of extensive bone grafting, implant surgery in an esthetically sensitive area. Best dental treatment in Turkey such as an incisor, is relatively difficult. If you have a lot of fear, you may be able to perform the procedure under semi-sleep or general anesthesia

      There are several types of implant materials. What’s the difference?

      In the past, implant materials were mainly made by overseas companies, but recently, domestic companies are also taking the lead in the world. Best dental treatment in Turkey implant technology itself has been leveled up, and it can be said that there is no such thing as a superior product. I think that most of the products sold in the market are those that have been verified and recognized. When it comes to implants, it is much more important how consistently and well you take care of your implants after treatment than where you received them.

      Why is follow-up management important?

      Implants can also cause complications. A typical example is a loose connection screw, a broken implant, or inflammation around it. In rare cases, the connecting screw may even break altogether. Because it is difficult for the patient to recognize that the connection screw is loose. It should be checked through regular dental checkups. Peri-implantitis is also common, in some cases where the bone completely melts and settles down. People who have had periodontitis are particularly prone to peri-implantitis and need attention because it progresses quickly. Even if the gums are red and swollen on the outside, if you check with an X-ray, the bone may already be in a state of subsidence.

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        Dental implants in Turkey

        What is the most commonly used bridge treatment instead of implants?

        A bridge, like an implant, is a procedure performed in the absence of teeth. It is a method of implanting a prosthesis with the help of a slight preparation of the teeth on both sides. Dental implants in Turkey for implantation, sufficient bone in the surrounding area must remain, and the patient’s physical condition must be good. Patients who are unable to get implants due to insufficient circumstances usually use bridges. However, bridges have a disadvantage in that they have a large amount of tooth preparation and can easily cause cavities and microorganisms. Although implants have some commercial aspects, they are a better treatment than bridges if the conditions for implants are met.

        Can I get an implant if I am old or have no remaining bones?

        If you are elderly or have underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, you can have surgery after consulting with your physician and preparing appropriately. However, in the case of a super old person, the operation may be difficult due to a decrease in overall physical strength. If the fasting blood sugar is over 200, even in the case of diabetic patients. The blood sugar should be lowered below 140 before proceeding. If there is no remaining bone, a ‘bone transplant’ may be considered, but the patient’s pain. Or prognosis may vary, so a decision must be made after careful consideration. The remaining bone should be at least half of the required bone. 60-80% should be stable. Dental implants in Turkey, decisions may vary depending on the location of the implantation or the case.

        Why do different hospitals require different implantation times?

        This is because the waiting time for prosthetics after placing an implant is different. Since a tremendous force is applied to the implant, ‘osseointegration’ must occur to withstand the force. Osseointegration refers to a close bond between the titanium component of the implant and the bone tissue. When an implant is placed, the bone gradually hardens over time. It may vary depending on age, placement, and technique. But it takes an average of 8 weeks for osseointegration to occur properly. Doing prosthesis in one day is not waiting for this osseointegration. Not having to wait is a big advantage, but if you follow the precautions when using it, you won’t have any problems. Since the appropriate treatment period differs depending on the patient’s condition. The answer is not to unconditionally finish it in one day.

        Istanbul Care
        Dentistry. Models of human teeth. Manufacture of dental prostheses. Installation of implants with toothbrush.
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          Dental treatments in Turkey

          About treatments that do not sharpen teeth

          Dental treatments in Turkey survey says that many people have experience of shaving and filling teeth with cavities, and I think that many people are not good at the sound of that keen drill and the vibration transmitted to the teeth. However, although the sound and vibration are unpleasant, in fact, once the tooth is shaved and stuffed, the risk of tooth decay recurrence from the boundary between the stuffing and the tooth increases, and the life of the tooth may be shortened. It is. For this reason, a treatment method called “MI treatment” has recently come to be used to cure cavities without sharpening the teeth as much as possible, except for large cavities that cannot be cured unless the pain is strong or sharpened.

          What is “MI treatment”, a treatment method that does not sharpen teeth?

          MI” in “MI treatment” is an abbreviation for “Minimum Intervention”. Which literally means “minimum interference”. In other words, “MI treatment” means “treat without sharpening teeth as much as possible” . Dental treatments in Turkey conventional dental caries treatment is based on early detection and early treatment. And when a small early dental caries is found, it is shaved and filled with silver or plastic. However, it is not always the case that many people have been able to maintain healthy teeth without cavities as a result of such treatment. Rather, many people have shortened the life of their teeth by scraping and filling them with cavities.

          Dock Best Cement Treatment (Caries Treatment without Sharpening Teeth)

          Dock Best Cement Treatment is a treatment method that sterilizes without removing tooth decay by the bactericidal power. Of the combination of iron (Fe) ions and copper (Cu) ions contained in DCB. This treatment is performed at the time of treatment such as dental caries treatment. And root canal treatment, but especially when the dental caries is completely removed. It reaches the nerve and the nerve is pulled out. The chances of not having to pull out the nerves increase, and as a result, the life of the teeth will be extended. DBC Treatment is similar in treatment to the 3Mix method, but has some advantages over the 3Mix method.

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