After Care Set Bethantax

Shampoos Set Usage

Bethantax Power Shampoo:

With its sensitive and intense content helps prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. It helps to protect against the harmful effects of hair loss, to stay healthy and strong, to keep the hairy area barrier and to keep it flexible and moist. Bethantax Shampoo is formulated to support the healthy functioning of the process after the hair transplantation.

How To Use: Put a small amount of shampoo onto the palm of your hand and apply it thoroughly to wet hair. Softly massage the shampoo into the scalp and all over the hair with your fingertips. Re- shampooing, leave the hair with shampoo for 5 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. Leaving your hair with shampoo for at least 5 minutes will provide a better penetration of the active ingredients into your hair and scalp to ensure the best performance of shampoo. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after each shampoo. This shampoo is formulated for all types of hair (dry, oily, normal).

Ozonized Oil Serum Complex:

It is an intensive care oil, supporting hair growth in the transplantation area after hair implant. It is a special home care oil for the period in which the scabbing process ends after the transplantation and the development of new hair.

How To Use: Apply 9–10 pumps of Ozonized Hair Oil three times a week. Gently massage your hair until it is completely absorbed by the scalp. Leave it on the scalp for 40-50 minutes and rinse. After Hair Implant: It is recommended to be used 1 month after hair implant.

Bethantax Power Hair Vitamin 120 (BIOTIN + GINSENG+ ZINC):


  • Helps strengthen hair follicles after hair transplantation
  • Helps prevent and reduce hair loss.
  • Helps accelerate new hair growth.
  • Helps stimulate hair follicles, making hair stronger, thicker, and filled.
  • Helps prevent and reduce shock hair loss after hair transplantation.

With its improved formula has been specially formulated helping to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss in men and women, to support the natural growth process of hair by stimulating hair follicles.

How To Use: For adults, take 1 tablet at morning and bedtime with water. Per day, 2 tablets are recommended.

Hair Spray Serum:


Helps to hold the grafts after hair transplantation and to get a much faster result.

  • Helps to prevent and reduce shock hair loss after hair transplantation.
  • Helps to prevent intense hair loss and to supports new hair formation.
  • Helps to stimulate hair follicles, to make hair stronger, thicker and filled volume look.
  • Helps to suppress DHT hormones activity and reduce hormonal hair loss.
  • Helps to dispose sebum secretion.
  • Helps to prevent dandruff formation.
  • Helps to reduce itching and redness problems.
  • Supports new cell formation.
  • Helps to increase cell viability.

How to Use:
Apply it mainly on areas with heavy hair loss twice a day. Rub the sprayed product with your fingertips in circular movements in order to spread it over your scalp and penetrate it into skin. Do not wash or rinse your hair after application. It is not necessary to wash your hair before application. Bethantax Hair Spray Serum can be used for all types of hair.