Hair Care - Why do consumers use hair care products?


Hair Care

Why do consumers use hair care products?

As a result of data analysis, because of hair damage caused by dyeing, perm, and bleaching accounted for the highest proportion as the cause of using hair care products. Dyeing, perming, and bleaching were the first among the 10 reasons for using hair care products, as mentioned in ‘My hair was brittle and tangled due to frequent dyeing and perming’ or ‘I was worried about my hair getting worse due to dyeing and bleaching’.

‘Stress’ was also a major cause of use of products. According to data analysis, this is because stress causes hair loss symptoms. In addition to genetic and hormonal changes, stress from work and school is considered the main cause of hair loss. In addition, there were mentions of external environments such as fine dust and UV rays.

Expected effect of the hair care product

The expected effect of the hair care product was found in the order of damaged hair texture management. Hair loss prevention > nutrition supply > volume effect. As self-dyeing and bleaching agents allow you to easily dye and bleach your hair at home, more and more people change their hairstyles. it is solved

In addition, as the number of people suffering from hair loss has increased. Recently, it was also revealed through the amount of mention of ‘hair loss prevention’. That many people use products to prevent it. As for the expected effect of products, in addition to supplying nutrients, mentions of volume effect, moisture supply, scalp cleaning, shine, waste management, and scalp fever were all mentioned.

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Factors that consumers consider when purchasing hair care products

The factors that consumers consider when purchasing products are in the order of ingredients. Fragrance > brand > effect. Hair care products seem to give priority to ‘ingredients’. In order to check whether harmful ingredients that can irritate the hair and scalp are in direct contact with them. In addition, there were also high mentions of considering the ‘scent’ of products while preferring the scent that is softly emitted from the hair. ‘Brand’, ‘effect’, and ‘price’. Which had a good feeling of use, were also used as major considerations when purchasing hair care products.

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